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Another (inferior) crossword site has today posted this notice:

“Recently there has been a noticeable increase in off-topic comments on puzzle related posts, many of which would better be posted elsewhere, for example on the General Discussion page, or not at all. Please be circumspect when posting a comment. I do not want to limit input to the site but equally I do not want it to be cluttered up with off-topic asides.”

I would like to point out that off-topic comments are, as ever, welcome on ths friendly site! 

8 comments on “Comments

  1. And, as pointed out in today’s letters, Sweet Caroline has been an England cricket anthem for some years, probably started, or at least encouraged, by Bumble.

      1. Cricket crowds can get pretty boisterous, especially towards the end of a long day in the bar, especially the Wester Terrace at Headingley
        They just tend to swear a lot less!!

      2. Oh yes Dave. For many years. Helped along by Bongo’s Bingo where it would be played after a win.

      3. Since 1997-ish sung at every Boston Red Sox home game, in the ‘middle’ of the eighth inning – this one with Mr Diamond himself – by around 38,000 fans.

  2. Is it me or are we getting less ‘gimmes’ in the dt code words of late? Also I noticed that there was a pun at 1a, 4a & 9a in yesterday’s quickie. I thought we didn’t do puns on Sundays.

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