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ST 3106

Sunday Telegraph 3106

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 2nd May 2021

BD Rating – Difficulty **** – Enjoyment ***

Dada proving that he can set Toughies but on a Sunday rather than a Tuesday. My favourite clue has to be the clever 13a

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1a    Care taken with railway initially in possible location of toy train? (12)
MINISTRATION – R (the initial letter of railway) inserted into MINI STATION (possible location of toy train)

8a    Chambers hosting American country (7)
AUSTRIA – ATRIA (chambers) ‘hosting’ US (American)

9a    One flies down (7)
SWALLOW – Double definition

11a    Loose delivery, the ball always ending on wood for batter? (7)
EYELASH – The endings of loosE deliverY thE balL with ASH (wood)

12a    Side by side, last of four snatched by a monster (7)
ABREAST – The last letter of fouR ‘snatched’ by A BEAST (a monster)

13a    Subject embraced by author Sewell? (5)
HORSE – The subject of a novel by Anna Sewell is ’embraced’ by autHOR SEwell

14a    Toy daughter held in bed, teary when lost (5,4)
TEDDY BEAR – D (daughter) inserted (held) in an anagram (when lost) of BED TEARY

16a    Impermanence convert ultimately found in virtue (9)
MORTALITY – The ultimate letter of converT ‘found’ in MORALITY (virtue)

19a    Villain on journey, how might one lie low? (5)
DOGGO – DOG (villain) GO (journey)

21a    Bound to keep article short (7)
SPARING – SPRING (bound) to ‘keep’ A (indefinite article)

23a    Novel, see, is at least testing! (7)
EASIEST – An anagram (novel) of SEE IS AT

24a    Pen inspiring love with popular invention (7)
COINAGE – CAGE (pen) ‘inspiring’ O (love) and IN (popular)

25a    South African dead, leader gone, howl in grief (7)
ULULATE – zULU (South African with the ‘leader’ gone) LATE (dead)

26a    Illogical dear? (12)
UNREASONABLE – Double definition


1d    Rubber erasing underside of coin at bottom of pile (7)
MASSEUR – Remove (erasing) the underside or last letter of EURo (coin) and put at the bottom of (in a Down solution) MASS (pile)

2d    Describe Scottish island looking up over peaks on tranquil estate (7)
NARRATE – A reversal (looking up) of ARRAN (Scottish island) on the ‘peaks’ of Tranquil and Estate

3d    Food eight spat out (9)
SPAGHETTI – An anagram (out) of EIGHT SPAT

4d    Worshipper lifting up a leader (5)
RASTA – This worshipper regards the former leader of Ethiopia as divine

5d    Fish underneath feeder, flat object (3,4)
TEA TRAY – RAY (fish) underneath TEAT (feeder)

6d    Cricket side go off (2,5)
ON LEAVE – ON (cricket side) LEAVE (go)

7d    Observe notes and take one’s medicine? (4,3,5)
FACE THE MUSIC – FACE (observe) THE MUSIC (notes)

10d    No matter: a web spun for insects (5,7)
WATER BOATMEN – An anagram (spun) of NO MATTER A WEB

15d    Ready to move, go for ticket (3,6)
DAY RETURN – An anagram (move) of READY followed by TURN (go)

17d    Calibrate rule about nearly everything (7)
REALIGN – REIGN (rule) ‘about’ ALl (nearly everything)

18d    Fire contained by fireman, I’m at ease (7)
ANIMATE – Hidden in (contained by) firemAN IM AT Ease

19d    Upset, try covering tracks up (7)
DISTURB – DIB (try) ‘covering’ a reversal (up) of RUTS (tracks)

20d    Order regained after I dropped bomb (7)
GRENADE – An anagram (order) of REGAiNED after the I has been ‘dropped’

22d    Gunman originally uses rocks for shot (5)
GUESS – G (the original letter of Gunman) and an anagram (rocks) of USES


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