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ST 3101

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3101

A full review by Big Dave

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This puzzle was published on 28th March 2021

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Our Sunday Setter was in a generous mood and gave us a reasonably straightforward puzzle this week.

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1a    Cleaner reprimands mourner (6-7)
CARPET SWEEPER – a seven-letter verb meaning reprimands followed by a mourner

9a    Police force, or its new yard (4,5)
RIOT SQUAD – an anagram (new) of OR ITS followed by a yard

10a    Rocket scientists heading for landing on a central feature (5)
NASAL – these American rocket scientists are followed by the initial letter (heading) of L[anding]

11a    Playwright featuring in one’s biography, retrospectively (5)
IBSEN – hidden (featuring in) and reversed (retrospectively) inside the clue

12a    By the sound of it, viral disease went quickly (4)
FLEW – sounds like flu (viral disease)

13a    Some pretty poor mistake (4)
TYPO – hidden (some) inside the clue

15a    Particle in some science (7)
ANATOMY – ATOM (particle) inside ANY (some)

17a    Space available, or filling arena? (7)
STORAGE – OR inside an arena

18a    Hands down, palms dry evidently? (2,5)
NO SWEAT – could describe dry palms

20a    Time allocated to worshipping flock by upper circle (3,4)
GOD SLOT – a LOT (flock) follows a name often given to the upper circle in a theatre – when going to a poorly attended play in a London theatre I often used to ask for a seat here and was given one in the stalls

21a    Girl built for audition? (4)
MAID – sounds like MADE (built)

22a    Journo back before second public meeting (4)
DEMO – the reversal (back) of a journalist followed by a second or brief period of time

23a    Birdie — another one better? (5)
EAGLE – a name for two under par in golf, which is one better than a birdie (one under par)

26a    Use dinosaur egg initially the wrong way (5)
EXERT – the reversal (wrong way) of T-REX (dinosaur) and E[gg]

27a    Negative reaction about small mark (9)
BACKSLASH – a BACKLASH (negative reaction) around S(mall)

28a    Helper in white revised political order (5-4,4)
THREE-LINE WHIP – an anagram (revised) of HELPER IN WHITE


1d    Church official, less sensitive figure (8,6)
CARDINAL NUMBER – a church official followed by an adjective meaning less sensitive

2d    Family tree — those keeping it upright? (5)
ROOTS – these could be said to keep a tree upright

3d    Giddy where one is president (10)
EISENHOWER – an anagram (giddy) of WHERE ONE IS

4d    Case of somebody bandaging cut, drunk (7)
SQUIFFY – the outer letters (case) of S[omebod]Y around (bandaging) a cut (of hair)

5d    Very many lacking purpose? (7)
ENDLESS – could mean lacking END (purpose)

6d    Kick boat (4)
PUNT – two definitions

7d    Truly is an awful cocktail (5,4)
RUSTY NAIL – an anagram (awful) of TRULY IS AN

8d    Where contents of overturned trolley might roll, in every direction (3,4,3,4)
ALL OVER THE SHOP – could be where contents of overturned trolley might roll

14d    After pass, don seems remarkably gracious (8,2)
GOODNESS ME – GO (pass) followed by an anagram (remarkably) of DON SEEMS

16d    Dry, missing quaffing amount of beer? (9)
ABSTINENT – ABSENT (missing) around (quaffing) TIN (amount of beer)

19d    Rock maiden’s penetrating voice (7)
TREMBLE – M(aiden) inside (penetrating) a singing voice

20d    Cook coaching without a dish in Italy? (7)
GNOCCHI – an anagram (cook) of CO[A]CHING without the A from the clue

24d    Cut around base of iron grate (5)
GNASH – GASH (cut) around the final letter (base) of [iro]N

25d    Source of light lead (4)
STAR – two definitions – the second being to play a lead role in a film

I’ll be back here in two weeks.


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