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ST 3096

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3096

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 21st February 2021

BD Rating – Difficulty **/***Enjoyment ***

One of those crosswords that took a while to get started and then flowed nicely

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1a    Plan for site (11)

10a    Stone, a hinged barrier (5)
AGATE – A (from the clue) GATE (hinged barrier)

11a    Criedlike whales? (9)
BLUBBERED – Double definition

12a    Group in nightgear messed around (9)
GATHERING – An anagram (messed around) of NIGHTGEAR

13a    Something added to drink, note (5)
TONIC – Double definition

14a    Where clothes may be packed if required (2,4)
IN CASE – Where you’d pack your clothes, if required for a holiday

16a    Exercise component, boring thing (5,3)
DRILL BIT – DRILL (exercise) BIT (component)

18a    Make-up collection in powder room writer, say, recalled (4,4)
GENE POOL – A reversal (recalled) of LOO (powder room) PEN (writer) EG (say)

20a    Show runs into new scene (6)
SCREEN – R (runs) into an anagram (new) of SCENE

23a    Something for breakfast, a dead duck! (5)
TOAST – Double definition

24a    Pain contained by nurse, person at the back (4-5)
TAIL-ENDER – AIL (pain) ‘contained’ by TENDER (nurse)

26a    Language modulations adopted by staff (9)
CANTONESE – TONES (modulations) ‘adopted’ by CANE (staff)

27a    Jerk found (5)
START – Double definition

28a    Awful, as words of those silenced? (11)
UNSPEAKABLE – The clue describing the words of those silenced and unable to speak


2d    Slam chicken or turkey in oven? (5)
ROAST – Double definition

3d    Writer, author and Hardy character (7)
POETESS – POE (author) and TESS (Hardy character)

4d    Having broken hearts perhaps, leaders in board meeting capitulate (6)
SUBMIT – The leaders in Board and Meeting having ‘broken’ SUIT (hearts perhaps)

5d    Violence in outskirts of Turkey, within which one getting a grip? (8)
THUGGERY – HUGGER (one getting a grip) inserted within the outskirts of TurkeY

6d    Round button originally secured by tailor that’s loose (7)
ORBITAL – B (button ‘originally’) secured in an anagram (that’s loose) of TAILOR

7d    Howling animals, target of derision (8,5)

8d    Odd bits of garden decent in French city (8)
GRENOBLE – The odd letters of GaRdEn and NOBLE (decent)

9d    Film review intact, I argued (9,4)
EDUCATING RITA – an anagram (review) of INTACT I ARGUED

15d    Dancing, one kidnapped by band of criminals? (8)
CONGAING – I (one) ‘kidnapped’ by CON GANG (band of criminals)

17d    Don’t release Spirit in the Sky? (6,2)
BOTTLE UP – BOTTLE (spirit) UP (in the sky)

19d    Belittle record (3,4)
PUT DOWN – Double definition

21d    Eleven laces he knotted (7)
CHELSEA – An anagram (knotted) of LACES HE

22d    Pictures a little basic in emails (6)
CINEMA – Hidden in basiC IN EMAils

25d    Attractive thing, Latino’s principal accent (5)
DRAWL – DRAW (attractive thing) L (Latino’s principal letter)