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ST 3095

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3095

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 14th February 2021

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Another enjoyable Sunday Prize Puzzle

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1a    Wrecked with a hyphen? (6)
DASHED – Double definition

4a    Raised platform out back in burn (8)
SCAFFOLD – A reversal (back) of OFF (out) inserted into SCOLD (burn)

9a    A free woman, relatively? (6)
AUNTIE – A (from the clue) UNTIE (free)

10a    Labouring serf hugged by good little nipper (8)
HORSEFLY – An anagram (labouring) of SERF ‘hugged’ by HOLY (good)

12a    Children’s author I see in detail, lacking content (4)
DAHL – AH (I see) inserted into the outside (lacking content) letters of DetaiL

13a    Bill featuring in play, sycophant (5)
TOADY – AD (bill) ‘featuring’ in TOY (play)

14a    Wife cheating endlessly (4)
FRAU – FRAUd (cheating) without its final letter – endlessly

17a    US car notably breaking the law (12)
CONSTABULARY – An anagram (breaking) of US CAR NOTABLY

20a    Might that be still belonging to me, a trawler at sea? (7,5)
MINERAL WATER – MINE (belonging to me) and an anagram (at sea) of A TRAWLER

23a    A pitch, grey (4)
ASHY – A (from the clue) SHY (pitch)

24a    Note minister provided, passed to the left (5)
FIVER – A reversal (passed to the left) of REV (minister) IF (provided)

25a    Point in Moscow established (4)
WEST – Hidden in MoscoW ESTablished

28a    Capital I invested in a report, wasted (8)
PRETORIA – I ‘invested’ in an anagram (wasted) of A REPORT

29a    Cleaner strand cut by tool, finally (6)
BLEACH – BEACH (strand) ‘cut’ by L (the final letter of tool)

30a    Appreciation of music in big band style — might that cause offence? (8)
SWEARING – EAR (appreciation of music) in SWING (big band style)

31a    Eat for a laugh, did you say? (6)
INGEST – A homophone (did you say?) of IN GEST (for a laugh)


1d    Late, avoid failure (4,4)
DEAD DUCK – DEAD (late) DUCK (avoid)

2d    Some light bud (8)
SUNSHINE – Double definition, the second one being an informal term of address for a friend (bud)

3d    Be up for malevolence (4)
EVIL – A reversal (up) of LIVE (be)

5d    Draw sword: replace another way (5-7)
CROWD-PLEASER – An anagram (another way) of SWORD REPLACE

6d    School in Cardiff is horrendous (4)
FISH – Hidden in CardifF IS Horrendous

7d    Bovine cross in English city (6)
OXFORD – OX (bovine) FORD (cross)

8d    Jog across the desert, perhaps, for practice (3,3)
DRY RUN – A jog across the desert might be described as this

11d    Large drink is raised after six, on seeing problem (6,6)
DOUBLE VISIION – DOUBLE (large drink) and IS (from the clue) reversed after VI (Roman numeral for six) and followed by ON (from the clue)

15d    Serious charity supporting pious individual (5)
STAID – AID (charity) supporting or going under (in a Down solution) ST (saint, pious individual)

16d    Sovereign, old coin (5)
CROWN – Double definition

18d    See great waves in cheap accommodation on ship (8)
STEERAGE – An anagram (waves) of SEE GREAT

19d    Note first of threads in needlework (8)
CROTCHET – The first letter of Threads inserted in CROCHET (needlework)

21d    Area round university affected everyone here (6)
CAMPUS – CAMP (affected) US (everyone here)

22d    Gasp, great idea! (6)
WHEEZE – Double definition

26d    Heard, painful sound of wild animal (4)
ROAR – Sounds like (heard) RAW (painful)

27d    Design aircraft, shortly (4)
PLAN – A truncated (shortly) PLANe (aircraft)

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