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DT 29545

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29545

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 12th December 2020

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ***

Morning All! A slightly stiffer challenge this week and all the better for it IMO.

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1a           Ogre entering disreputable bar? Split! (7)
DIVORCE – An ORC or ogre entering inside a DIVE or disreputable bar.

5a           Birds with wings in Estonia’s coastal location (7)
SWANSEA – SWANS (birds) with the outer letters/wings in E(stoni)A.

9a           Associate in company left union (9)
COLLEAGUE – A charade of CO(mpany), L(eft) and a LEAGUE or union.

10a        Half a dozen with tasty dish (5)
VIAND – VI for six/half a dozen in Roman numerals followed by AND for with.

11a        Armchair found by couple in a Sumerian city (7)
AMATEUR – Place MATE/couple inside A from the clue and the perennial crosswordland ancient Sumerian city of UR.

12a        Drink served with good meat — is it checked? (7)
GINGHAM – GIN for drink served with G(ood) an HAM (meat).

13a        Thrown out, but Nellie irrepressible (9)
EBULLIENT – An anagram (thrown out) of BUT NELLIE.

16a        Performance going ahead in London district (5)
ACTON – ACT for performance and ON for going ahead.

17a        Poet initially unappreciated in Yemeni city (5)
AUDEN – The initial letter if U(nappreciated) inside the Yemeni port of ADEN.

18a        Bare all in dancing as classical performer (9)
BALLERINA – A dancing anagram of BARE ALL IN.

21a        Lass around when love gives gemstone (7)
GIRASOL – One to look up to confirm the gemstone but the wordplay is clear 0 a GIRL or lass around AS/when and O for love,

22a        Rep welcomed by chap almost purplish red (7)
MAGENTA – Place an AGENT or rep inside MA(n) or chap almost.

25a        Guru‘s morning in Westminster? (5)
SWAMI – A.M. for morning inside SW1 – the postcode for Westminster.

26a        Stubborn stain to be treated (9)
OBSTINATE – An anagram (to be treated) of STAIN TO BE.

27a        Daughter cutting a deck to deal with (7)
ADDRESS – D for Daughter cuts inside A from the clue and DRESS or deck/ornament as a verb.

28a        Painter harboured by diplomat is secure (7)
MATISSE – A hidden word is harboured by diplo MAT IS SE cure.


1d           State directive emptied Irish county (7)
DECLARE – Remove the inner letters (emptied) of D(irectiv)E – and follow with the County CLARE.

2d           Grand house in very bad area (5)
VILLA – V(ery) then ILL/bad and A(rea).

3d           Old magistrate gets on with First Lady (5)
REEVE – RE: for on/about and then EVE – the first lady in the Bible.

4d           Fighting words: grenade exploding! (2,5)
EN GARDE – An exploding anagram of GRENADE.

5d           Trickery from the French in great deal (7)
SLEIGHT – Place LE – the in French inside SIGHT for lots/a great deal/many.

6d           Profit sometimes taken unfairly? (9)
ADVANTAGE – The second (cryptic) def. relating to taking ADVANTAGE of someone.

7d           Get this cooked: old man coming in for food (9)
SPAGHETTI – Make an anagram (cooked) of GET THIS and include PA for old man in the middle.

8d           Do held by sailor and blokes showing belly (7)
ABDOMEN – DO from the clue is held bu AB (Able Bodied/sailor) and MEN/blokes.

14d        Planted bananas in secret? (9)
UNDERHAND – Something planted is UNDER (the ground) – Add a HAND of bananas.

15d        Get liberal in party a big majority (9)
LANDSLIDE – LAND for get (e.g. a deal) an then L for Liberal inside a SIDE or party.

17d        Impressive American city in Maine (7)
AUGUSTA –  – AUGUST for impressive followed by A(merica). There is another in Georgia with a very Impressive golf course!.

18d        Student in Hell beginning to sweat: this fans flames (7)
BELLOWS – An L for Learner/student placed inside BELOW/hell and then the beginning letter in S(weat).

19d        Tolerate problem to get complete amount (4,3)
LUMP SUM – To LUMP or tolerate something then a SUM or problem.

20d        Made to suffer in wicked college life (7)
ACADEME – An anagram (to suffer) of MADE inside ACE for wicked/brilliant, innit!

23d        Milling corn gerbils ate regularly (5)
GRIST – The odd/regular letters of G e R b I l S a T e.

24d        Gets close attention in north and south (5)
NEARS – EAR for attention inside N(orth) and S(outh)