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DT 29628

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29628

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 20th March 2021

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ****

Donnybrook, aka the NY Door Knob, in fine form with some great surface readings in this not too difficult Saturday Prize Puzzle

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1a    Introduces fast way to travel round about (7)
INJECTS – IN JETS (fast way to travel) goes round C (circa, about)

5a    Less like lamb from this supplier? (7)
BUTCHER – Tougher and more aggressive than a meek lamb

9a    Passing here, MP befuddled with ale (9)
EPHEMERAL – An anagram (befuddled) of HERE MP with ALE

10a    Hold-up man in downbeat LA suburb (5)
ATLAS – The Greek Titan always pictured holding up the earth is found in downbeAT LA Suburb

11a    Young creature to leap explosively across delta (7)
TADPOLE – An anagram (explosively) of TO LEAP goes ‘across’ D (Delta)

12a    Wildlife rights protecting old English river (3,4)
ROE DEER – R R (rights plural) ‘protecting’ O (old) E (English) DEE (river)

13a    Cool Paris trashed Athenian citadel (9)
ACROPOLIS – An anagram (trashed) of COOL PARIS

16a    Jeremy the player for certain clubs (5)
IRONS – The surname of Jeremy the actor or some golf clubs

17a    Fighter back on horse yet losing every second? (5)
TYSON – Hidden in reverse in alternate letters (losing every second) in oN hOrSe YeT

18a    Former writer accepting end, tense, is suitable (9)
EXPEDIENT – EX (former) PEN (writer) ‘accepting’ DIE (end), T (tense) added at the end

21a    Character seen with drink: John Lennon for one! (7)
AIRPORT – AIR (character) PORT (drink)

22a    Driver awaiting chance to pass? (7)
LEARNER – Cryptic definition

25a    Defence starts to analyse legal issue behind injunction (5)
ALIBI – The starts to Analyse Legal Issue Behind Injunction

26a    Name potholer lost in remote region (5,4)
NORTH POLE – N (name) and an anagram (lost) of POTHOLER

27a    Defiant expression from drunk in this place (2,5)
SO THERE – SOT (drunk) HERE (in this place)

28a    Weird people having time for miscellaneous article (7)
ODDMENT – ODD (weird) MEN (people) T (time)


1d    Sloth and one near it disturbed (7)
INERTIA – I (one) and an anagram (disturbed) of NEAR IT

2d    Jack was obliged to limit one fervent crusade (5)
JIHAD – J (jack) HAD (was obliged) to ‘limit’ I (one)

3d    Italian lake draws in British musicians (5)
COMBO – COMO (Italian lake) ‘draws in’ B (British)

4d    Bizarre uniform on bishop in confirmation (7)
SURREAL – U (uniform) RR (Right Reverend, bishop) inserted into SEAL (confirmation)

5d    Liberal dons tolerate American state (7)
BELARUS – L (liberal) dons (wears, goes inside) BEAR (tolerate) US (American)

6d    Did deal concealing gain: it’s a blow (5,4)
TRADE WIND – TRADED (did deal) ‘concealing’ WIN (gain)

7d    Torment tedious type outside electronic plant (9)
HELLEBORE – HELL (torment) BORE (tedious type) goes ‘outside’ E (electronic)

8d    Extremely rude characters in seaside towns (7)
RESORTS – The extreme letters of RudE and SORTS (characters)

14d    Check others taking exercise inside (9)
RESTRAINT – REST (others) taking TRAIN (exercise) inside

15d    Show main tempo needs changing (9)
PANTOMIME – An anagram (needs changing) of MAIN TEMPO

17d    Lots following letter dictated: those in hot water? (3,4)
TEA BAGS – BAGS (lots) goes after a homophone (dictated) of the letter T

18d    Medical speciality doubled European understanding (7)
ENTENTE – Two lots (doubled) of ENT (medical speciality) E (European)

19d    Less colourful second city? (7)
PALMERMO – PALER (less colourful) MO (second)

20d    Flow alternatively seen in Midlands river (7)
TORRENT – OR (alternatively) ‘seen in’ TRENT (Midlands river)

23d    Climbing pea’s tips concealed garden pest (5)
APHID – A reversal (climbing) of the tips or outside letters of PeA followed by HID (concealed)

24d    Trap quickly springs up — end of mouse! (5)
NOOSE – A reversal (springs up) of SOON (quickly) followed by the end of mousE


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  1. Hi there, 2 days ago on my iPad when I clicked on Click here to see the answers they didn’t work – today I can see all the answers straightaway. Is this something to do with being on the iPad or an error on the site please? Katie

    1. Welcome to the blog

      I’m not sure what happened with the Click Here function the other day, but you can see all the solutions for this particular crossword, together with full explanations of how the clues work, rather than just hints, because this is a review of last Saturday’s Prize Puzzle

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