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ST 3128

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3128

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 3rd October 2021

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

Dada in ‘kind to the solver’ mode, well I thought so anyway

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1a    Award for second fiddle announced after brass (6,5)
SILVER MEDAL – A homophone (announced) of MEDDLE (fiddle) goes after SILVER – silver and brass both being informal words for money

10a    Follow the track when he has departed (5)
TRAIL – T (the HE in THE has ‘departed) RAIL (track)

11a    A hole added to belt out in Asian country (9)
SINGAPORE – A PORE (a hole) added to or going after SING (belt out)

12a    It sure rattles carrying tea service! (9)
EUCHARIST – An anagram (rattles) of IT SURE ‘carrying’ CHA (tea)

13a    Reading odd parts, all warm to mission (5)
ALAMO – The odd letters of AlL wArM tO

14a    Hidden pavilion in Los Angeles? (6)
LATENT – A pavilion in Los Angeles could be an LA TENT

16a    Sweet rum and Asti I mixed up (8)
TIRAMISU – An anagram (mixed up) of RUM ASTI I

18a    Those in temporary shelter imbibing hot drink (8)
CHAMPERS – CAMPERS (those in temporary shelter) ‘imbibing’ H (hot)

20a    Some animal assessed after a turn — it has been cured! (6)
SALAMI – Hidden in reverse (some … after a turn) in anIMAL ASsessed

23a    A motive lacking in each crime (5)
ARSON – A (from the clue) and ReaSON (motive) ‘lacking’ the abbreviation for each

24a    Restriction in first of colours, light blue (9)
CLAMPDOWN – The first letter of Colours, LAMP (light) DOWN (blue)

26a    Dear old flame, broody (9)
EXPENSIVE – EX (old flame) PENSIVE (broody)

27a    Colder in Canada in every respect, originally (5)
ICIER – The original letters of In Canada In Every Respect

28a    Moving target I pass in events for young men (4,7)
STAG PARTIES – An anagram (moving) of TARGET I PASS


2d    Raised in Africa, a significant biblical figure (5)
ISAAC – Hidden in reverse (raised) in afriCA A SIgnificant

3d    Futile incarcerating bad, bad guy (7)
VILLAIN – VAIN (futile) ‘incarcerating’ ILL (bad)

4d    Country, one moving fast, by the sound of it? (6)
RUSSIA – A homophone (by the sound of it) of RUSHER (one moving fast)

5d    Great thinker, intense I suspect (8)
EINSTEIN – An anagram (suspect) of INTENSE I

6d    Desert with a river in middle of Qatar (7)
ATACAMA – A CAM (river) in the middle of qATAr

7d    Beneath tower, search frantically for jumper (13)
STEEPLECHASER – An anagram (frantically) of SEARCH goes ‘beneath’ STEEPLE (tower)

8d    Priceless work Somalian lost (4,4)
MONA LISA – An anagram (lost) of SOMALIAN

9d    Rebel, Republican in transition (13)
REVOLUTIONARY – R (Republican) EVOLUTIONARY (in transition)

15d    Various patterns in area crossing nave (8)
TRANSEPT – An anagram (various) of PATTERNS

17d    Brilliant
solving (8)
CRACKING – Double definition – the first one always makes me think of ‘Cracking cheese Gromit’ 😊

19d    Seed with long head (4,3)
PINE NUT – PINE (long) NUT (head)

21d    Name a place south of capital in Paraguay (7)
APPOINT – A (from the clue) and POINT (place) the latter going ‘south’ of the P that is the capital letter of Paraguay

22d    Shooter clocked in outskirts of Riga (6)
CAMERA – CAME (clocked in) and the ‘outskirts’ of RigA

25d    Small tree, old as it happens (5)
OLIVE – O (old) LIVE (as it happens)

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  1. Thanks, Crypticsue — same here regarding the cracking cheese.

    My question about 3d: how come the definition of “bad guy” is allowed? The crossword editor has previously said “good man” can’t be used any longer to indicate ST; it has to be “good person”, because some saints are women. Shouldn’t the same apply to villains?

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