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DT 29542

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29542

Hints and tips by 2Kiwis

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

Kia ora from Aotearoa.

Our two eldest grandsons and eight of their friends have taken over our bach for a few days. So, when they do eventually all get out of bed, it is all go here. The weather, wouldn’t you know it, has responded by being wet, wet, wet. Never mind, it is great to have them all here and an extra bonus is that they are able to take care of the ‘tweaks’ that computers always seem to need.
  A few tricky clues in here we thought, along with some rather scrumptious anagrams.

Please leave a comment telling us how you got on.


1a     Dwelling on it set me off about article (10)
MAISONETTE : An anagram (off) of ON IT SET ME contains the indefinite article.

6a     Confusion briefly before husband finds network (4)
MESH : A word for confusion or untidiness has its last letter replaced with H(usband).

9a     As if much changed, with no end of enthusiasm for Bush! (7)
FUCHSIA : An anagram (changed) of AS IF (m)UCH without the final letter of enthusiasm.

10a     Artist covered by revolutionary academician’s discussion group (7)
SEMINAR : Two artists involved here. The surname of one whose first name is Tracey is enclosed by the reversal of a Royal Academician with the ‘S.

12a     Popular and specific holy book needing no introduction that’s defying description (13)
INEXPRESSIBLE : The two letter word for popular, then a synonym for specific and Christianity’s holy book without its first letter.

14a     Miserable women Romeo made a deep impression on (8)
WRETCHED : W(oment) R(omeo) and then made a deep impression, probably in a work of art or craft.

15a     Look old, clutching book in summerhouse (6)
GAZEBO : A word meaning to look long and earnestly, then B(ook) and O(ld).

17a     Responsibilities of son after putting clock back (6)
REMITS : The reversal of a word for a clock defined by what it does, and then the abbreviation for son.

19a     Settle comfortably seeing prisoner in scene developing (8)
ENSCONCE : The three letter word for a prisoner is ‘locked up’ in an anagram (developing) of SCENE.

21a     Relative evidence of humour going topless after day in the legal profession (8-2-3)
DAUGHTER-IN-LAW : Remove the first letter from audible evidence of humour and surround this with D(ay), ‘IN’ from the clue, and a word for the legal profession generally.

24a     Genuine certainty (7)
NATURAL : A double definition. Genuine as opposed to artificial.

25a     Prospect of appearance that’s unfashionable? (7)
OUTLOOK : Start with a three letter word for unfashionable and then a synonym for appearance.

26a     Viewers should have positive reaction by programme’s finale (4)
EYES : The final letter of programme and then an affirmative response.

27a     Those present will see America needn’t act violently (10)
ATTENDANCE : The single letter abbreviation for America plus an anagram (violently) of NEEDN’T ACT.


1d     Offend if caught between both sexes (4)
MIFF : The letters used to identify each sex surround ‘IF’ from the clue.

2d     Queuing across centre of icy slope (7)
INCLINE : A 2,4 phrase meaning queuing contains the central letter of ‘icy’.

3d     Tory cheers wildly grabbing cat and bird (6-7)
OYSTER-CATCHER : ‘Cat’ from the clue is surrounded by an anagram (wildly) of TORY CHEERS.

4d     Times must support European with more than enough small instances (8)
EXAMPLES : Start with E(uropean), then the letter signifying times in multiplication, next a word meaning more than enough, and finally S(mall).

5d     Experience  discrimination (5)
TASTE : A double definition. Discrimination or discernment.

7d     East German city put up with the French honour (7)
ENNOBLE : E(ast), then the reversal of the city that was capital of West Germany and the French definite article.

8d     Measure of punch needed for moving? (10)
HORSEPOWER : An all in one clue. The punch here could be like the picture we have used.

11d     Rampant lust — academic pinching student made a mistake (13)
MISCALCULATED : An anagram (rampant) of LUST ACADEMIC contains the letter displayed by a student driver.

13d     Steps taken by Germany in planning of second war (5,5)
SWORD DANCE : An anagram (planning of) of SECOND WAR contains the IVR code for Germany.

16d     Medicine that might counteract a love potion? (8)
ANTIDOTE : Another all in one clue. The wordplay suggests that it works against something inducing adoration.

