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EV 1531

Enigmatic Variations 1531

The Correct Solution by Gaston

Setter’s Blog

Gaston is not IN ON THE SECRET and his assertion around the perimeter is false; SCARLET, HALL and CANDLESTICK give the correct solution in a notional game of Cluedo.


Such a simple game, but a great one nonetheless.

It teaches you tactics. I well remember how at the age of eight or nine I sought to confuse my opponents by ‘suspecting’ a character, weapon or room when I had the card in question in my hand. It worked for a while.

It teaches you about processes of elimination, working ones way through each category until there is only one possible solution.

It teaches you about inference and listening. Just because you might not be the player either ‘suspecting’ or ‘being asked’, you can gain valuable clues from what is being asked or answered by other players.

It isn’t reliant on money; the endless gathering and losing of money (with the need for a banker who usually cheated!) is one of the drawbacks of most Waddington games; nor is it over-reliant on luck, the shrewdest player ususally wins.

In its original form Cluedo may only have had 324 possible solutions to the murder, but for me it is the greatest of them all. Even if I was not ‘in on the secret’and gave the completely wrong solution below.


A full review of this puzzle can be seen over on fifteensquared.

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  1. Really enjoyed the puzzle. Liked the linked clues. Have not played the game for many years unfortunately. Thanks, Gaston.

  2. Except that if the version of the game includes spanner rather than wrench then it is definitely Scarlett with two t’s.

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