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ST 3114

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3114

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 27th June 2021

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

A typical Dada Sunday Prize Puzzle which I solved on a Monday!

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7a    A tome then awfully shabby (4-5)
MOTH-EATEN – An anagram (awfully) of A TOME THEN

8a    Model, leg in the air? (3-2)
PIN-UP – PIN (leg) UP (in the air)

10a    Queen inside of hive back in capital city (6)
VIENNA – A reversal (back) of ANNE (Queen) and IV (the ‘inside’ of hIVe)

11a    It’s OK, never (3,2,3)
NOT AT ALL – One of those 14as that can mean two different things

12a    Channel midway (6)
MEDIUM – Double definition

14a    Literary group unravels in recital? (6)
PHRASE – A homophone (in recital) of FRAYS (unravels)

16a    Uncertain moment, dropping head (4)
IFFY – Drop the ‘head’ from jIFFY (moment)

17a    Rest in Munich, in Germany (5)
HINGE – Hidden in MunicH IN GErmany

18a    Tea break really excites workers, first of all (4)
BREW – The first of all of Break Really Excites Workers

19a    Make a mistake in flight, it’s inferred (4,2)
TRIP UP – The solution (it’s inferred) could describe a ‘flight’

21a    Bird is away from this fly (6)
THRUSH – Take away IS from THis and add RUSH (fly)

24a    A hormone, something orbiting larger body (8)
ASTEROID – A (from the clue) STEROID (hormone)

26a    Working dog belonging to us (6)
LABOUR – LAB (dog) OUR (belonging to us)

27a    Feline in pool? (5)
KITTY – Double definition

28a    Air even circulating around article stuffed in crack (9)
VENTILATE – An anagram (circulating) of EVEN goes around TILT (crack) into which has been inserted A (article)


1d    Get lost, as might bunny? (3,2)
HOP IT – How a bunny might go away

2d    Tempestuous, when your trousers down (8)
THUNDERY – THY (your) ‘trousers’ UNDER (down)

3d    Adventure holiday coming up in Madeira, fascinating (6)
SAFARI – Hidden in reverse (coming up) in madeIRA FAScinating

4d    Streak narcissistic, by the sound of it? (4)
VEIN – A homophone (by the found of it) of VAIN (narcissistic)

5d    Piglets, for example, leave a mess (6)
LITTER – A LITTER of piglets for example, or a verb meaning to leave a mess

6d    Drinking house left, I lost out (9)
PUBLISHED – PUB (drinking house) L (left) I SHED (I lost)

9d    Basic clip (6)
STAPLE – Double definition

13d    This person inspired by extremes of minimalist artist (5)
MONET – ONE (this person) ‘inspired’ by the extremes of MinimalisT

15d    Previously mentioned idea, so far baffling (9)
AFORESAID – An anagram (baffling) of IDEA SO FAR

17d    Popular culture of the 1980s, in spring (3-3)
HIP-HOP – HIP (in, fashionable) HOP (spring)

18d    Wicked party, sport! (8)
BASEBALL – BASE (wicked) BALL (party)

20d    Dozens and dozens work around hospital department (6)
PLENTY – PLY (work) ‘around’ ENT (Ear Nose and Throat Department)

22d    Report concerning: delayed (6)
RELATE – RE (concerning) LATE (delayed)

23d    Snack, though tiny, lacking filling (5)
BUTTY – BUT (though) TinY (tiny ‘lacking fitting’)

25d    River Plate originally measuring many fathoms? (4)
DEEP – DEE (river) P (plate ‘originally’)


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