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EV 1465

Enigmatic Variations 1465

Change by Piccadilly

Setter’s Blog


Extra letters from wordplay give the instruction: USE ANAGRAMS OF ANSWERS

[Editor’s note: Piccadilly does not use the internet (or even computers, with his grids drawn by hand and clues typewritten) and he is the EV’s only current compiler to correspond by post. I usually print off the Fifteensquared blog and comments to send to him for feedback on his puzzles. I will do the same with any comments left on this post]

I started by searching Chambers Anagrams for pairs of 10- to 12-letter words, one of each pair to be clued and one to go in the grid, then gradually built up the grid and wrote the clues.

My original intention was to include an instruction in the preamble that all answers were to be anagrammed. Then I decided to ramp things up a bit, so I chose letters corresponding to the number of across clues to give the instruction. Modifying the across clues was easier in some cases than others.

A full review of this puzzle can be seen over on fifteensquared.

2 comments on “EV 1465

  1. Very enjoyable puzzle! Had to solve most of the across clues before entering anything into the grid, which was certainly challenging. Thankfully, unlike Piccadilly, I had no qualms about using some computer assistance when it came to the anagrams.
    Favorite clues were 8D and 22D.

  2. I agree with Lee: an enjoyable and entertaining puzzle. I hope many more people enjoyed it than have commented on it either here or on fifteensquared.
    I actually pencilled in my answers, allowing cells to clash and making both letters visible. I had two-thirds filled the top half (with nothing at all in the bottom half) when I spotted that making BETROD into DEBTOR would hide the B that jarred with all crossing words. I was slow to accept the fact that all solutions were anagrams, but accept it I did, and that helped a lot when I tackled the rest of the grid. What also helped is that I once (a very long time ago) wrote the clue “Leave the wrong impression” for PERMISSION. If I may pick a favourite among these anagrams it is the one for INDISCREET. I didn’t use online assistance for any of the anagrams – I had great fun without it.

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