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ST 3150

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3150

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 6th March 2022

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ***

A fairly typical Sunday Dada crossword – he seemed fairly keen on double definition clues in this one!

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7a    Former leader of Christian body in a bad way (9)
CHURCHILL – CHURCH (Christian body) ILL (in a bad way)

8a    Approximate
location off the fairway (5)
ROUGH – Double definition – approximate or part of a golf course

10a    Double in Hanover, in Germany (6)
RINGER – Hidden in HanoveR IN GERmany

11a    Number of boards where leader gets behind strategy (8)
PLANKING – KING (leader) gets behind PLAN (strategy)

12a    Pressure someone initially put on lock (6)
STRESS – S (someone initially) on TRESS (lock of hair)

14a    Canine attached to sheep (6)
MUTTON – MUTT (slang word for a dog) ON (attached to)

16a    School finished off, reportedly? (4)
ETON – Sounds like (reportedly) EATEN (finished off)

17a    Authoritarian back on ship (5)
STERN – Another double definition

18a    Acid sweet (4)
TART – And another – sweet being another word for a dessert item

19a    Web user prised off (6)
SPIDER – An anagram (off) of PRISED

21a    Wood where coloured egg rolled over (6)
TINDER – A reversal (rolled over) of RED (coloured) NIT (egg)

24a    Very hot always inside cold-blooded animal (8)
FEVERISH – EVER (always) inside FISH (cold-blooded animal)

26a    Flap cut back in marsupial (6)
WOMBAT – A reversal (back) of TAB (flap) MOW (cut)

27a    Lovely piece of furniture pushed the wrong way (5)
SUPER – Hidden in reverse (the wrong way) in a piece of furnituRE PUShed

28a    Slicer: one formed marks on board (9)
SCORELINE – An anagram (formed) of SLICER ONE


1d    Feature covering a series (5)
CHAIN – CHIN (feature) ‘covering’ A (from the clue)

2d    Tories welcomed by peer turned up in seaside resort (8)
BRIGHTON – RIGHT (Tories) ‘welcomed’ by a reversal (turned up) of NOB (peer)

3d    Quickly advance money for service (6)
CHARGE – Double definition

4d    Error knocking beer over (4)
SLIP – A reversal (knocking … over) of PILS (beer)

5d    Quickly climb salad plant (6)
ROCKET – By now you won’t be surprised to recognise another double definition clue!

6d    A strong drink, then pursue battle (9)
AGINCOURT – A (from the clue) GIN (strong drink) COURT (pursue)

9d    People driving opera? (6)
CARMEN – An archaic term for people driving or an opera

13d    Swimmer gave off nasty odour (5)
SMELT – A type of fish or part of a verb meaning gave off nasty odour

15d    Fastener fixing plugs, neat! (6,3)
STAPLE GUN – An anagram (fixing) of PLUGS NEAT

17d    Snack is near to cook (6)
SARNIE – An anagram (to cook) of IS NEAR

18d    Underwear hamster chewed up, including first of lingerie (8)
THERMALS – An anagram (chewed up) of HAMSTER ‘including’ the first letter of Lingerie

20d    Fuel drops onto middle of fuselage (6)
DIESEL – DIES (drops) onto the middle of fusELage

22d    Original vessel in US city (6)
NEWARK – NEW (original) ARK (vessel)

23d    For a start, sinner isn’t — one of these? (5)
SAINT – S (the start of Sinner) AINT (isn’t)

25d    White joint (4)
HOCK – A type of white wine or the joint on the hindleg of a quadruped – a seventh and final double definition clue!

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