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EV 1501

Enigmatic Variations 1501

Alternative Names by Kcit

NEW AMSTERDAM became NEW YORK CITY (across letter clashes) aka THE BIG APPLE (down letter clashes); COX is entered using four cells per letter, implying down letter clashes are chosen.

Sadly Kcit has chosen to not provide a setter’s blog for this site.

A full review of this puzzle can be seen over on fifteensquared.

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  1. Filling the grid (with both alternatives showing pending later resolution) was a very enjoyable task – I liked the clues and admired the symmetric gridfill accommodating the thematic material in that clever way. Naturally, I saw the idea of writing COX in extra large letters, completing all eight entries running into it.
    The solution with The Big Apple showing twice, as THE BIGA PPLE and as COX, is a very neat way to finish. However, I preferred the alternative solution, with NEW AMSTERDAM and NEW YORK CITY showing (damaging some Down entries) – The Big Apple is still there, represented by COX in that dramatic and amusing way at the bottom. Assuming the intended solution is the one shown here, I think it’s a shame that the title ALTERNATIVE NAMES (plural) ends up being a bit off the mark, as only one ‘alternative name’ appears in the final grid.

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