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ST 3134

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3134

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 14th November 2021

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

An extremely straightforward Sunday Prize Puzzle

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6a    In the doghouse, where rain first appears? (5,1,5)
UNDER A CLOUD – This expression meaning in trouble could be where rain first appears

9a    Following moment (6)
SECOND – Double definition

10a    Throw lunettes out (8)
UNSETTLE – An anagram (out) of LUNETTES

11a    Do in? (5,5)
HOUSE PARTY – A cryptic definition of a do at home

14a    Ceremony morally justified, did you say? (4)
RITE – A homophone (did you say) of RIGHT (morally justified)

15a    Banned, as might be retired trampolinist? (3,2,6)
OUT OF BOUNDS – As a retired trampolinist might be, although whether this would cause him to be banned is another matter

21a    Sparkling drink, some signorina’s tipple (4)
ASTI – Hidden in signorinAS TIpple

22a    Vexation, on dentist failing to protect canines, primarily (10)
DISCONTENT – An anagram (failing) of ON DENTIST into which is inserted (to protect) the primary letter of Canines

25a    Service down a shade (4,4)
NAVY BLUE – NAVY (service) BLUE (down)

27a    Babies make a mess (6)
LITTER – Double definition

28a    Killing lion, inmate I suspect (11)
ELIMINATION – An anagram (suspect) of LION INMATE I


1d    More than one bulb lit up, then switch is on (6)
ONIONS – ON (lit up) and then an anagram (switch) of IS ON

2d    Mock launch (4,2)
SEND UP – Double definition

3d    Originally, banking authority kept using capital (4)
BAKU – The original letters of Banking Authority Kept Using

4d    Expression of gratitude boy uses, swimming around lake (5,3)
BLESS YOU – An anagram (swimming) of BOY USES ‘around’ L (lake)

5d    Reportedly, hot food brought together (8)
MUSTERED – A homophone (reportedly) of MUSTARD (hot food)

7d    Number otherwise for singer (5)
TENOR – TEN (number) OR (otherwise)

8d    Grey-coloured strip on top of engine (5)
SLATE – SLAT (strip) on E (the top of engine)

12d    Finish off ham, say, first sliced off (3)
EAT – mEAT (ham, say) with its first letter sliced off

13d    Problem that’s pictured on public transport (5)
REBUS – RE (on) BUS (public transport)

16d    Relative catching cold — might acrobat have one? (8)
UNICYCLE – UNCLE (relative) ‘catching’ ICY (cold)

17d    Love now extinguished? (3,5)
OLD FLAME – A cryptic definition of a former love

18d    Sister not a soul heard (3)
NUN – A homophone (heard) of NONE (not a soul)

19d    Zero mark, picture award! (5)
OSCAR – O (zero) SCAR (mark)

20d    Private meal hasn’t started (5)
INNER – dINNER (meal) without a starter

23d    Apartment found in outskirts of Odense in the past few days (2,4)
OF LATE – FLAT (apartment) found in the outside letters of OdensE

24d    Parade design on arm, for example (6)
TATTOO – Double definition

26d    Bird in green ready to ascend (4)
ERNE -Hidden in reverse (to ascend) in greEN REady


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  1. Random question: has anybody seen any sign of the Telegraph Puzzle Newsletter email? Seems to have been over two weeks since the last one (have checked my spam folders etc.) and nothing — have they stopped it, or changed the frequency … any regular DT readers here have any ideas?

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