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DT 29568


Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29568

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 9th January 2021

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

A straight forward Prize Puzzle found on the back page of the paper to boot. When Tilsit and I were playing our usual Saturday morning game of ‘guess the setter’, Donnybrook was one of the three we wondered about and he turned up later in the day to claim responsibility

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1a    Band of stars showing class in Sinatra number (5,3)
MILKY WAY – ILK (class) in MY WAY (Sinatra number)

5a    Mamma Mia finally shown in French port (6)
BREAST A (the final letter of Mia) ‘shown’ in BREST (French port)

9a    Arab lord at sea finds Canadian peninsula (8)
LABRADOR – An anagram (at sea) of ARAB LORD

10a    Ace paper after correction to be published (6)
APPEAR – An anagram (after correction) of ACE PAPER

12a    Benefit sheltering theologian in breeze (6)
DODDLE – DOLE (benefit) ‘sheltering’ DD (Doctor of Divinity, theologian)

13a    Where animal comes across university pair? (8)
OXBRIDGE An OX BRIDGE could be where a particular animal comes across

15a    Footwear for one moving surreptitiously? (7)
SNEAKER – Double definition

16a    German managed to escape Otranto (4)
OTTO – RAN (managed) to ‘escape’ from OTranTO

20a    Bath water in which Virginia rotated leg (4)
AVON – The river that flows through Bath – a reversal (rotated) of VA (Virginia) and ON (leg side in cricket)

21a    Roll stuffed with old chicken (7)
ROOSTER – More of an old chestnut than a chicken! ROSTER (roll) ‘stuffed’ with O (old)

25a    Character set to move a table outside pub (8)
ALPHABET – An anagram (to move) of A TABLE ‘outside’ PH (pub)

26a    Live, then hide in Los Angeles region (3,3)
BEL AIR – BE (live) LAIR (hide)

28a    Fugitive away from home turf endlessly (6)
OUTLAW – OUT (away from home) LAWn (turf endlessly)

29a    Refusal abroad to accept a European emperor (8)
NAPOLEON – NON (French – abroad- refusal) to ‘accept’ A (from the clue) and POLE (European)

30a    American lawyer to call for courage (6)
DARING – DA (American lawyer) RING (to call)

31a    Boozer — he turned into a swine! (8)
ALEHOUSE – A reversal (turned) of HE inserted into A LOUSE (swine)


1d    Complaint from youth in spring month (6)
MALADY – LAD (youth) inserted into MAY (spring month)

2d    Desire Liberal associated with marital consent (6)
LIBIDO – LIB (Liberal) I DO (marital consent)    

3d    Little jumper perhaps in Argyle knit? (8)
YEARLING – An anagram (knit) of IN ARGYLE

4d    Alpha male in scrap (4)
ATOM – A (Alpha) TOM (male)

6d    Rugby forward finds bear in Nutwood (6)
RUPERT – RU (Rugby Union) PERT (forward)

7d    Amusing tale one acted out (8)
ANECDOTE – An anagram (out) of ONE ACTED

8d    Aroused? By implication no! (6,2)
TURNED ON – the clue implies that you’ve TURNED or reversed NO

11d    Outgoing writers plunged into Devon river (7)
EXPENSE – PENS (writers) ‘plunged’ in EXE (Devon river)

14d    Cobblers fitting sole in alcove (7)
BALONEY – LONE (sole) fitting in BAY (alcove)

17d    One wandering sailor in van with dog barking (8)
VAGABOND – AB (sailor) inserted into an anagram (barking) of VAN DOG

18d    Nothing stops faulty crumpet processor (8)
COMPUTER – O (nothing) ‘stops’ an anagram (faulty) of CRUMPET

19d    Two insects circling husband, someone huge (8)
BEHEMOTH – BEE and MOTH (two insects) ‘circling’ H (husband)

22d    Detective leaving North American land once? (6)
CANAAN – DI (Detective inspector) ‘leaving’ CANAdiAN (North American)

23d    Short old French person grabbing tea cake (6)
GATEAU – GAUl (‘short’ old French person) ‘grabbing’ TEA (from the clue)

24d    Olympic medal for Brown (6)
BRONZE – Double definition

27d    Monied Manhattan street with everything? (4)
WALL – W (with) ALL (everything)

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