18d     Policeman free to support working methodology (7)
MOUNTIE : The two letters which are an abbreviation for the Latin phrase meaning ‘working methodology’ and then free or release.

20d     Mathematician coming across wife in Harlow perhaps (3,4)
NEW TOWN : A famous 17th – 18th century mathematician contains W(ife).

22d     Story written up about island port on the Red Sea (5)
EILAT : The single letter abbreviation for island is enclosed by the reversal of a story or narration.

23d     Broadcaster on eastern part of Scotland (4)
SKYE : A television broadcaster and E(astern).

We liked the anagrams in today’s puzzle and think that 13d is the pick of the bunch.

Quickie pun    mirror    +    culls    =    miracles

118 comments on “DT 29542

  1. This was a tough nut to crack, but once I had, it was wide open and finished in **/*** time. The NW was delayed because I can’t spell 9a properly. The second synonym for 24a seems a bit stretched to me.

    Overall, I really enjoyed it. Many thanks to Jay? and the 2 Ks.

    1. Malcolm, I wasn’t sure at first about the second definition in 24a but ended up justifying it by: “he was a natural for selection for the England team”.

      1. Hmmmmmm, not convinced. There could be 20 naturals for selection, that doesn’t make them certainties.

        1. Best I could come up with on 24a as a noun “a person or thing that is very likely or certain to be very suitable to an endeavour without much training or difficulty”…..I agree, stretched.

    2. I agree on 24a, and 9a is a word that a colour survey found “Nobody can spell” — search in that page for “correct” to see the details, including the fact that if you type one misspelling of 9a into Google, it suggests you actually meant … a different misspelling of it!

      1. It’s named in honour of a German botanist whose surname is the first five letters.

        You can see why the pronunciation was softened.

    3. If you remember that it was named after a German gentleman called Fuchs you shouldn’t have any difficulty with the spelling. This method may not help with the spelling of eschscholtzia, however, which was named after a gentleman called von Eschscholtz.

    1. It severely hacked me off this morning. I’ve only tackled the Toughie so far. Put it down with four to go. Picked it up. Empty grid. I cannot start typing in on the first letter. Have to start with the second letter and add the first after I’ve finished. The menu button doesn’t work at all. It’s useful for wiping puzzles so SS can have a go as well. The clues do not register that they have been solved by dimming off. B****y useless. I don’t get a paper copy so am stuck with this inferior offering. What was there before was absolutely perfect. Why change. Apologies to BD and The two Kiwis for hi-jacking their blog to have a rant.

        1. Update – it would appear that for some (not all) there has been a corrupted download with the digital edition. Chatting with a friend & his download had the puzzles page formatted as per usual. If you go to settings & delete the download then reinstall normal service is resumed.
          Happy days – was severely 1d(ed)

          1. Ditto but found the only way to delete and reload today’s without wiping out previous editions was via the archive/edit options

      1. The pen/pencil option on the sudoku doesn’t work.
        None of the menus work.
        The code word doesn’t seem to have any letter.
        The crossword letters are too small.
        What a shambles.
        I use the app version

    2. I spent more time finding that the iPad app suddenly doesn’t work properly, than actually doing the crossword. Very frustrating and annoying so far.

      1. I didn’t have trouble with the crosswords this morning on the iPad but I’ve noticed several websites are crashing. A reboot usually sorts that out. That said, I’d only half done the toughie and saved it for later so we shall see!

        1. You’re probably using the DT puzzles app Greta. It’s in the digital paper where they’ve b*****ed about with the formatting of the puzzles section rendering it completely unusable.

            1. I had a message from the Telegraph saying that they had difficulties with the puzzles and asked me to bare with them (sic). But it was too cold this morning.

              1. Has Mr Lancaster sent his minions out without clothes to encourage them to sort the bloody thing out?

                1. I’ve had the same problem as everyone else but I think its sorted now. I uninstalled the app and then reinstalled it and it seems OK. I have to do this regularly these days which is very annoying as I have to search for my TW Number!

                  1. I used to use my TW (I think) but I managed to change my settings so it works with an email and password now

      2. Very poor about crossword – again. Went a got hard copy but I did manage to get one of the new 50p pieces so all not lost. I agree, frustrating. “Britain’s Best Quality Newspaper”.

