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A Puzzle by Shabbo

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The puzzle is available by clicking on the above grid.

Shabbo’s turn to provide the Saturday lunchtime entertainment. – this crossword would definitely suit fans of anagrams! Thanks to him and, although he won’t know why, thanks to Big Dave too!


1 Bound contract primarily listing housework (6-8)
SPRING-CLEANING A bound or leap, the primary letter of Contract and a synonym for listing

10 Admits a German car’s interior is ordinary (5)
AVOWS A from the clue, the shortened name of a German car – don’t forget the S – into which is inserted the abbreviation for Ordinary

11 Laser coat sprayed on people carrier (9)
ESCALATOR An anagram (sprayed) of LASER COAT

12 Jersey or Cornish apple? (7)
SWEATER A particular type of apple goes after the abbreviation for the region of England where things Cornish are located

13 Restaurant reviews article about tax (7)
TAVERNA A reversal (reviews) of an indefinite article, the two-letter usual ‘about’ and some tax

14 Last stand (5)
ABIDE Double definition

16 Double check a favourable response on social media (4-5)
LOOK-ALIKE A synonym for check, A (from the clue) and a favourable response on social media

19 Dry cacti seed flourished (9)
DESICCATE An anagram (flourished) of CACTI SEED

20 Pick low calorie drug? (5)
ELITE  Enumerated 1-4, how a low-calorie Ecstasy tablet might be described

22 Humours Chinese natives on the phone (7)
PANDERS A homophone (on the phone) of some Chinese natives

25 Charm discovered amongst French antiques (7)
ENCHANT Hidden in (discovered amongst) FrENCH ANTiques

27 Kindle mutilates rewrite (9)
STIMULATE An anagram (rewrite) of MUTILATES

28 Second class transport for one going to the match (5)
BRIDE The letter that is used to indicate that something is second class followed by some transport

29 Training side to adopt new formation could be confusing (14)
DISORIENTATING An anagram (to adopt new formation) of TRAINING SIDE TO


2 Bar notices about pronunciation (9)
PHONETICS An abbreviation for a bar and an anagram (about) of NOTICES

3 Education for teachers in class (5)
INSET IN (from the clue) and a class combine to give the name for a day when the children stay at home and the teachers go to school to learn something new. (In my sons’ schooldays, they were known as Baker Days after the Minister for Education who ‘invented’ them!)

4 Regular ordered to guard the Italian freedom fighter (9)
GUERILLA An anagram (ordered) of REGULAR to ‘guard’ the Italian definite article

5 Authorised deputy to shelter Nancy here (5)
LICIT An abbreviated person holding a position under a superior (deputy) into which is inserted (to shelter) the French, as used in Nancy, word for here

6 Moderate Evita medley after Ms Fitzgerald turns up (9)
ALLEVIATE An anagram (medley) of EVITA goes after a reversal (turns up) of the Christian name of Ms Fitzgerald the American jazz singer

7 Bury Football Club (5)
INTER An old friend of a double definition, bury, of course, being a verb

8 Refuse to shelter bishop in lock-up? (7)
GARBAGE The chess abbreviation for Bishop ‘sheltered in a lock-up

9 European going into sauna develops sickness (6)
NAUSEA The abbreviation for European going into an anagram (develops) of SAUNA

15 Old method of payment right for treasury (9)
EXCHEQUER The usual two-letter ‘old’, a method of payment and the abbreviation for Right

17 Do too much as bowling specialist quietly departs? (9)
OVEREXERT A way of describing a specialist cricket bowler without (departs) the letter used in music to indicate that the piece should be played quietly

18 Mock endless restrictions (9)
IMITATION Remove the ‘ends’ from a synonym for restrictions

19 Downgraded agreement covering post offices (7)
DEPOSED An agreement ‘covering’ the abbreviation for Post Offices (again, don’t forget the S)

21 There’s a revised version of this book (6)
ESTHER An anagram (revised) of THERES produces a Book of the Bible

23 Secures digital protection (5)
NAILS Double definition

24 Produce level platform (5)
STAGE A triple definition clue

26 Explorer books taxi in advance (5
CABOT Another name for a taxi goes in advance of the abbreviated books of the first part of the Bible

14 comments on “NTSPP 627

  1. Very enjoyable puzzle with smooth surfaces and quite a few anagrams – thanks Shabbo.
    I didn’t know the ‘teacher training’ in 3d but a quick check on Google confirmed it.
    My ticks went to 14a, 28a and 26d.

  2. The second enjoyable pre-caffeine puzzle of my Saturday morning; the first was the (Canadian) National Post puzzle that will be blogged later by Falcon.

    I am not a fan of the 20a term for low-calorie but no doubt it has found its way into the BRB so I will have to grin and bear it.

    I really liked 1a, 22a, and 15d.

    Thanks Shabbo and, in advance, to crypticsue.

  3. A well crafted puzzle by Shabbo, with some very nice surface readings. I’m not going to pick one favourite out of so many excellent clues, but my ticks were alongside 1a, 12a, 16a, 22a, 28a, 8d and 26d. I also thought the triple definition was very cleverly constructed. Thank you, Shabbo, for the lunchtime entertainment and for not impinging on the afternoon’s rugby viewing!

  4. Lovely puzzle. After a brisk solve I got stuck at the end with 2d&10a remaining so revealed the checker & the pennies dropped. Favourite for me 22a once I’d stopped trying to think of obscure dynasties. Ticks also for 1,16,28&29a plus 2,4,15&18d
    Much more fun than the SPP. Thanks Shabbo

  5. What a pleasure this was to solve. I always look forward to Shabbo’s puzzles and this one was no exception with its brief and classy clueing coupled with super-smooth surfaces.

    Just one little hmm for the unneeded “a” 21d.

    There are plenty of podium contenders, and my final selection comprises 28a, 24d (I do love a good triple definition) & 28d.

    Many thanks to Shabbo for the fun and in advance to CS.

  6. I would expect that many of our contributors have been tied up with rugby-viewing this afternoon and no doubt that includes our setter! However, I do hope that more people will make time for this puzzle later this evening as it’s well worth the effort.
    Well done, Shabbo, most enjoyable.

  7. Accomplished and very enjoyable Shabbo.
    Although I’m not a fan of directly comparing crosswords, I have to admit the sentiments expressed by Huntsman @4 did pop into my mind as did Jane’s on this being deserving of a wider audience.
    My ticks go to 10,22&28a plus 7,17&26d.
    Many thanks Shabbo and of course to CS in advance.

  8. Great Sunday morning entertainment for us. Plenty of ticks on our pages and kept us smiling all the way through. 2d is our favourite.
    Thanks Shabbo.

  9. Many thanks Shabbo, very enjoyable. Too many good clues to pick fave though I managed to get the shortlist down to: 16a, 22a, 28a, 8d, 15d, 18d, 24d. And thanks in advance to CS.

  10. Late again as we were away but we certainly enjoyed this crossword this morning. Thank you Shabbo and also CS for the parsing of 5d. Favourites were 1a, 22a and 28a. We look forward to your next one, Shabbo.

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