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ST 3097

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3097

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 28th February 2021

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ***

I thought this was a much more difficult Dada Sunday puzzle than in previous weeks

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1a    Science prize thus bagged by idiot (12)
ASTROPHYSICS – TROPHY (prize) SIC (thus) ‘bagged’ by ASS (idiot)

9a    Switch on this about right, briefly (2,5)
IN SHORT – An anagram (switch) of ON THIS ‘about’ R (right)

10a    Outskirts of Russia invaded by Arab country (7)
ROMANIA – The ‘outskirts’ of RussiA ‘invaded’ by OMANI (Arab)

11a    An absence of American judgment (4)
NOUS – NO (an absence of) US (American)

12a    Upper limit, this person is saying (5)
MAXIM – MAX (upper limit) IM (this person)

13a    Very late (4)
DEAD – Double definition, the solution and very can both mean exact

16a    Hit many years ago, exact revenge (3,4)
GET BACK – GET (hit) BACK (many years ago)  – Get Back being a hit for the Beatles many years ago

17a    Story told, clear twists around it (7)
RECITAL – An anagram (twists) of CLEAR ‘around’ IT (from the clue)

18a    Dull: outside windy (7)
TEDIOUS – An anagram (windy) of OUTSIDE

21a    Tennis player’s skill pinches prize on the backhand (7)
TOPSPIN – A reversal (on the backhand) of NIPS (pinches) POT (prize)

23a    Spirit in angel angelic! (4)
ELAN – Hidden in angEL ANgelic

24a    My lady, very busy morning? (5)
MADAM – MAD (very busy) AM (morning)

25a    Spring better (4)
WELL – Double definition

28a    Allowance: gratuity put in post (7)
STIPEND – TIP (gratuity) put in SEND (post)

29a    Playful serenade after drink (7)
TEASING – SING (serenade) goes after TEA (drink)

30a    Item on breakfast menu encourages saint (4,8)
EGGS BENEDICT – EGGS (encourages) BENEDICT (saint)


1d    Reportedly, a condiment that might be common (7)
ASSAULT – A homophone (reportedly) of A SALT (a condiment)

2d    God taking heed of remorse, first of all (4)
THOR – The first letters of Taking Heed Of Remorse

3d    Somewhere remote, travelling then home again? (7)
OUTBACK – OUT (travelling) BACK (home again)

4d    Avian canine (7)
HARRIER – Double definition

5d    A little mathematical challenge, it’s said (4)
SOME – A homophone (it’s said) of SUM (mathematical challenge)

6d    Pleased everything included (7)
CONTENT – Double definition

7d    Fit man sighted, unfortunately, snacking in secret (8,5)
MIDNIGHT FEAST – An anagram (unfortunately) of FIT MAN SIGHTED

8d    Fly’s relative, giant in the family? (5-4-4)
DADDY-LONG-LEGS – Sounds like one might have a giant in the family

14d    Builder thus punching worker? (5)
MASON – SO (thus) ‘punching’ MAN (worker)

15d    Reach safety primarily, and survive (5)
SCOPE – S (the primary letter of safety) and COPE (survive)

19d    Artwork with magnetic power? (7)
DRAWING – This artwork might also have the power of a magnet

20d    Wrap item on horse around wife (7)
SWADDLE – SADDLE (item on horse) ‘around’ W (wife)

21d    Snack more delicious, almost inspiring love (7)
TOASTIE – Almost all of TASTIEr (more delicious) ‘inspiring’ O (love)

22d    Divine ruby stolen by ancient Briton (7)
PREDICT – RED (ruby) ‘stolen’ by PICT (ancient Briton)

26d    Greek god wants Egyptian city set up (4)
ZEUS – A reversal (set up) of SUEZ (Egyptian city)

27d    African country, enclave of Somalia? (4)
MALI – Hidden in (an enclave or piece of territory inside foreign territory) soMALIa



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  1. Re 16a, Get Back was a hit for the Beatles in 1969, many years ago so possibly a double definition.

    An enjoyable but challenging crossword

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