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DT 29760

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29760

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 21st August 2021

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ***

A Saturday Prize Puzzle where the bottom half was a lot trickier than the top. Having solved (and reviewed) so many Cephas crosswords, I had no doubt whatsoever that this pangram with anagrams was his work

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1a    Established procedure at home (7)
HABITAT – HABIT (established procedure) AT (from the clue)

5a    One in form maybe always allowed outside (7)
LEVERET – A young hare may be found in a form – LET (allowed) outside EVER (always)

9a    Junior detains our unruly panellist (5)
JUROR – JR (junior) ‘detains’ an anagram (unruly) of OUR

10a    Branch with a leaf if it mutated (9)
AFFILIATE – An anagram (mutated) of A LEAF IF IT

11a    Drink cures heart that’s broken (10)
CHARTREUSE – An anagram (that’s broken) of CURES HEART

12a    Membrane with some transparency still (4)
CYST – Hidden in some transparenCY STill

14a    Nonconformist priest nearby indisposed (12)
PRESBYTERIAN – An anagram (indisposed) of PRIEST NEARBY

18a    News that makes sense (12)
INTELLIGENCE – Double definition

21a    Question Liz not starting grill (4)
QUIZ – QU (question) lIZ (not starting indicating the omission of the first letter)

22a    Growth polluted a coastline (10)
ESCALATION – An anagram (polluted) of A COASTLINE

25a    Come between Italian footballers and model? (9)
INTERPOSE – INTER (Italian footballers) POSE (model)

26a    Take the plunge with cricketer here on vacation (5)
BATHE – BAT (cricketer) and the outside (on vacation) letters of HerE

27a    Confusion of slave hiding cocktail of rum (7)
TURMOIL – TOIL (slave) ‘hiding’ an anagram (cocktail) of RUM

28a    Fan display that is not so hot (3-4)
AIR-COOL – AIR (display) COOL (not so hot)


1d    Appropriate whilst in transit (6)
HIJACK – Cryptic definition

2d    Exclude fellow drinks seller (6)
BARMAN – BAR (exclude) MAN (fellow)

3d    Have one go then another almost, let out and capsize (4,6)
TURN TURTLE – TURN (one go) TURn (almost another) and an anagram (out) of LET

4d    Employment Exchange (5)
TRADE – Double definition

5d    Way of living provided in the French fashion (9)
LIFESTYLE – IF (provided) in LE (French definite article) STYLE (fashion)

6d    Farewell from man-servant short of time (4)
VALE – VALEt (man-servant) ‘short’ of T for Time

7d    Easy-to-make money Michael’s reported (5-3)
READY-MIX – READY (money) and a homophone (reported) of Mick’s (Michael’s)

8d    Standing a round perhaps giving medical care (8)
TREATING – Double definition

13d    Piece of furniture and where to find it (10)
BEDCHAMBER – BED (piece of furniture) CHAMBER (where to find it)

15d    Jammed cylinder (5,4)
SWISS ROLL – A cryptic definition of a cylindrical cake with jam in it

16d    Uneasiness, daughter is quite perturbed (8)
DISQUIET – D (daughter) IS (from the clue) and an anagram (perturbed) of QUITE

17d    More tough playful critters (8)
STRICTER – An anagram (playful) of CRITTERS

19d    Restaurant purchased by pub is troublesome (6)
BISTRO – Hidden in (purchased by) puB IS TROublesome

20d    Reveal occasionally sunny view I initially loved (6)
UNVEIL – The occasional letters of sUnNy ViEw I and the initial letter of Loved

23d    Space around north for scene of conflict (5)
ARENA – AREA (space) goes around N (north)

24d    Ship‘s freight about to be removed (4)
ARGO – Remove the Latin abbreviation for about – C – from cARGO (freight)


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  1. Struggled with 7 down, but finally cracked it, however 15 down was far and away the best clue I have seen for a long time.
    Great crossword.
    Thanks to the setter.

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