    3. All better now. Mr Lancaster put a plaster on it and kissed it better. You may need to delete and reload the app though

      1. MP
        The other way I found was to delete the downloaded issues then re-select today’s. Otherwise the downloaded one with the bug remains in the cache.

    4. Phew thanks for this comment. It has been driving me nuts, I thought it was my tablet. Impossible to do on line. Their web site is useless for complaints as well.
      Will revert to quill and ink.

      1. I don’t have these problems with my newspaper and pencil. Ah! The delights of old tech.

  2. Took a while to get going and then finished in a good time for a Jay crossword.

    Usual enjoyment factor – thanks to Jay and the 2Ks

  3. A very enjoyable Jay puzzle, just challenging enough without any really awkward clues (2*/4*). There were, as the Kiwis remarked, some superb anagrams. Both 17d and 8d gave me a little pause for thought and then made me laugh, which is particularly appreciated at the moment. Thank you to Jay for another fine puzzle and to the Kiwis for the hints. The boys will enjoy their visit whatever the weather although you might not enjoy the damp. It certainly brings out all my aches and pains.

  4. It really does beggar belief that the DT can be so utterly incompetent. You would have thought that by 11.15 they’d have had sufficient complaints to fix the problem but that’s clearly beyond their IT bods.
    An utter shambles.

  5. 2*/5*. A perfect Wednesday puzzle with my podium choice today strongly influenced by the excellent surface readings for 21a, 11d & 13d.

    Many thanks to the three birds.

  6. The new puzzles on the paper subscription are now working but extremely user unfriendly. Cannot see enough clues at once and typeface is too small. The grid takes up too much space and wastes it.

    1. I emailed Chris directly and he advised me to go into settings and delete all editions, then reload today’s. It worked so hope it helps

    2. I agree about the font size. I can read it now but only just. I don’t mind scrolling the clues. In fact I quite like the way it works. It’s far better than The Grauniad and (dare I say it) the puzzles on this site

  7. Well what a start to the day ,e-mail from DT saying that I had won the Sunday GK puzzle and £25 token, this is rarer than receiving a knighthood for a spin bowler!.
    Enjoyed today’s puzzle too .A **/**** for me
    Excellent cluing all round 8d has to be my favourite( originally had horseboxes)- thanks 2K’s for the pic closely followed by 13d ,
    Last in was23 when the penny dropped.

    1. Congratulations, Beaver! What are you going to buy with the token?

      (Also, that reminds me, I should politely inquire with Chris Lancaster if my newsletter prize has been lost in the post. Thank you.)

      1. Well done Beaver, it’s often quite challenging. My husband and I share the GK. I do the Cryptic and he has the Quickie plus all the hard number puzzles.

  8. Like Malcolm I muddled the spelling of 9a until I sorted 2d which was when thatpenny dropped. On first pass this looked quite tricky. Actually started with the SE corner and worked back and around that. It all fell into place steadily. ***/**** The usual quality from Jay. Favourite 12a.

  9. I almost found this more straightforward than typical. Thank you to Jay, and the Kiwis for their explanations.

    “Almost”, because having found the Z with only a few words left, I immediately ‘spotted’ the pangram and stuffed ‘square’ in as the first word for 13d’s steps, thereby delaying my completion till I undid the damage.

    My favourite was either 1d or 2d.

    Ilkley’s been green for a week on the government’s covid-19 map, with our cases back down to where they were in early September. Much of the rest of Bradford is still high though, so I don’t expect us to be leaving Tier 3 any time soon.

    We have tickets for A Christmas Carol at Leeds Playhouse in late December; I heard from a friend yesterday that even though the production isn’t currently allowed to open, they are still rehearsing. That must be weird for those involved, with such a high chance that nobody will ever see it — unless they postpone it, and perform Dickens’s famous Christmas story in the spring?

  10. Enjoyable and relatively straight forward for me. Thought I was going to struggle in the SW but spotted the 13d anagram and it was all over bar the shouting. Didn’t know the port but it could hardly have been more sympathetically clued. Haven’t seen the policeman at 18d for a little while so welcome back to him.
    I particularly liked 15&19a, the latter simply because it’s such a lovely word
    Many thanks to the 3 birds.

