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ST 3084

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3084

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 29th November 2020

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

Morning All! I enjoyed this with some very simply constructions welll hidden by a good surface reading in the clue.


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1a           Bug youth observed in tree (6)
MALADY – I LAD or youth found in a MAY tree.

4a           Warming drink may go cold if sent back (6)
COGNAC – A reversal (if sent back) of CAN/may, GO and C(old) i.e. C OG NAC

8a           Two allowed in band (8)
BRACELET – A BRACE or pair/two then LET for allowed.

10a        Cook eating North African dish (6)
TAGINE – An anagram (cooked) of EATING.

11a        Categorise person (4)
SORT – Two definitions – to SORT into categories and a SORT/king of person or a cove.

12a        Economy way ahead of limit (10)
MODERATION – A MODE or way is in front of/ahead of a RATIN or limit/allowance.

13a        Cooking substance I love mixed up, bag ready to go in (9,3)
VEGETABLE OIL – An anagram (mixed up) of I LOVE to include GET/bag and ABLE/ready.

16a        Unacceptable location of trouser pocket? (5,3,4)
BELOW THE BELT – The second (cryptic) definition refers to the location of all trouser pocket (assuming one is wearing a belt!).

20a        Audacity about right, showing lack of judgment (10)
IMPRUDENCE – IMPUDENCE or audacity is around/about R(ight).

21a        Each found at the back in cabinet: extra clip there for binder? (4)
TAPE – Each of the letters found at the back of cabineT extrA cliP therE.

22a        Support band member missing intro (6)
ASSIST – Remove the introductory letter of the (b)ASSIST in a band.

23a        Mushroom that’s round and white (8)
SNOWBALL – The first definition is a synonym of mushroom as in grow quickly and the second is a description of the icy ammunition.

24a        Determined, was trailing (6)
DOGGED – Steadfast/determined and then a synonym for having tracked/trailed a person.

25a        Net wife or husband cut back (6)
ENTRAP – A PARTNE(r) , e.g. a wife or husband that has lost a letter (is cut) and is reversed (back).


1d           Branch in second position for monkey (8)
MARMOSET – Place an ARM or branch/division inside a MO(ment) or second and then ad SET for position (as a verb).

2d           Allowed to appear in public, I think (5)
LICIT – A hidden word IN pub LIC I T hink.

3d           Puzzle book seen after cover lifted (7)
DILEMMA – The novel Austen novel/book EMMA seen after the reversal (lifted in a Down clue) of LID/cover.

5d           Canadian province not a surprising Olympic host (7)
ONTARIO – A surprising anagram of NOT A followed by RIO – a recent host of the Olympics.

6d           Unfortunate thing hit dance venue (9)
NIGHTCLUB – An unfortunate anagram of THING followed by to CLUB or hit.

7d           Hypocrisy concerned with political division (6)
CANTON – CANT or hypocrisy then ON for ‘concerned with/about.

9d           Game, drunk’s creepy advances? (11)
TIDDLYWINKS – A drunk person’s creepy advances might be WINKS when TIDDLY.

14d        Setter getting up: sound of setter getting on (9)
EMBARKING – A reversal/getting up of ME (from the perspective of the setter writing) and then BARKING – The noise of the canine setter.

15d        Go berserk over debacle — put your foot in it! (4-4)
FLIP-FLOP – To FLI one’s lid or go berserk above/over in a Down clue a FLOP or debacle.

17d        Attlee upset about daughter, boorish girl (7)
LADETTE – An anagram (upset) of ATTLEE around/about D for Daughter.

18d        Weed unhappy in US party (7)
HOEDOWN – A charade of to HOE/weed and DOWN or unhappy.

19d        All over the place, sad emu tickled (6)
AMUSED – An anagram , indicated by ‘all over the place’, of SAD EMU.

21d        Row about black Italian river (5)
TIBER – A TIER or row around/about B for Black (as initialled on a soft pencil).