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DT 29664

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29664

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 1st May 2021

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

A straightforward Prize Puzzle, reminding Tilsit and me of Saturday Prize Puzzles of old.  However, it turned out that the main problem came from trying to guess the setter!  

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1a    Nothing perceptible initially, standing in shadow (10)
OPPOSITION – O (nothing) P (the initial letter of perceptible) POSITION (standing)

6a    Meat plans rejected (4)
SPAM – A reversal (rejected) of MAPS (plans)

9a    A step wasn’t awkward in elasticated trousers (10)
SWEATPANTS – An anagram (awkward) of A STEP WASNT

10a    Test returns in regular order (4)
ORAL – Hidden in reverse (returns) in reguLAR Order

12a    Steed struggling with back in fact can’t stand (6)
DETEST – An anagram (struggling) of STEED with the ‘back’ in facT

13a    Turning out to be appropriate (8)
BECOMING – Double definition

15a    Nice unmarried woman? (12)
MADEMOISELLE – The French (as used in Nice) word for an unmarried woman

18a    One’s inclined to use admin in building (12)
MOUNTAINSIDE – An anagram (building) of TO USE ADMIN IN

21a    Prepares tomatoes perhaps, and other items? (8)
SUNDRIES – SUN DRIES tomatoes perhaps

22a    Reportedly, gangs drift along (6)
CRUISE – A homophone (reportedly) of CREWS (gangs)

24a    I rip off image (4)
ICON – I (from the clue) CON (rip off)

25a    Constable would have had one tidying up trash in pub (10)
PAINTBRUSH – An anagram (tidying up) TRASH IN PUB

26a    Charming man, spy needing no introduction (4)
GENT – An aGENT (spy) with no introduction

27a    Polish were fine men, though not entirely (10)
REFINEMENT – Part (not entirely) of weRE FINE MEN Though


1d    Performing team not anticipating referee’s whistle? (6)
ONSIDE – ON (performing) SIDE (team)

2d    Poster designed quickly (6)
PRESTO – An anagram (designed) of POSTER

3d    Going around island, day works fine (12)
SATISFACTORY – I (island) inserted between (going around) SAT (day) FACTORY (works)

4d    Catch not entirely lifted (4)
TRAP – A reversal (lifted) of PART (not entirely)

5d    Where television aerial is usually free (2,3,5)
ON THE HOUSE – where you’d usually find a TV aerial

7d    Trace page, piece of newspaper? (8)
PARTICLE – P (page) ARTICLE (piece of newspaper)

8d    Mat originally straightened, dragged through the mud (8)
MALIGNED – M (the original letter of Mat) ALIGNED (straightened)

11d    Great message about drone is broadcast (12)
CONSIDERABLE – CABLE (message) goes about an anagram (broadcast) of DRONE IS

14d    Due to leave centre, release planned (10)
DELIBERATE – Remove the middle (to leave centre) letter of DuE then add LIBERATE (release)

16d    Wonderful hitting tennis ball hard (8)
SMASHING – Double definition

17d    Reject change, unhappy (4,4)
TURN DOWN – TURN (change) DOWN (unhappy)

19d    Unable to speak about fashionable time (6)
MINUTE – MUTE (unable to speak) ‘about’ IN (fashionable)

20d    Very popular ruby stolen (3-3)
RED-HOT – RED (ruby) HOT (stolen)

23d    Testament maintained by perfect opponent (4)
ANTI – NT (New Testament) inserted into (maintained by) AI (perfect)



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  1. Can’t remember now but I think the last one down gave me as much trouble as any!

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