September 19, 2021 – Big Dave's Crossword Blog

MPP 112 – Review

Monthly Prize Puzzle No 112– Review

September 2021

A Puzzle by Prolixic

We were asked to say how many solutions have all their letters in alphabetical order. Continue reading “MPP 112 – Review”

EV 1505 (Hints)

Enigmatic Variations 1505 (Hints)

Two Straight Lines by Piccadilly

Hints and tips by The Numpties

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Piccadilly’s last EV crossword was ‘Boricahf’, where we had to solve a Playfair square to find three types of spaniel, so you know that you can expect something unusual.

Preamble:  Each set of clues is presented in alphabetic order of its answers, to be entered where they will fit in one of the four identical quadrants.Continue reading

ST 3126 (Hints)

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3126 (Hints)

Hints and tips by Senf

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A very good Sunday morning from Winnipeg where, unlike some other Provinces, Manitoba is more or less ‘holding its own’ against the Fourth Wave with the majority of new cases occurring in a region that has the lowest vaccination rate where the residents presently prefer to rely on Ivermectin, a horse de-wormer (absolutely true), and most of the other bogus remedies coming from our Southern neighbours.… Continue reading