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DT 29652 (Hints)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29652 (Hints)

The Saturday Crossword Club

Hosted by Tilsit

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Good morning from Warrington and today we have a special crossword, reflecting the day, and by our esteemed Editor. Two main clues, first and last across are appropriate for the day.

Usual Rules apply. The Naughty Step has been especially buffed up for the day.

Thanks to Chris L for today’s puzzle.

As is usual for the weekend prize crosswords, an assortment of clues, including some of the more difficult ones, have been selected and hints provided for them.

Most of the terms used in these hints are explained in the Glossary and examples are available by clicking on the entry under “See also”. Where the hint describes a construct as “usual” this means that more help can be found in The Usual Suspects, which gives a number of the elements commonly used in the wordplay. Another useful page is Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, which features words with meanings that are not always immediately obvious.

A full review of this puzzle will be published after the closing date for submissions.  Thank you to our setter for an enjoyable solve this morning!

Some hints follow:


1a Royal figure with bond he’d built across UK? (4,2,9)
The name for a famous royal is an anagram (built) of FIGURE, BOND HE’D around UK. A nice tribute.

9a Trim sailor, somewhere high (7)
The abbreviation for a sailor, plus a geographical word meaning a high place.

10a Danger signals exposed Malay spirits (7)
An old word for danger signals is found by taking the word MALAY and remove top and tail (exposed) plus some (alcoholic) spirits.

16a International team’s second to wear unusual silver uniforms (8)
Around the abbreviation for international and the second letter of TEAM’S has an anagram of SILVER around it.

18a Records go in artistic production (8)
A word meaning records using a machine and something meaning go as in attempt.

21a Parking licence is commonplace (9)
The abbreviation for parking, plus something meaning licence to do something. This gives a word which is described in the BRB as ‘a dull commonplace’.

27a Folding business? (7)
A cryptic way of describing an art form where folding is essential.

28a Sign of hesitation entering museum gallery (7)
Inside the abbreviation for a famous museum goes a word used to signify hesitation.

29a Finally resting, sleeps with grace, tho’ moving service here? (2,7,6)
The location of today’s event. The last letter of resting, along with SLEEPS, GRACE AND THO’. All are combined (moving) to give the answer.


1d Terribly idle lad rang (7)
An anagram of IDLE LAD gives something meaning rang.

3d Instructions to take on 51 English hospital workers (9)
Inside a word for instructions goes the Roman numeral for 51 and E.

4d Get rid of ultimately vile joke for the audience (5)
An unusual word meaning to get rid of is the last letter of VILE plus a homophone for a joke.

6d Offer to purchase artist’s twisted material (5)
Inside a word meaning an offer to purchase goes the abbreviation for an artist.

8d Problems of husband left surrounded by fools (7)
The abbreviation for husband plus a word for fools around the symbol for left.

15d Attractive part of bowler’s job (9)
Something that means attractive is something that a bowler does looking for a dismissal.

17d Delicately built type destroyed room etc over pub (9)
An anagram of ROOM ETC is followed by the abbreviation on maps for pubs.

20d Complete position of ‘w’ in ‘wall’? (7)
If you write the word WALL going downwards, where is the ‘w’?

23d American ruler loses kilo exercising (5)
After the abbreviation for American goes the name for a royal, minus the NATO letter described as Kilo.

26d Admit adult leaving Greece (3,2)
Another word for an adult loses an abbreviation for Greece.

Have a peaceful and reflective day.

The Crossword Club is now open.

Our music today is a beautiful working of music associated with the nation.

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The Quick Crossword pun: prints+fillip=Prince Philip

For those of you who missed it yesterday, Rishi, one of our former bloggers, sadly passed away on Wednesday.  There is more information in the review of last Saturday’s puzzle.

68 comments on “DT 29652 (Hints)

  1. 2.5*/3.5*. This was an enjoyable and fitting tribute with an appropriate Nina. Apart from a small handful of answers in the middle of the puzzle which required quite a bit of head scratching, this was all done and dusted in my 1* time.

    I remembered 10a from Shakespeare at school, and 17d was a new word for me. I think the two splendid long anagrams take the plaudits today.

    Many thanks to the setter (CL perhaps?) and to Tilsit.

    1. Ah! I’ve just read Tilsit’s review and I see that my “perhaps?” can be deleted.

      P.S. Thank you too for the wonderful music, Tilsit.

  2. Excellent puzzle until I got to 16a, 21d and 17d. They were really tough and somewhat out of step with the rest of the puzzle.
    Enjoyable up to a point.
    Thx to all

  3. A very enjoyable ‘special’ crossword, with moderately straightforward clues(2*/4*). The two special clues, 1a and 29a were the outstanding feature of the puzzle, although, I had a soft spit for 2a too. Well done to CL for producing such an appropriate puzzle and thank you to Tilsit for the hints and for all the hard work, buffing up the naughty step.

  4. Yes, this was a * for me too today. 10a was a new word for me, and I always thought that 28a had an H on the end.

    Many thanks to CL and Tilsit.

