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EV 1529

Enigmatic Variations 1529

Pine Box by Vismut

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Messages from clues give TRUST WEBSITE, LOGO and HE HAS NO BIRCH WOOD NEARER; unclued KEN WATKINS OBE founded the WOODLAND TRUST. The perimeter consists of native UK woodland species.


Now I’m a very lucky person. I live in North Devon a place which still has many woods and trees.

Compare this picture of a wooded valley, which I see every day, with these photos of technology designed to capture carbon, something trees have been doing for millennia and ask yourself which is the better solution.


Please go out and plant a tree or make a donation to The Woodland Trust to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of its foundation in Devon by Ken Watkins OBE.


Many thanks


ps I hope you enjoyed the puzzle.

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