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DT 29562

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29562

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 2nd January 2021

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6a Process imposed around rocks (5,8)

8a Goddess subsequently appearing in sober organisation (6)
ATHENA – THEN (subsequently) ‘appearing’ in AA (Alcoholics Anonymous, sober organisation)

9a Disorganised start to school fair around noon (8)
SLOVENLY – The ‘start’ to School and LOVELY (fair) ‘around’ N (noon)

10a Fortune Trump keeps after taxes (3)
NET – Hidden in fortuNE Trump

11a Threaten naughty child with death (6)
IMPEND – IMP (naughty child) END (death)

12a Big ship linked to eastern charity (8)
LARGESSE – LARGE (big) SS (ship) E (eastern)

14a Devotional space for a right-winger loudly ousted (7)
ORATORY – fOR A TORY with the F (musical instruction to play loudly) ‘ousted’

16a Tactless remark about Irish beast (7)
GIRAFFE – GAFFE (tactless remark) ‘about’ IR (Irish)

20a Fellow sailor Johnson wants his tea stirred round (8)
SHIPMATE – An anagram (stirred) of HIS TEA goes round PM (Boris Johnson)

23a Vehicle going back into the ancient land (6)
THRACE – A reversal (going back) of CAR inserted into THE (from the clue)

24a Grass over pretty Cambridge Backs (3)
RYE – The ‘backs’ of oveR prettY CambridgE

25a Diet also poor in remote place (8)
ISOLATED – An anagram (poor) of DIET ALSO

26a Get to the point! (6)
NEEDLE – Double definition

27a When batter’s needed, before fast spell? (6,7)
SHROVE TUESDAY – A cryptic definition of Pancake Day, the day before Lent (fast)


1d Follower died here, nursed by social worker (8)
ADHERENT – D (died) HERE (from the clue) ‘nursed’ by ANT (social worker)

2d Man’s man perhaps is on spacecraft (8)
ISLANDER – IS (from the clue) LANDER (spacecraft)

3d Judas for one bitter about situation? (7)
APOSTLE – ALE (bitter) ‘about’ POST (situation)

4d Heat that could make a run grim (6)
ARDOUR – A (from the clue) R (run) DOUR (grim)

5d Something added is a letter dictated (6)
ANNEXE – A homophone (dictated) of AN X

6d Steamship and two ducks involved with Mr Toad’s transformation? (13)
METAMORPHOSIS – An anagram (involved) of STEAMSHIP OO (two ‘ducks’ in cricket scoring) MR

7d Elf is so ridiculously unwise, given voice in archipelago (5,2,6)
ISLES OF SCILLY – An anagram (ridiculously) of ELF IS SO followed by a homophone (given voice) of a synonym for unwise

13d Swimmer in short dress (3)
GAR – Truncate (short) GARb (dress)

15d Physicist in love with Her Majesty (3)
OHM – O (love) HM (Her Majesty)

17d At home looked after fiancee (8)
INTENDED – IN (at home) TENDED (looked after)

18d Song is number one for unthinking people (8)
AIRHEADS – AIR (song) HEADS (is number one)

19d Hermione’s daughter partied wildly (7)
PERDITA The daughter of Hermione in
The Winter’s Tale is an anagram (wildly) of PARTIED

21d China with crack not worth considering (6)
PALTRY – PAL (China, friend) TRY (crack)

22d Fourth session of play with England’s opener having an effect? (6)
ACTIVE – ACT IV (the fourth session of a play) with E (England’s opener)