    Now I’m back out with the camera. It looks like my local fox family has just introduced three new cubs to the world.

  5. The two anagrams were very helpful and one of my last ones in was my COTD, namely 15d which might have been the Dukes if he did cryptics.
    A couple of new words for me, 10a and 17d but they were reasonably straightforward from the surfaces. A fitting and enjoyable solve. Thanks setter and Tilsit.

  6. A most enjoyable puzzle – **/*****.

    Favourites – 1a, 29a, and the Quickie pun.

    Many thanks to our esteemed editor and Tilsit.

    Somewhat early by the clock, but I shall enjoy a wee dram sometime between 9:00am and 10:00am my time.

  7. I thought I was off to a flier with the timely and thoughtful 1a and 29a, but then I found it harder work completing this lovely crossword. Some delicious wordplay – I especially enjoyed 20d.

    We will have to record the events of this afternoon as H has her second jab today at – wait for it – 3pm…

    Today’s crossword soundtrack: London Grammar – California Soil (thank you, Huntsman!)

    Thanks to Chris and Tilsit.

  8. Same new words as above plus the meaning of 15d regarding bowling.
    Dull day down here so I might just watch this afternoon’s ceremony.
    Thanks to the 18d for the puzzle and to Tilsit for the Saturday Club.

  9. A not very testing Saturday prize puzzle, unexceptional but for the two nice tributes topping and tailing the grid, and no stand out clues for me.

    Thanks to CL, and to Tilsit for the review



  10. Like others I romped through this and then came to a complete halt with a few to go. I was originally thinking of a different bowler but when I saw my mistake I think that is my favourite clue today. I have an answer for 25a (as I don’t think it can be anything else) but really don’t ‘see’ it. No-one else seems to have a problem with this so it must be me. Thanks to CL and Tilsit. My leg is on the mend hurrah, although will be left with a horrid scar but that’s a small price to pay – many thanks to fellow bloggers for cheering me up.

              1. Glad you are feeling better Manders. The scar will fade a bit, with time, I hope.

                1. Sorry, Manders – Chriscross has reminded me that I didn’t say that I’m pleased to hear you are well on the way to full recovery.

  11. Pretty straightforward but enjoyable nonetheless. 4d was a new word to me but the wordplay obvious & there was a bit of head scratching with the I & E in 16a but otherwise plain sailing. I guess the start & end have to be pick of the clues on a sad day.
    Thanks to CL & to Tilsit.
    Ps no idea if CL reads these posts but if he does just to say I thought this week’s Toughies as a quartet were about as good as I can remember since I started attempting them.

  12. Nicely done, CL: the tribute in the quickie and the cryptic. Most enjoyable. Have to go with the top and bottom across clues for CsOTD, but I also liked 17d and 16a (my LOI). Thanks to Tilsit for the hints, which I’ll read now, and to Mr Lancaster for the nice puzzle. ** / ****

  13. Well done,CL. The top and bottom were very fitting clues. */*** 28a we’ve had quite recently, I believe in another guise. Favourite is 15d. Thanks to all.

  14. Thanks for a pleasant crossword today Mr L. I was hoping there would be a mention or two of the D of E.
    Thanks to Tilsit as well

  15. Lovely crossword today which I completed alone and unaided and understood all of the clues.

    Thanks to the setter and to Tilsit.

    The music is sublime.

  16. Fitting tributes to the day in the cryptic and Quickie. A fairly straightforward solve but most enjoyable, nevertheless. There were so many good clues that it is not easy to pick a favourite but I will go for 20d. It goes without saying that 1a and 29a occupy a special position today.

    Grateful thanks to Mr. Lancaster for an enjoyable puzzle and also thanks to Tilsit for the hints.

    RIP Prince Philip.

  17. Simply excellent x-word and Nina plus a most glorious piece of music, thank you so much messrs Tilsit and Lancaster.

  18. A lovely puzzle on a beautifully sunny but sad day. Sincere thanks to his Royal Highness Prince Philip for his service and dedication to the nation – RIP. 1a and 29a make apt top and tail to today’s crossword – well devised CL. No serious hiccups but 17d new word for me. Hard to pick Favs over 1a and 29a but 12a and 23d are also clever. Thank you CL and Tilsit (Voces8 Lux Aeterna rendition is sublime).

    1. Mr. CL – your 50-50 puzzle was a nice ‘n easy way to end the cruciverbal day. Thanks for that too.

  19. Well done on the part of Mr Ed for including a fitting tribute in today’s puzzle. He may well have been ‘a bit of a lad’ but my goodness he gave his all in the service of his queen and adopted country.
    1&29a have to take pride of place today – thank you to CL for those and thank you Tilsit for the very appropriate piece of music.

    1. Just realised that I missed the nina in rows 4&8. I think HRH would have been satisfied with his funeral today but my heart went out to HM, sitting alone in the chapel.

  20. I echo the sentiments – well done CL on a very fitting crossword, I didn’t need Tilsit’s hints but always enjoy reading them and often learn more.
    Am off now to glue myself to the TV. Thank goodness it is a fine day. God bless us all.

