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DT 29598

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29598

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 13th February 2021

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ***

This week’s Saturday Prize Puzzle saw the return of Cephas with a pangram for us to solve

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1a    Discharge from the army? (7)
GUNFIRE – Cryptic definition

9a    Ancient city zoo compound in east-north-east continental area (8)
EUROZONE – UR (ancient city) and an anagram (compound) of ZOO inserted into ENE (east-north-east)

10a    Notice former pupil translated verse (7)
OBSERVE – OB (Old Boy, former pupil) and an anagram (translated) of VERSE

11a    Material wealth only? (8)
CASHMERE – CASH (wealth) MERE (only)

12a    Artist settled back and spoke (6)
RADIAL – RA (artist) and a reversal (back) of LAID (settled)

13a    Poor maid helping will get approval (10)
ADMIRATION – An anagram (poor) of MAID plus RATION (helping)

15a    Bird leaves lake (4)
TEAL – TEA (leaves) L (lake)

16a    Naturally it covers every one of us (9)
EPIDERMIS – A cryptic definition of your skin

21a    Net gain? (4)
HAUL – A cryptic definition of the amount of fish you might haul up in a net

22a    Order at all times to seize for military use (10)
COMMANDEER – COMMAND (order) EER (ever, at all times)

24a    Katharine interrupted by a king in choppy exchange? (6)
KARATE – KATE (Katharine) ‘interrupted’ by A (from the clue) R (Rex, king)

25a    Trader‘s French sea song (8)
MERCHANT – MER (the French word for sea) CHANT (song)

27a    Frightful villa by small houses (7)
ABYSMAL – Housed in villA BY SMALl

28a    Case modified after usual time to increase in intensity (8)
ESCALATE – An anagram (modified) of CASE followed by LATE (after usual time)

29a    Desmond Little’s fate (7)
DESTINY – DES (Desmond) TINY (little)


2d    In run, be a tenth on a winning streak? (8)
UNBEATEN – Hidden in rUN BE A TENth

3d    Lithe ibex fell badly (8)
FLEXIBLE – An anagram (badly) of IBEX FELL

4d    Delight following priest’s manifestation of divine will (10)
REVELATION – ELATION (delight) following REV (reverend, priest)

5d    Second student leaving port has a dance (4)
HULA – Remove the second abbreviation for Learner, student, from HULl (port) and add A (from the clue)

6d    Joseph’s with Hugh reportedly taking a book (6)
JOSHUA – JOS (Joseph’s), HU (a homophone, reportedly, of Hugh) taking A (from the clue)

7d    Select group‘s bed on lake (7)
COTERIE – COT (bed) on Lake ERIE

8d    Estate needs me to move (7)
DEMESNE – An anagram (to move) of NEEDS ME

11d    Contest over Northern Territory is satisfactory (9)
COMPETENT – COMPETE (contest) over NT (Northern Territory)

14d    Signal can be assessed once more (10)
REMARKABLE – RE-MARKABLE (can be assessed once more)

17d    Sprats he cooked, being extremely hungry (5-3)
SHARP-SET – An anagram (cooked) of SPRATS HE

18d    As a vehicle for verse (8)
QUATRAIN – QUA (Latin for as) TRAIN (vehicle)

19d    Race son going to van (7)
SCAMPER – S (son) CAMPER (van)

20d    Show affection in a roundabout way? (7)
EMBRACE – A cryptic definition of a hug

23d    For a short time, wonder about greeting Liberal (6)
AWHILE – AWE (wonder) ‘about’ HI (greeting) L (Liberal)

26d    Money? There’s some in nanotechnology (4)
NOTE – Hidden in naNOTEchnology


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  1. For the life of me I cannot understand 17D answer. I have never heard this expression in four score years!

    1. Welcome to the blog

      I think it might depend where you come from – my Yorkshire granny sometimes used this expression to mean hungry. Apparently it used to be used to refer to hawks hungry for food

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