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EV 1490

Enigmatic Variations 1490

BORICAHF by Piccadilly

Setter’s Blog

The Playfair key phrase is KING CHARLES; when decoded, the unclued entries give COCKER, SPRINGER, BLENHEIM and the title likewise gives SPANIELS.

I found this puzzle in an old folder. Before submitting it, I had to change the Chambers date from 2013 to 2016, so the puzzle had been lying forgotten for at least eight years…so I can’t remember where the idea came from.

I enjoy Playfairs and I hope that solvers enjoyed solving this one.

A full review of this puzzle can be seen over on fifteensquared.

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  1. Thanks, took me a long while to solve the Playfair after making a silly mistake… glad I persevered though – it teaches me to be more careful. Been doing EV since they began, haven’t seen a Playfair in a while. Very enjoyable.

  2. Playfair was new to me and it took me quite some time to crack it – with quite a bit of trial and error. I think I’ve now got the hang of it and hopefully next time one appears I’ll make a more efficient job of it.

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