  21. Tut tut….anyone else notice that 13d was almost exactly the same clue as 19d just 2 weeks ago (DT29640). Exactly same answer. I know clues do get repeated occasionally but 2 weeks???

  22. Well done Chris Lancaster for this timely tribute to a considerable legend of a man. The more you read about him the more you realise how remarkable he was. The puzzle was a delight, with just enough tricky clues to push out my solving time. No need to look beyond the two long anagrams for best clues today.

    Many thanks Ed, and Tilsit.

  23. Very appropriate crossword for today. Great job CL for this tribute to the events of the day **/***** with favourite clues, of course, being 1a & 29a. Couldn’t be anything else in contention on this day.
    SW was the last area in with 24d the last in.
    Just watched the funeral that started at 6am here on the west coast of Canada. Very moving, and very sad.

    Thanks to CL and Tilsit for the hints

  24. Raced through this earlier in the day. A very fitting tribute. RIP. Great to see the Land Rover.

    Thanks all.

  25. Really enjoyed today’s. 4d is a new word for me, guessed then checked. 26a made me smile when I twigged.

    Thanks to Tilsit and Chris L

  26. A lovely and not too tricky crossword with some appropriate tributes for such a sad day.
    Apart from the two obvious clues I enjoyed 28a and 20d.
    Thank you, Chris Lancaster, and Tilsit.
    Bright sun and blue sky all day in Oxford but just beginning to get chilly now.

  27. Good puzzle but no particular favorite.

    Only thing that held us up was forgetting for the umpteenth time it was a prize puzzle and hitting the check button, as during the week, only to see all the answers wiped out! Surely the programmers could include a warning?

  28. Really enjoyed today’s puzzle and appreciated 1a and 29a as fitting clues in honour of today’s funeral of a very great man. We tuned in right after breakfast, being five hours behind over here, and thought it very moving, and relieved that it was a sunny, if cold, afternoon for the ceremony. 10a and 17d were new to me, but I had got them through checkers without too much trouble. No problem with 16a as there were plenty of them on show today. Thanks to Mr Lancaster for a good start to the weekend, and to Tilsit.

  29. Again I echo the sentiments about today’s tribute. I wonder how many members of the Royal family are solvers? I nearly came unstuck with 4d having made a stupid error before I realised. Doh! 10a a new word for me. Nice to get this polished off prior to watching the very good BBC coverage. RIP HRH. Thank you for the review and to the Setter.

  30. I liked the tribute too. I think I’m right with 15d but don’t know the term connected to either type of bowler. The difficult words were solvable. Favourites 12 and 28a and 18 and 20d. Thanks Ed and Tilsit.

  31. Thanks to Mr Lancaster for an excellent crossword. Like many, appreciated 1a and 29a as well as the hidden message. An enjoyable solve with a couple of new words thrown in. Thanks also to Tilsit.

  32. A lovely puzzle and most fitting for today. I got it done last night and was impressed that it was put together so well. A beautiful tribute to a special gentleman. Much more enjoyable than last weekend’s effort so thank you, Mr Lancaster.

  33. We finished this earlier but just posting now to say we enjoyed it and liked the tribute, and in the quickie pun too. Favourite was 17d. Thanks to CL and Tilsit.

  34. What a lovely crossword and bonus that I managed to complete it unaided. Coincidentally I was having a conversation with some friends yesterday and used the answer to 17d – not a word I use very much. I thought the funeral today was incredibly moving. The music was just sublime – I’ve never heard the national anthem sung so beautifully. What a great send-off! Thanks to CL and Tilsit 1.5*/*****

  35. I had 21 across as xxxxxxxxxx, which works very well, so it took me ages to work out the correct, but less fitting answer!

    1. The instructions in red at the bottom of the hints ask that people don’t mention wrong solutions

  36. I can only add my congratulations and thanks to our esteemed editor for this magnificent contribution on a sad day (including the quickie pun). I can even forgive him for the recent puzzle which he provided! In a collection of clues where most of them are 18d, one can only offer 1 and 29a as favs. Thanks for the moving piece of music on a very moving day, and to Tilsit for the hints and pictures.

    1. P.S. In my ignorance, can anyone explain the Nina or hidden message, or will that put them on the (well buffed) naughty step? Incidentally, I did finish this puzzle unaided.

      1. It has been mentioned in several comments but Jane’s PS @comment 21 is one of those that tells you where to look

  37. A day late, but we wanted to say a hearty thank you for a superb crossword, a lovely tribute to a great man. And Tilsit’s music, as ever, was moving and beautiful.

  38. It may be because of my age, but I knew 10A and 17D when I’d worked them out that is!, but the bottom left-hand corner is still very empty. Also, I still can’t work out the two letters needed to make a combination of letters to make sense of 4D, so it’s going to keep me busy for another day or two..

  39. I’ve not needed hints or tips for a while so not been on here for a bit, but I wanted to say what a super way of expressing sentiment and respect. Thanks to the setter and as always to those who keep this blog site ticking over. PS One or two new words for me only added to the challenge hence my enjoyment on completion.

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