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DT 29640

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29640

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 3rd April 2021

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

Saturday Prize Puzzles don’t get much more straightforward than this one from Chalicea

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1a    Close entertaining lawsuit wrapped up (7)
ENCASED – END (close) ‘entertaining’ CASE (lawsuit)

5a    Commanded European to wear gold, diamonds and crimson? (7)
ORDERED – E (European) goes inside (to wear) OR (heraldic gold) D (diamonds) RED (crimson)

9a    Replying to a call containing bad news (9)
ANSWERING – A (from the clue) RING (call) ‘containing’ an anagram (bad) of NEWS

10a    Outlaw eating commanding officer’s food (5)
BACON – BAN (outlaw) ‘eating’ CO (Commanding Officer)

11a    Experience defeat, as team hides (5)
TASTE – Hidden in defeaT AS TEam

12a    Garden with lights on head? (9)
LANDSCAPE – LANDS (lights) on CAPE (head)

13a    Company with million quid making chemicals (9)
COMPOUNDS – CO (company) M (million) POUNDS (quid)

16a    Cold periods in prisons (5)
CAGES – C (cold) AGES (periods)

17a    Pens, we’re told, ceremonial forms (5)
RITES – A homophone (we’re told) of WRITES (pens)

18a    What superhero might have on the outside? (9)
UNDERWEAR – A cryptic definition of part of the outfit worn by a superhero

20a    Puts on coat perhaps and disappears crossing river (9)
VARNISHES – VANISHES (disappears) ‘crossing’ R (river)

23a    Carefully move front of loose supporting framework (5)
EASEL – EASE (carefully move) and the ‘front’ of Loose

25a    Tolerate some of India’s tandooris (5)
STAMD – Found in some of IndiaS TANDooris

26a    Refurbished library accepts computers etc with bad temper (9)
IRRITABLY – An anagram (refurbished) of LIBRARY ‘accepts’ IT (computers etc)

27a    Some admitting blame for treatment (7)
THERAPY – THEY (some) ‘admitting’ RAP (blame)

28a    Setter maybe returning with post is a stroke of luck (7)
GODSEND – A reversal (returning) of DOG (setter maybe) with SEND (post)


1d    Feature of laciest pants? (7)
ELASTIC – An anagram (pants) of LACIEST

2d    Expenses of Greek island trips on vacation (5)
COSTS – COS (Greek island) and the outside (on vacation) letters of TripS

3d    Lacking wings, asked all vets for any small bones (9)
SKELETON – The inside letters (lacking wings) of aSKEd aLl vETs fOr aNy

4d    Training medic badly (5)
DRILL – DR (doctor, medic) ILL (badly)

5d    Arranged grandiose changes (9)
ORGANISED – An anagram (changes) of GRANDIOSE

6d    Society girls getting to grips with tango? They’re liabilities! (5)
DEBTS – DEBS (society girls) ‘getting to grips with’ T (Tango in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet)

7d    Shape reportedly ruined view (9)
RECTANGLE – A homophone (reportedly) of WRECKED (ruined) ANGLE (view)

8d    Ultimately uncontrolled rage over son’s threats (7)
DANGERS – The ultimate letter of uncontrolleD, ANGER (rate) S (son)

14d    Worried actor taken in by fashion for fleet of cars (9)
MOTORCADE – An anagram (worried) of ACTOR ‘taken in’ by MODE (fashion)

15d    Mischievously and proudly dropping husband after first bit of nookie (9)
NAUGHTILY – hAUGHTILY (proudly) ‘dropping’ the H (husband) and replacing with the first bit of Nookie

16d    Put right, I might stand thus? (9)
CORRECTED – as in the phrase “I stand corrected”

17d    Cleric with kinship to regularly call again (7)
REVISIT – REV (cleric) with the regular letters of kInShIp To

19d    Journalist supporting race broadcast (7)
RELAYED – ED (journalist) supporting, or going after in a Down clue, RELAY (race)

21d    Home help upset country (5)
INDIA – IN (home) followed by a reversal (upset) of AID (help)

22d    Shoot southern puritan (5)
SPRIG – S (southern) PRIG (puritan)

24d    Blade, black, changing hands (5)
SABRE – SABLE (black) changing the L (left hand) for R (right hand)


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