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ST 3124

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3124

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 5th September 2021

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ***

Another typical Dada Sunday Prize Puzzle

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1a    Opening  plan (5)
HATCH – Double definition

4a    Rotten crack in ball (3,5)
OFF BREAK – One for the cricketers – OFF (rotten) BREAK (crack)

10a    Get more involved in refitting of kitchen (7)
THICKEN – An anagram (refitting) of KITCHEN

11a    Up the creek, where fox lives? (2,1,4)
IN A HOLE – In difficulties or literally where a fox lives

12a    Spare hydrogen in container (4)
THIN – H (chemical symbol for hydrogen) in TIN (container)

13a    European city in Antwerp or Toulouse (5)
PORTO – Hidden in antwerP OR TOlouse

14a    Charitable brand (4)
KIND – Double definition

17a    Good speller? Just gory method, unfortunately (5,9)
FAIRY GODMOTHER – FAIR (just) and an anagram (unfortunately) of GORY METHOD

19a    Keep food for sandwiches (5,3,6)
BREAD AND BUTTER – Connected with making a living or food for sandwiches

22a    Quiet performance mainly in movement, eerie initially (4)
MIME – The initial letters of Mainly In Movement Eerie

23a    Boot in source of water, soggy in the end (5)
WELLY – WELL (source of water) Y (the end of soggy)

24a    Rubbish article I’m leaving (2-2)
TA-TA – TAT (rubbish) A (indefinite article)

27a    Clear something viscous that’s blocked crack (7)
STARLIT – TAR (something viscous) that’s ‘blocked’ SLIT (crack)

28a    Pasta: large helping beyond comprehension, ultimately (7)
NOODLES – OODLES (large helping) goes beyond or after the ultimate letter of comprehensioN

29a    Fire is green, breaking out orange finally (8)
ENERGISE – An anagram (breaking out) of IS GREEN followed by the final letter of orangE

30a    Churchgoers not wholly in European city (5)
PARIS – Almost all of PARISh (churchgoers)


1d    Something else, stolen goods? (3,5)
HOT PROPERTY An informal term for someone regarded as a great success or a description of stolen goods

2d    Is this writer fired up about British capital? (7)
TBILISI – A reversal (fired up) of IS (from the clue) I (this writer) LIT (fired) ‘about’ B (British)

3d    Head sliced off, jiggle fish (4)
HAKE – Slice off the ‘head’ from sHAKE (jiggle)

5d    I’d find a girl, out to save boy, modest (4,2,8)
FAIR TO MIDDLING – An anagram (out) of ID FIND A GIRL to ‘save’ TOM (boy)

6d    Mentioned what Cupid has for lover (4)
BEAU – A homophone (mentioned) of Cupid’s BOW

7d    Moving one book up, only covers seen on volume (7)
EMOTIVE – A reversal (up) of I (one) TOME followed by the ‘covers’ of VolumE

8d    Work requirement, by the sound of it? (5)
KNEAD – A homophone (by the sound of it) of NEED (requirement)

9d    Fashionable, irrational surrealist painters acting as if related (2,4,8)
IN LOCO PARENIS – IN (fashionable) LOCO (irrational) and an anagram (surrealist) of PAINTERS

15d    Number in yours truly’s street (2,3)
MY WAY – The Frank Sinatra song (number – MY (yours truly’s) WAY (street)

16d    Enduring brew (5)
STOUT – Double definition

18d    Republican visiting a state — this one? (8)
ARKANSAS – R (Republican) ‘visiting’ A KANSAS (a state)

20d    Male on the farm and servant run amok (7)
RAMPAGE – RAM (male on the farm) and PAGE (servant)

21d    Vehicle for selling pictures? (7)
TRAILER – This vehicle could also describe a way of ‘selling’ films (pictures)

22d    Rare shot taken in pyjamas, sexy (5)
MASSE – This rare shot should have an accent on the E – a snooker stroke made with the cue vertical or nearly so, so as to achieve a sharp swerve in the cue ball – The word is found hidden in pyjaMAS SExy

25d    Stop advertisement (4)
PLUG – Double definition

26d    Fund set up for ring (4)
LOOP – A reversal (set up) of POOL (fund)


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