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Down Time

The site was down for a short time earlier while the hosting company moved it to a new, allegedly better, platform.  I must have missed this announcement amongst the hundreds of emails I receive every day.  Let me know if there are any issues as a result of this upgrade.

This is an important notice regarding your VPS service with Krystal.

Your VPS has been identified as one located on a legacy part of our infrastructure. Our older system is based on a commercial product called OnApp and in the last few years we’ve built our own virtualisation platform and orchestration tools that we’ve called Katapult. The new platform benefits from faster CPUs, memory, storage and networking. Because of the design, it is also a more reliable platform.

We need to migrate your VPS over to our Katapult platform. This process of moving requires a short amount of downtime (around 30-45 minutes per 50GB of storage space) but it should allow you to see an improvement in the performance and reliability of your VPS after the migration is completed. The migration process is effectively a ‘lift and shift’ of the virtual disk – think taking a physical hard disk out of one server and putting it into another. No data will be lost or altered during this process and the IP address will remain the same. Please note that if system updates are pending when the server is shutdown then these will be applied when the server is booted up again.

We have scheduled this work for the date and time window below.

06 October 2021 – 1800-2359 UTC


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  1. When I was being asked to ‘check the spelling of,’ I thought it was a problem at ‘my end’!

    It appears to be working just fine after the transfer has taken place.

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