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DT 29622

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29622

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 13th March 2021

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

A nice straightforward pangram from Cephas

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1a    Patient fellow’s account, list of duties, tasks etc (3,11)
JOB DESCRIPTION – JOB (patient man in the Old Testament) DESCRIPTION (account)

9a    Upset open vessel (8)
OVERTURN – OVERT (open) URN (vessel)

10a    Become less rigid about the French vote (5)
RELAX – RE (about) LE (French definite article) X (vote)

12a    Unemployed Ian didn’t like exertion initially (4)
IDLE – The initial letters of Ian Didn’t Like Exertion

13a    Dignified sculpture with girl embracing queen (10)
STATUESQUE – STATUE (sculpture) with SUE (girl) ’embracing’ Q (chess notation for Queen)

15a    Agree Ray confused in unclear situation (4,4)
GREY AREA – An anagram (confused) of AGREE RAY

16a    Young animal going round Corsica perhaps in collision (4-2)
PILE-UP – PUP (young animal) ‘going round’ ILE (Corsica being an example, perhaps, of a French island)

18a    Mythical female sailor went first (6)
FABLED – F (female) AB (sailor) LED (went first)

20a    Round letter (8)
CIRCULAR – Double definition

23a    Lengthy rambling (4-6)
LONG-WINDED – Tediously wordy and circumlocutory

24a    Pitcher that, in pieces, is removed from the water (4)
EWER – Remove THAT from thE WatER

26a    Flame coming from short jacket (5)
BLAZE – A truncated (short) BLAZEr (jacket)

27a    Stance I’m adapting relating to meanings of words (8)
SEMANTICS – An anagram (adapting) of STANCE IM

28a    Lets off Anne and Leo struggling to come out well from a difficulty (4,2,4,4)
FALL ON ONES FEET – An anagram (struggling) of LETS OFF ANN and LEO


2d    Half bite very rotten veal and oyster? (7)
BIVALVE – The first half of Bite, the abbreviation for Very and an anagram (rotten) of VEAL

3d    Little Ernest said to make money (4)
EARN – A homophone (said) of ERN (little Ernest)

4d    Messenger entertains tense attendant (8)
COURTIER – COURIER (messenger) ‘entertains’ T (tense)

5d    I get in fancy light (6)
IGNITE – An anagram (fancy) of I GET IN

6d    Suit(e)? (5-5)
THREE-PIECE – A type of suit

7d    Indirect slanting (7)
OBLIQUE – Double definition

8d    Hastily prepared without brief (11)
EXTEMPORARY – EX (without) TEMPORARY (brief)

11d    Maybe reigning golf champion is a card (4,2,5)
KING OF CLUBS – Could be a description of a reigning golf champion

14d    Revolutionary device that will not work when it is dry (5,5)
WATER WHEEL – Cryptic definition

17d    Poets from Nine Elms running riot (8)
LINESMEN – An anagram (running riot) of NINE ELMS

19d    Some contraband, an antiquarian handkerchief (7)
BANDANA – Hidden in some contraBAND AN Antiquarian

21d    Owl flying over hill that’s not very tall (3-4)
LOW-RISE – An anagram (flying) of OWL goes over RISE (hill)

22d    Start of sensuousness in marriage harmony (6)
UNISON – S (the start of Sensuousness) in UNION (marriage)

25d    Responsibility lying with you and me? (4)
ONUS – ON (with) US (you and me)