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Toughie 2673

Toughie 2673 by Dada

Hints and tips by Miffypops

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***  – Enjoyment ***

You know it’s tough when Cryptic Sue emails offering help without being asked. I ground it out to a satisfying finish though. It didn’t help staying out until 1.40pm last night. But heigh-ho. This is Dada at his Toughie best. More of the same please


1a        Consumed by passion on the dance floor, beau ultimately put off (10)
DISCOURAGE:  The dance floor featured in Films like Saturday Night Fever plus the final letter of the word beau is followed by a word meaning passion or extreme anger

6a        Nonsense penned by left-leaning neanderthal, balderdash (4)
BLAH:  The answer lies hidden within the words of the clue as indicated by the words penned by. It is reversed as indicated by the words left leaning

9a        Supporter has faith having lost the second time (5)
TRUSS:  A word meaning having firm beliefs in honesty and reliability or ability needs to have the second abbreviation for time removing

10a      Upset on account of border (9)
CROSSOVER: A word meaning upset or angry is followed by a word meaning concerned with (spilt milk and what not to do springs to mind)

12a      Those marked to be rubbed out? (3,4)
HIT LIST: What a trained assassin might have. A written catalogue of a number of people to be disposed of

13a      Lovely call heard (5)
BELLE:  As a verb a word meaning to telephone someone sounds like (heard) a lovely pretty lady

15a      Repetitive philippic by leaders in institution, thoroughly execrable (7)
ITERANT: The initial letters of three words in the clue are followed by a phillipic or tirade

17a      Tree: grant protecting one (7)
CONIFER: A word meaning to grant or bestow a title, award or benefit surrounds the letter that looks like the number one 

19a      See ship alongside port, for example, loaded with first of trunks (7)
WITNESS: We have the usual two letters that describe a ship. We have what port is a fortified example of. We have the first letter of the word trunks. Arrange these to suit the instructions within the clue

21a      Battle, project win! (7)
JUTLAND:  A three-letter word meaning to project or stick out is followed by a word meaning to win a trophy. (Dare we hope?) This battle took place one hundred and five years, one month and five days ago as of today 6th July 2021

22a      Block arrived the wrong way round? (5)
INGOT: Split 2,3 and reversed this block of metal could be said to have arrived

24a      Horrible, unpleasant experience having vehicle impounded (7)
MACABRE: A popular foreshortened word describing a bad dream surrounds a form of transport hailed and paid for by travellers

27a      Tube pushed back after daughter prods device, I’m off! (6-3)
TOODLE PIP: The abbreviation for daughter sits inside an implement or device such as a hammer or screwdriver. This is followed by the reverse of a tube used to convey gasses or liquids

28a      Small bill, pinkish (5)
LILAC: A three-letter contraction of the word little is followed by the abbreviation for a bill or account

29a      Food, produce of charcuterie unopened (4)
EATS:  The types of food sold by a charcuterie minus its first letter

30a      Book fair welcomed by additional quarter of European city (10)
MONTMARTRE:  The abbreviation for the second and later division of books of the Christian bible followed by a four-letter word for a fair or market sits inside a synonym of the word extra. We always walk through this area on our way to The Quartier Pigalle after six nations match days


1d        See something with a stone (4)
DATE: A double definition. To see a person for romantic means is also a pitted fruit

2d        Consequently, resort thus wet in Cornwall, perhaps? (5-4)
SOUTH WEST: A two-letter word meaning consequently is followed by an anagram (resort) of THUS WET

3d        Cricket side ready for attack (5)
ONSET: One of two cricket sides (the other being off) is followed by a word meaning ready to act 

4d        Taking composition, right to elevate Shostakovich’s Fifth (7)
RECEIPT: A written musical or artistic creation is reversed and sits between the abbreviation for right and the fifth letter of the name Shostakovich

5d        Knowing number has come up, moment appearing endless (7)
GNOSTIC: A musical vocal number is reversed and followed by a short moment minus it’s last letter

7d        For examination, what might follow A flat? (5)
LEVEL:  The type of exams preceded by the letters O and in this case A which today’s students sit at sixth form level and employers rarely ask to see any proof of

8d        Bargain, as the order sent abroad (5-5)
HORSE TRADE: Anagram (sent abroad) of AS THE ORDER

11d      Smaller bit in cake breaking hearts, perhaps? (7)
SUBUNIT: A small cake typically including dried fruit sits inside what hearts are in a pack of cards

14d      One’s played The Flower of Scotland, drinking in whisky (3,7)
TIN WHISTLE: The word In from the clue together with the abbreviation for Whiskey sit inside the national flower of Scotland

16d      A form of tablet for assistance (7)
ABETTAL: Begin with the letter A from the clue. Add anagram (A form of) of TABLET

18d      Pulse in early instrument (9)
FLAGEOLET: A small instrument similar to a 14 down is also a type of French kidney bean

20d      Broken promise working occasionally? (4-3)
SEMI PRO: An infuriating anagram (broken) of PROMISE which I couldn’t see for an age despite having the first three checking letters. I stuck it out and sucked it up though. No pencil lead was wasted on this anagram

21d      Lift up belly in pool (7)
JACKPOT: A word meaning to lift up as the roadside assistance man might lift ones car to change a punctured tyre is followed by a word describing ones tummy

23d      Suggestion in meeting, finally present (5)
GHOST: The final letter of the word meeting is followed by a verb meaning present as one might present a television show or a party

25d      Wood: a chunk hauled up (5)
BALSA: The letter A from the clue together with a large, thick, flat piece of stone, concrete , cake, bread or chocolate needs to be reversed

26d      Imperial measure a company detailed (4)
ACRE:  Begin with the letter A from the clue. Add a company, perhaps a ships company minus its last letter as indicated by the word detailed or in this case de tailed



28 comments on “Toughie 2673

  1. Very enjoyable challenge today. It came together nicely as the checkers appeared.

    Thanks to Dada and MP.

