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ST 3098

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3098

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 7th March 2021

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ***

I thought Dada had upped the difficulty level with this particular Sunday crossword.  My favourite was 7d

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8a    Where curved scissors may be used immediately (2,3,4)
ON THE NAIL – Double definition

10a    A little reprobate, a selfish kid (5)
TEASE – Hidden in reprobaTE, A SElfish

11a    Mouse in short evil, badly nipping man (9,6)
SHRINKING VIOLET – An anagram (badly) of IN SHORT EVIL ‘nipping’ KING (chess man)

12a    Sharp, male wordplayer? (7)
PUNGENT – a GENT who makes a PUN

13a    End for Becket, turbulent priest, one predicts (7)
TIPSTER – The end for BeckeT and an anagram (turbulent) of PRIEST

15a    Collection of pictures fixed up with aplomb, Hogarth? (10,5)
PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM – An anagram (fixed) of UP with APLOMB HOGARTH

19a    Single queen needed after good start (7)
PIONEER – ONE (single) and ER (the regnal cipher of our current Queen) needed after PI (good)

22a    Fire again appropriate around bowels of hell (7)
RELIGHT – RIGHT (appropriate) goes around the bowels or insides of hELl

24a    What simmering mouse stew might do for dish? (6,3,6)
BUBBLE AND SQUEAK – What a simmering stew of mice might do

26a    Underground I’m better, not seen regularly (5)
METRO – The even letters of iM bEtTeR nOt

27a    Expression in dance, sure quirky (9)
DISCOURSE – DISCO (dance) and an anagram (quirky) of SURE


1d    Battle in progress, no messing up! (4)
MONS – Hidden in reverse (up) in progresS NO Messing

2d    Wicked name that is for villain (6)
MEANIE – An anagram (wicked) of NAME followed by IE (that is)

3d    Vessel is entering race (8)
CANISTER – IS (from the clue) ‘entering’ CANTER (race)

4d    Number of steps taken, trip (6)
FLIGHT – Double definition

5d    I hope it regenerates a country (8)
ETHIOPIA – An anagram (regenerates) of I HOPE IT followed by A (from the clue)

6d    Bed where darling tucks everyone in (6)
PALLET- PET (darling) ‘tucks’ ALL (everyone) in

7d    Sensed left isn’t right (4)
FELT – An anagram (isn’t right) of LEFT

9d    North American city to change or not? (7)
TORONTO – TO (from the clue) and an anagram (to change) of OR NOT

12d    Appear spring-operated (3-2)
POP-UP – Double definition

14d    All letters redirected, watch post (5)
TIMER – Reverse (redirected) all of the letters in TIMER (watch)

16d    Extraordinary love or passable for miss? (8)
OVERLOOK – An anagram (extraordinary) of LOVE OR followed by OK (passable)

17d    Heaven exists in exhibit (8)
PARADISE – IS (exists) in PARADE (exhibit)

18d    Torment and carry threat (7)
BUGBEAR – BUG (torment) BEAR (carry)

20d    Circles in traces of gold? (6)
ORBITS – OR (heraldic symbol for gold) BITS (traces)

21d    Country golf club welcoming women, initially (6)
RWANDA – R AND A (golf club) ‘welcoming’ W (women initially)

23d    Drink taster mentioned? (6)
LIQUOR – A homophone (mentioned) of LICKER (taster)

24d    Charge the earth? (4)
BOMB –  To charge or go fast down a motorway perhaps, or an informal term for a lot of money – as is ‘the earth’

25d    Hold gander upside down (4)
KEEP – A reversal (upside down) of PEEK (gander being Cockney rhyming slang for look)

4 comments on “ST 3098

  1. Dada as enjoyable as ever. Thanks to CS for the full review.
    I took 24d to be a double definition with charge meaning to go fast, as in “I bombed down the motorway at 80 mph”.

    1. My original draft did say that, I wonder why I left it out. I’ll go and put it back

    2. Ah, thanks. I hadn’t thought of that meaning. I’d presumed that a charge is an explosive, which is what a bomb is.

      I suppose technically the explosive is only part of a bomb, but with crosswords stretching so many synonyms (often way out of my comfort zone), that one didn’t seem unreasonable to me at the time.

      Other commenters mentioned 24d on the Sunday. It’d be interesting to hear their thoughts on it now we’re a safe distance away from the naughty step.

      1. I asked Dada about this clue on one of his Zoom chats. He doesn’t remember writing it (could’ve been over a year ago; he submits Sunday Telegraph puzzles so far in advance).

        But hearing it now, he parsed it ‘explosive’ and ‘costing a lot’.

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