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ST 3110

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3110

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 30th May 2021

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ***

A Sunday Prize Puzzle that was easier at the top than the bottom

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7a    Musician obtains novel about origin of jazz (8)
BANJOIST – An anagram (novel) of OBTAINS ‘about’ the origin of Jazz

9a    Monkey rushes out of its tree? (6)
RHESUS – An anagram (out of its tree) of RUSHES

10a    Mark in small vehicle (4)
SCAR – S (small) CAR (vehicle)

11a    Set in stone, evil I suspect (10)
TELEVISION – An anagram (suspect) of STONE EVIL I

12a    Well, one takes a risk (6)
BETTER – Double definition

14a    Defenceless, as Venus de Milo may have been? (8)
DISARMED – Assuming the famous statue had arms in the first place

15a    Dread finding miscalculation on end of contract (6)
TERROR – ERROR (miscalculation) on the ‘end’ of contracT

17a    Rejected figure in group, bigot (6)
SEXIST – A reversal (rejected) of SIX (figure) inserted in SET (group)

20a    As fish may be served, celebrate catching one (8)
BONELESS – BLESS (celebrate) ‘catching’ ONE (from the clue)

22a    Bleak desert in which bit of corn planted (6)
DREAR – DRY (desert) in which EAR (bit of corn) is planted

23a    Awful heartache nursing learner, medical concern (10)
HEALTHCARE – An anagram (awful) of HEARTACHE ‘nursing’ L (learner)

24a    Top dog on the phone? (4)
PEAK – A homophone (on the phone) of PEKE (dog)

25a    Country familiarly covered in mountains observed from the East (6)
BOSNIA – Hidden in reverse (observed from the East) in mountAINS OBserved. The ‘familiarly’ refers to the fact that the country is officially referred to as Bosnia-Herzegovina

26a    Row of houses? (8)
DOMESTIC – A row between two people living in the same house, or an adjective meaning belonging to the home


1d    Chief in one way demonstrating Churchill’s reserve? (3,5)
WAR CHEST – ARCH (chief) in WEST (one way)

2d    Open a drink (4)
AJAR – A (from the clue) JAR (drink)

3d    Feeling resentful, drink (6)
BITTER – Double definition

4d    During escape, rescuer ascending fissure in glacier (8)
CREVASSE – A reversal (ascending) of a SAVER (rescuer) inserted into ESC (escape)

5d    China has problem with immorality (3,7)
TEA SERVICE – TEASER (problem) VICE (immorality)

6d    Uproar as four turned on (6)
FURORE – An anagram (turned) of FOUR followed by RE (on)

8d    Spanish city coming up in postcode lottery (6)
TOLEDO – Hidden in reverse (coming up) in postcODE LOTtery

13d    Unfortunately, little iron in food packed with carbs (10)
TORTELLINI – An anagram (unfortunately) of LITTLE IRON

16d    Catch some cricket in this location, reportedly? (8)
OVERHEAR – OVER (some cricket) and a homophone (reportedly) of HERE (in this location)

18d    Simple shot catching stray reptile (8)
TERRAPIN – TAP IN (simple shot) ‘catching’ ERR (stray)

19d    Could capital in London be with Great Britain, for example? (6)
ISLAND – IS L (could capital in London be) AND (with)

21d    Old fool grabbing tail of Siamese cat (6)
OCELOT – O (old) CLOT (fool) ‘grabbing’ the tail of SiamesE

22d    Lovely paper in daily, lacking content (6)
DREAMY – REAM (paper) in the outside letters (lacking content) of DailY

24d    I don’t know academic success (4)
PASS – Double definition