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DT 29574

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29574

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 16th January 2021

BD Rating – Difficulty */**Enjoyment ***

A crossword which reminded me of how Saturdays used to be, a fact confirmed when Cephas turned up to acknowledge the comments on his crossword. This one had some ‘interesting’ cryptic definitions

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1a    Peak protection for optics? (8)
EYESHADE – Something with a peak that protects your eyes (optics)

5a    Patient chap left books in collection of odds and ends (3,3)
JOB LOT – JOB (the Old Testament patriarch who was the personification of patience) L (left) OT (Old Testament books)

9a    No ruin, we hear? That’s unwise (8)
RECKLESS – Sounds like (we hear) WRECKLESS (no ruin)

10a    Meeting for those who are late? (6)
SÉANCE – A cryptic definition of a meeting to contact spirits of the dead

11a    Justify second of tenants getting cross with flat (7)
EXPLAIN – The second letter of tEnants, X (cross) PLAIN (flat)

12a    Made plans having been called up (7)
DRAFTED – Double definition

13a    Male midwife? (8-3)
DELIVERY-MAN – Another cryptic definition

16a    Insist crude novel is examined carefully (11)
SCRUTINISED – An anagram (novel) of INSIST CRUDE

21a    Carefully manage partner (7)
HUSBAND – Double definition

22a    State who in Paris inside is trembling (7)
AQUIVER – QUI (the French word for who) inside AVER (state)

23a    Brave campers might be in here (6)
WIGWAM – Where a Native American warrior (brave) might camp

24a    Force Vincent to arrest Leo, possibly (8)
VIOLENCE – VINCE (Vincent) to ‘arrest’ an anagram (possibly) of LEO

25a    Misled Gerry about this book? (6)
LEDGER – Hidden in misLED GERry

26a    Then look round — you might find it in the wood (8)
KNOTHOLE – An anagram (round) of THEN LOOK


1d    Employee, beginner starting late (6)
EARNER – lEARNER (beginner (without its first letter (starting late)

2d    Bar old church training (6)
EXCEPT – EX (old) CE (Church of England) PT (training)

3d    After short break, alight in country (7)
HOLLAND – HOL (short holiday, break) LAND (alight)

4d    Unwilling, Sidney stood up and bowed (11)
DISINCLINED – A reversal (stood up) of SID followed by INCLINED (bowed)

6d    Outside playing on a pier (4-3)
OPEN-AIR – An anagram (playing) of ON A PIER

7d    Lengthy item removed over a considerable period (4-4)
LONG-TIME – LONG (lengthy) and an anagram (removed) of ITEM

8d    Taking steps as gradient changes (8)
TREADING – An anagram (changes) of GRADIENT

12d    Where one could have caught train in Chester in chaos (11)
DEVASTATION – DEVA being the Roman name for Chester

14d    Avoidance of European clash we organised (8)
ESCHEWAL – E (European) and an anagram (organised) of CLASH WE

15d    Gave warning before wise man died (8)
PRESAGED – PRE (before) SAGE (wise man) D (died)

17d    One or two items for consumption in the afternoon (7)
TEACAKE – TEA and CAKE might be items for afternoon consumption

18d    Question purchasing the French garment (7)
DOUBLET – DOUBT (question) ‘purchasing’ LE (French definite article)

19d    Nevertheless just like this (4,2)
EVEN SO – EVEN (just) SO (like this)

20d    Reportedly fix wall decoration (6)
FRIEZE – A homophone (reportedly) of FREEZE (fix)

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