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DT 29652

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29652

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 17th April 2021

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment **

Chris Lancaster set this crossword as a tribute to Prince Philip on the day of his funeral. I found it more difficult than most commenters did, but I did see the Nina – in addition to 1a and 29a, rows 4 and 8 spell out Rest in Peace

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1a    Royal figure with bond he’d built across UK? (4,2,9)
DUKE OF EDINBURGH – An anagram (built) of FIGURE BOND HED into which is inserted UK

9a    Trim sailor, somewhere high (7)
ABRIDGE – AB (sailor) RIDGE (somewhere high)

10a    Danger signals exposed Malay spirits (7)
ALARUMS – One of my favourite words, usually accompanied by ‘and excursions’. The inside (exposed) letters of mALAy and RUMS (spirits)

11a    Film hen, perhaps (5)
LAYER – Double definition

12a    Part of tyre factory’s routine (9)
TREADMILL – TREAD (part of tyre) MILL (factory)

14a    Row about fresh contract (4,2)
DRAW IN – DIN (noise, row) ‘about’ RAW (fresh)

16a    International team’s second to wear unusual silver uniforms (8)
LIVERIES – I (international) and E (the second letter of team) to ‘wear’ an anagram (unusual) of SILVER

18a    Records go in artistic production (8)
TAPESTRY – TAPES (records) TRY (go)

19a    Workshop with boss I love (6)
STUDIO – STUD (boss) I (from the clue) O (love)

21a    Parking licence is commonplace (9)
PLATITUDE – P (parking) LATITUDE (licence)

25a    Occasionally asked after low creature (5)
MOOSE – The occasional letters of aSkEd go after MOO (low)

27a    Folding business? (7)
ORIGAMI – Cryptic definition

28a    Sign of hesitation entering museum gallery (7)
VERANDA – ER (sign of hesitation) ‘entering’ V AND A (museum)

29a    Finally resting, sleeps with grace, tho’ moving service here? (2,7,6)
ST GEORGES CHAPEL – An anagram of the final letter of restinG SLEEPS with GRACE THO


1d    Terribly idle lad rang (7)
DIALLED – An anagram (terribly) of IDLE LAD

2d    1000 lines welcoming Queen in Irish county (5)
KERRY – K (1,000) RY (lines) ‘welcoming’ ER (the regnal cipher of our current Queen)

3d    Instructions to take on 51 English hospital workers (9)
ORDERLIES – ORDERS (instructions) to take on LI (Roman numerals for 51) and E (English)

4d    Get rid of ultimately vile joke for the audience (5)
EGEST – The ultimate letter of vilE and a homophone (for the audience) of JEST (joke)

5d    Angry group of proletarians turned up (5)
IRATE – Hidden in reverse (turned up) in prolETARIans

6d    Offer to purchase artist’s twisted material (5)
BRAID – BID (offer) to ‘purchase’ RA (artist)

7d    I endure if playing like Germany? (9)
REUNIFIED – An anagram (playing) of I ENDURE IF

8d    Problems of husband left surrounded by fools (7)
HASSSLES – H (husband) and L (left), the latter ‘surrounded’ by ASSES (fools)

13d    Broadcast race, then hack (7)
RELAYED – RELAY (race) ED (editor, hack)

15d    Attractive part of bowler’s job (9)
APPEALING – What a bowler does when he thinks the batsman might be out

17d    Delicately built type destroyed room etc over pub (9)
ECTOMORPH – An anagram (destroyed) of ROOM ETC goes over (in a Down solution) PH (pub)

18d    Those in charge of champion boxers? (3,4)
TOP DOGS – These people in charge sound like champion boxer dogs??

20d    Complete position of ‘w’ in ‘wall’? (7)
OVERALL – The W in wall goes OVER ALL

22d    Bad hairdo — run out in such a state (5)
IDAHO – An anagram (bad) of HAIrDO without the R (run out)

23d    American ruler loses kilo exercising (5)
USING – US (American) kING (ruler without the K for Kilo)

24d    Some kneel, visiting singer (5)
ELVIS – Hidden in kneEL VISiting

26d    Admit adult leaving Greece (3,2)
OWN UP – A grOWN UP (adult) without (leaving) the GR (Greece)


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  1. I’m not often a fan of Mr Lancaster’s puzzles. I think he did a grand job this time.

    Thank you, crypticsue, for the clarifications. It is the explanations that help improve us lesser mortals. Sometimes we get to the right result without necessarily understanding why!

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