  2. I struggled a bit to get this completed as the last half a dozen were stubborn little blighters and they put up quite a fight. I was relieved to finally cross he line and gladly nominate 14d as my COTD.

    Thanks to Dada for a fine and enjoyable challenge, and to MP.

  3. So I thought Dada on Tuesday – I know just what that’ll be like. How wrong I was, I found this to be a proper Toughie of the sort I’d expect later in the week. If I hadn’t known who set it, I’d definitely not guessed it was Dada as quite a lot of it didn’t seem like him at all.

    I did enjoy the unexpected brain mangling so thank you to Dada and MP

    What MP fails to mention in his prologue is that I was going out for most of the morning so thought that in the event that he did need assistance, I’d better let him know I wouldn’t be around until later

    Just waiting for the first Courgette Tray Bake of the season to cool down so that I can ‘make sure it’s all right’

    1. Mmmm! That looks good, CS. Any chance you could let me have the recipe? :smile:

  4. I don’t understand your hint for 15a, MP. The answer has seven letters but yours has nine.

  5. Have I lost a couple of days and it’s Friday already?
    This was difficult. I only managed 10 clues. I’m impressed by those who finished it.

  6. I too struggled to complete this very tough Dada but didn’t. Complete it, that is. Not having a very good day with crosswords, am I? Happy to solve 14d on my own, but really didn’t do so well otherwise. Love Montmartre, but missed the clue. Thanks MP for the help which I needed, and Dada.

  7. Crikey so much for a gentle Tuesday Toughie intro. Still at least it will please Bertie. Currently 3 shy of a finish (4,5&11d) but with all checkers in & assuming they’re correct I’m struggling to even come up with words that fit let alone solve them. Didn’t know 18d was a type of flute & played by Pepys – can’t abide the beans. 30a plus 14&21d we’re my pick of those I’ve solved & properly parsed. Will look at it again later but suspect I’ll need the hints to complete & certainly to correctly parse/fully understand a couple.
    Thanks Dada for an very enjoyable puzzle & in advance to MP

      1. And 4d but only parsed once I’d realised the 5th letter was T & not A (must get my eyes tested again). Needed the hint for 11d & didn’t latch on to the right context of present in 23d hence unpaused.
        Love that mug & enjoyed the clip from the Coen’s excellent remake of True Grit – far better than the original.

        1. Both True Grit films are excellent and ‘of their time’ The book is a good read too. The Coen Brothers remake might have worked better as a Netflix type series. They certainly left too much good stuff out

        2. Congrats, Huntsman! You did much better than I did with this one. Re True Grit: haven’t seen the Coen version, but I do remember the night that John Wayne won his Oscar.

          1. Finally got to see Nomadland at the weekend which I thought was excellent. Also watched The Father where the flat just shaded Anthony Hopkins as star of the show. As much as I enjoyed it it wasn’t as powerful as a stage performance I saw at The Tricycle (rep theatre in London) with Kenneth Cranham in the lead.

  8. This was tough, but hugely enjoyable. For me it filled in (slowly) from the bottom up until I got stuck with about a dozen at the very top. Then, 12a suddenly came to me, and the flood gates opened to allow me to finish. As much and I liked the puzzle, I loved the accompanying picture to the hint in 4d! Many thanks to Dada and Miffypops.

  9. A very slow start for me today, certainly a star or two up on the usual Tuesday puzzle.
    Thanks to MP for the pulse in 18d. I do remember it now .
    The solve certainly became easier as the checking letters went in ,last clue was 16d.
    Favourite was 27a followed by 12a, a nice D’oh moment.
    Did’nt think 28 was pinkish!
    Thanks setter for the fun and MP for the pics.

  10. A bit mean with the stars awarded, methinks.
    I was well pleased to have finished it but now my self-esteem is tottering on seeing that I hadn’t completed a 4*. Grrr!

  11. Proper toughie. A real challenge and great fun. Took me a good while to solve. Thank you, Dada.

  12. A very satisfactory amount of head scratching required and another real delight to solve. 4d was the last one to get sorted.
    Thanks Dada and MP.

  13. Very challenging Toughie for a Tuesday, and I was relieved to finish it during extra time in the first Euro semi-final. Plenty of favourites including 30a, 7d and 14d, which I solved eventually after realising that ‘heather’ wasn’t part of the answer ! Dada’s crosswords are usually very enjoyable, but this one had a particular edge, which engendered greater satisfaction on completion than usual.

  14. Glad to have a Dada on the toughie roster as I don’t have time to look at his alter ego in the Guardian.
    Tough but fair.
    Favourite 2d.
    Thanks to Dada and to MP.

  15. Wow, that was a serious challenge for a Tuesday.

    Slowly pieced the last few together, but simply couldn’t persuade 4d to parse – I’d got it into my head that ‘composition’ had to do with ‘recipe’, and couldn’t quite make it work.

    Thanks to Miffypops for putting me straight, and to Dada for giving my brain a thorough workout.

  16. If that was Tuesday there’s no point in my even looking at the rest of the week! Beyond me I’m afraid.

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