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ST 3087

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3087

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 20th December 2020

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment **

A very straightforward Sunday offering with not much variety in clue type throughout

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1a    Greek character wanting snatch of Messiah played backwards (5)
ALPHA – Hidden in reverse (backwards) in a snatch of MessiAH PLAyed

4a    Leg put on (5)
STAGE – Double definition

10a    House coming up on end of road (8)
DWELLING – WELLING (coming up) on or after the end of roaD

11a    A Norwegian’s principal spruce in NI county (6)
ANTRIM – A (from the clue) N (Norwegian’s principal letter) TRIM (spruce)

12a    Model’s foot filling a grey, knitted sock maybe (6)
ARGYLE – L (the ‘foot’ of modeL) ‘filling’ an anagram (knitted) of A GREY

13a    Trigger in that object I bolted down (8)
INITIATE – IN IT (that object) I ATE (bolted down)

14a    Band welcomed by little cheer (7)
WHOOPEE – HOOP (band) ‘welcomed by’ WEE (little)

16a    Possible explanation he fed to politician (6)
THEORY – HE (from the clue) ‘fed’ to TORY (politician)

17a    One’s interstellar flight (6)
STAIRS – I (one) in STARS

19a    Fish on left for show (7)
PORTRAY – RAY (fish) goes on or after PORT (left)

21a    Looming, like a helicopter perhaps? (2,3,3)
IN THE AIR – Double definition, one literal, the other metaphorical

22a    Monster put on wrapping paper (6)
DRAGON – DON (put on) ‘wrapping’ RAG (paper)

23a    Condition in full finally accepted by PM (6)
HEALTH – The final letter of fulL ‘accepted’ by HEATH (former Prime Minister)

24a    Designs with gentle touch added to fliers (8)
PATTERNS – PAT (gentle touch) added to TERNS (fliers, birds)

25a    Christmas boxes very original (5)
NOVEL – NOEL (Christmas) ‘boxes’ V (very)

26a    Crooked, like gardens (5)
ASKEW – AS (like) KEW (gardens)


2d    Argument after smashing of bowl easy to understand (7)
LOWBROW – ROW (argument) goes after an anagram (smashing) of BOWL

3d    Hepburn character put tree on skip? (5,9)

5d    Translation of Latin e.g. that’s funny (3,4)
TAG LINE – An anagram (translation) of LATIN EG

6d    Fighter happy a riot broken up (9)
GLADIATOR – GLAD (happy) followed by an anagram (broken up) of A RIOT

7d    Present somewhat uninspiring, I verified (4)
GIVE – Hidden in uninspirinG I VErified

8d    Hit riding waves, those going in while others out? (14)

9d    Title thus originally adopted by Scrooge (6)
MISTER – T (thus ‘originally’) ‘adopted’ by MISER (scrooge)

15d    Tricky chip is to a green (9)
PISTACHIO – An anagram (tricky) of CHIP IS TO A

18d    Listen out for something sparkling (6)
TINSEL – An anagram (out) of LISTEN

19d    Meat product, something hard to swallow? (4,3)
PORK PIE – Cockney rhyming slang for a lie – something hard to swallow?

20d    African capital exciting you, and capital in Europe (7)
YAOUNDE – An anagram (exciting) of YOU AND and E (the capital [letter] of Europe)

22d    See fruit (4)
DATE – Double definition