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ST 3118

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3118

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 25th July 2021

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Another nice Sunday puzzle from Dada

I always look at grids like this one to see if there was a message from the setter – I’m sure it wasn’t deliberate but this week we have SPP into which my initials SCP can be found in the middle – how did Dada know it was my turn to review the Sunday Prize Puzzle??

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7a    Grating, where scattering of dirt sent (8)
STRIDENT – An anagram (scattering) of DIRT SENT

9a    A shallow lake across the sea, perhaps? (6)
ABROAD – A (from the clue) BROAD (shallow lake)

10a    Tiny stones in backbone? (4)
GRIT – Double definition

11a    Perfect drama Eliot conjured up (6-4)
TAILOR-MADE – An anagram (conjured up) of DRAMA ELIOT

12a    Writer of examination for dog (6)
SETTER – Double definition

14a    Engine driver so genial, surprisingly (8)
GASOLINE – An anagram (surprisingly) of SO GENIAL

15a    Bearing north, a sect dispersed around it (6)
STANCE – The abbreviation for North with an anagram (dispersed) of A SECT around it

17a    Lighten lingerie originally in maroon (6)
BLEACH – L (the original letter of Lingerie) inserted into BEACH (maroon in the sense of leave on shore)

20a    Battle beyond party, that’s clear (8)
CONSOMME – Clear soup – SOMME (battle) goes beyond or after CON (Conservative Party)

22a    Author inexperienced, by the sound of it? (6)
GREENE – A homophone (by the sound of it) of GREEN (inexperienced)

23a    Cut material, fixed amount (10)
LACERATION – LACE (material) RATION (fixed amount)

24a    Right by a whisker (4)
JUST – Double definition number three

25a    Fool drinking seventh and eighth of Guinesses, barred (6)
CLOSED – CLOD (fool) drinking the seventh and eight letters of guinesSEs

26a    Ignore frantic second cry of parachutist (8)
GERONIMO – An anagram (frantic) of IGNORE followed by MO (second)


1d    Dark without famous people? (8)
STARLESS – STAR LESS (without famous people?)

2d    Old Briton selected for audition? (4)
PICT – A homophone (for audition) of PICKED (selected)

3d    Dry, exposed rock in area (6)
SECTOR – SEC (dry) TOR (exposed rock)

4d    America in song for party (8)
CAROUSAL – USA (America) in CAROL (song)

5d    Announce new metal group (10)
PROMULGATE – An anagram (new) of METAL GROUP

6d    Average teacher sorry? (6)
PARDON – PAR (average) DON (teacher)

8d    Whatever it’s called requires a bit of strength in gymnastics (6)
THINGY – Hidden in a bit of strengTH IN GYmnastics

13d    Cross including two poles placed crosswise! (10)
TRANSVERSE- TRAVERSE (cross) including N and S (two poles)

16d    Mark and Don trained raider (8)
COMMANDO – COMMA (mark) and an anagram (trained) of DON

18d    Large fine (8)
HANDSOME – Double definition number four

19d    Spelling nigh impossible, old flame claimed (6)
HEXING – EX (old flame) claimed by an anagram (impossible) of NIGH

21d    Some professor, a clever expert (6)
ORACLE – Hidden in some of professOR A CLEver

22d    Large framework horse hauled up with effort (6)
GANTRY – A reversal (hauled up) of NAG (horse) with TRY (effort)

24d    Refuse boat (4)
JUNK – Double definition number 5


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