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DT 29736

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29736

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 24th July 2021

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ****

There’s only one setter who produces a Saturday Prize Puzzle that is a nice and straightforward pangram with several anagrams. Thanks to Cephas for this enjoyable solve

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4a    Unwanted delivery of boat, man reported (4,4)
JUNK MAIL – JUNK (boat) and a homophone (reported) of MALE (man)

8a    A soft fruit to come to light (6)
APPEAR – A (from the clue) P (soft) PEAR (fruit)

9a    See Liz in turmoil about rating, it’s fairly large (8)
SIZEABLE – An anagram (in turmoil) of SEE LIZ goes ‘about’ AB (Able Seaman, rating)

10a    Divert attention from Diane’s pamphlet (8)
DISTRACT – DIS (Diane’s) TRACT (pamphlet)

11a    Slightly sooner (6)
RATHER – Double definition

12a    Train heard in nursery (4-4)
CHOO-CHOO – What a small child in a nursery would call a train

13a    Make public form in Excel (8)
OUTCLASS – Misleading capital time – OUT (make public) CLASS (form)

16a    Dandy follows celebrity to begin journey (5,3)
START OFF – TOFF (dandy) follows STAR (celebrity)

19a    Letters exchanged before couple finally move (8)
RESETTLE – An anagram (exchanged) of LETTERS goes before the final letter of couplE

21a    Nonsense coming from motorist having stopped short and left (6)
DRIVEL – a truncated (stopped short) DRIVEr (motorist) and L (left)

23a    Ancient city in display’s a revelation (8)
EXPOSURE – UR (ancient city) in EXPOSE (display)

24a    Doubt one working to follow hunt (8)
QUESTION – I (one) ON (working) to follow QUEST (hunt)

25a    Plate of meat we hear Ian cooked (6)
LAMINA – A homophone (we hear) of LAMB (meat) and an anagram (cooked) of IAN

26a    Unrivalled lady about 50 (8)
PEERLESS – PEERESS (lady) goes ‘about’ L (Roman numeral for 50)


1d    Tense, suffering from a hangover in the morning? (7)
UPTIGHT – if you had a hangover in the morning, you might be UP and TIGHT

2d    Ship one’s breaking (9)
DESTROYER – Double definition

3d    Endlessly intertwine garland (6)
WREATH – Remove the final letter (endlessly) from WREATHe (intertwine)

4d    Only kind pals who are not emotionally involved (4,4,7)

5d    Tarzan, he is out of place in pilgrimage centre (8)
NAZARETH – an anagram (out of place) of TARZAN HE

6d    Met an eccentric as intended (5)
MEANT – An anagram (eccentric) of MET AN

7d    Complaint the compiler will head (7)
ILLNESS – ILL (the compiler will) NESS (headland)

14d    Schoolmate not about could become abhorrent (9)
LOATHSOME – An anagram (could become) of SdHOOLMATE without the C (not the Latin abbreviation for about)

15d    Free policeman, powerless in pit (8)
COALMINE – An anagram (free) of pOLICEMAN without the P (power less)

17d    Run up river as punishment (7)
TORTURE – a reversal (up) of TROT (run) followed by the River URE

18d    Conspicuous girl disheartened receiving a call (7)
GLARING – The outside (disheartened) letters of GirL plus A RING (a call)

20d    Contribute in a flexible way (6)
SUPPLY – Double definition

22d    Caller does not have the item for part of helmet (5)
VISOR – Remove IT (the item) from VISitOR (caller)

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  1. It was very good. We’ve seen quite a bit of junk recently. I mean 4a, not the quality of the puzzles.

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