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DT 29556

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29556

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on Boxing Day 2020

BD Rating – Difficulty */**Enjoyment **

Happy New Year

I think it says quite a lot about how entertaining a Saturday Prize Puzzle is when the majority of the comments on the Hints Post relate to how one should pronounce the word “scone” – to rhyme with ‘gone’ naturally

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1a    Part-timer shocks alluring women (11)
TEMPTRESSES – TEMP (part-timer) TRESSES (shocks of hair)

10a    Confused when fishing, perhaps? (2,3)
AT SEA – where you might be fishing?

11a    Hit yourself (6,3)
NUMBER ONE – Double definition

12a    Weapon striking girl? (9)
BOMBSHELL – Double definition

13a    The writer of this puzzle a subject for discussion (5)
THEME – THE (from the clue) ME (writer of this puzzle)

14a    Something like a cricket cap is coveted, and delighting Australian openers (6)
CICADA – The openers of Cap Is Covered And Delighting Australian

16a    Wine around South Africa certainly not for ladies’ man (8)
CASANOVA – CAVA (wine) around SA (South Africa) NO (certainly not)

18a    Particular brewing of ales, epic (8)
ESPECIAL – An anagram (brewing) of ALES EPIC

20a    County provides employees (6)
STAFFS – Double definition

23a    A flower came to light (5)
AROSE – A (from the clue) ROSE (came to light)

24a    Money man in more ostentatious clothes (9)
FINANCIER – FANCIER (more ostentatious) ‘clothes’ IN (from the clue)

26a    Move top article in magazine (9)

27a    Ordinary wares (5)
STOCK – Double definition

28a    Rich yellow food in salad stuffed in mouth, perhaps? (11)
HOLLANDAISE – An anagram (stuffed) of IN SALAD inserted into HOLE (mouth, perhaps)


2d    Course record so modest at the outset (5)
EPSOM – EP (record) SO (from the clue) M (modest at the ‘outset’)

3d    Oddly, despair spoken highly of (7)
PRAISED – An anagram (oddly) of DESPAIR

4d    Stem river perhaps? (6)
RUNNER – Double definition where one had to look really carefully at the printout to make sure the first word wasn’t ‘sterN’

5d    African very African! (8)
SOMALIAN – SO (very) MALIAN (African)

6d    Vengeful Greek spoiled treacle (7)
ELECTRA – An anagram (spoiled) of TREACLE

7d    Reported impertinence by those waiting for a haircut? Spicy stuff! (8,5)
BARBECUE SAUCE – SAUCE (impertinence) by a homophone (reported) of the BARBER QUEUE (those waiting for a haircut)

8d    Solitary type, fellow struggling to carry on (4,4)
LONE WOLF – An anagram (struggling) of FELLOW into which is inserted (to carry) ON (from the clue)

9d    Comprehensive hit when everyone refuses to work (7,6)
GENERAL STRIKE – GENERAL (comprehensive) STRIKE (hit)

15d    Store trophy on flat surface (8)
CUPBOARD – CUP (trophy) BOARD (flat surface)

17d    Flower opened, a daisy’s beginning to come up (8)
DAFFODIL – A reversal (to come up) of LID OFF (opened) A (from the clue) D (Daisy’s beginning)

19d    All the best encouragement I love (7)
CHEERIO – CHEER (encouragement) I (from the clue) O (love)

21d    Swimmer touring islands and one country (7)
TUNISIA – TUNA (swimmer) ‘touring’ IS (Islands) and I (one)

22d    An official in college on the range (6)
ANDEAN – AN (from the clue) DEAN (official in college)

25d    Clubs I initially rely on, not spades (5)
IRONS – I (from the clue) and the initial letters of Rely On Not Spades