  11. New Android version was dreadful, agree entirely with MPs sentiments. Useless on my phone as much too small. However I’ve just uninstalled the app and reinstalled it and the puzzles come up in the old format fully working. If it ain’t bust don’t fix it. Now I can get started.

    1. I’ve just reinstalled the App too. Back to usual format. I don’t know if I enjoyed the crossword because I was so distracted by the layout. Thanks to setter and 2 Kiwis.

  12. I found this to be very untypical for Jay whom I usually struggle with but today finished in * time. My only catastrophe was 12a which I had to correct no less than 3 times as intersecting answers which were definitely correct kept forcing a rethink. Obviously if I found a Jay quality product such as this solvable in * time it has to be a ***** for enjoyment! Thanks to the 2Kiwis for their analysis.

  13. A cracking puzzle only spoilt by the revamped and totally useless iPad Edition app. I found the grid a little harder than a normal Wednesday but that only enhanced the enjoyment of this fine crossword. Too many great clues to pick a winner this morning.

    Many thanks to Jay and the 2 Ks.

  14. Had to loop back around on my spelling of 9a but otherwise straightforward although a slight head scratch over one of the definitions in 24a. The usual level of Wesnesday enjoyment.

    Thanks to the 2Ks and today’s setter.

  15. Eventually solved on the puzzles app which I’d ceased to use once the Toughie was included in the digital pack. By no means as tricky as some recent Jay puzzles but, as always, very enjoyable. I’ll plump for a podium of downs at 13,18&20.
    Thanks to all.

  16. Apologies to anyone affected by the puzzles problems in the Edition App today, which was not caused by a planned update, but by some other kind of technical problem, I’m told.

    Hopefully you will have received a notification in the app saying that the problem has been resolved; however, you will need to delete today’s edition and then download it again for this to take effect. I hope that helps.

    1. Thanks Chris. All working now. I should have thought of the solution earlier but I assumed it was a planned update. Ta once again.

  17. Jay as excellent as ever and giving a fast start from going up the Downs which continued to completion at a fast gallop – 1.5*/4.5*.
    Candidates for favourite – 14a, 25a, 8d, and 18d – and the winner has to be 18d.
    Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

  18. Enjoyable puzzle today ***/***. I liked 7d and 13d but favourite was 21a.
    Thanks to Jay and the 2 Kiwis.

  19. A three-way tie! 13d, 18d, 14a run away with the Gold in this wonderful JayDay beauty. (Actually, I settled on 14a because it’s a word I’ve been using a lot lately to describe the woeful world, which is simply too much with us these days, with apologies to Wordsworth.) I thought that 13d might take the prize alone until 18d rode off into the Canadian Sunset with his auric share. Such great stuff, really. Many thanks to the Kiwis with their youngsters all around them, and to Jay–still the master. 2.5* / 5*

    Delightful Toughie, which will probably get just 1* but still quite a joy. I finished it faster than I did Jay’s.

  20. Well I finished it but unable to check my answers until the blog came up. Thought it was pretty dreary with overly complex clues.
    Not my favourite but my view may be be coloured by the total bog up that is todays DT. Can’t go back to the puzzle as it has been wiped so cant really comment on any of the clues, the rest of the puzzles are just an unworkable mess.
    All in all a pretty poor show!

  21. Dead tree version arrived well in time for breakfast, so no ‘electronic’ problems to encounter here. Completed faster than I would normally expect to on a Wednesday, so I’d reckon this to be one of Jay’s more friendly offerings of late, although none the less enjoyable for being so. Clearly clued, no obscure words and all good fun. Thanks to both he and 2Ks.

    1. I too am fortunate in that the dead tree version arrives in time to accompany my breakfast and it depends how hard the Cryptic is as to when I get dressed – always hope postman wont ring before that!

  22. Well, life is strange isn’t it? Last week, I got nowhere with Jay but today it all fell into place with just a couple needing clarification. Like others, I struggled with the spelling of 9a but I thought the tip given by Square Leg was most helpful and I hope I remember it for future use. There were many great clues but my COTD is 8d.

    Many thanks to The Wednesday tea of Jay and the 2 Kiwis.

    1. A tea of Jay and 2 Kiwis sounds like a meal for irresponsible carnivores who eat songbirds :o

  23. I was congratulating myself, covering myself in garlands, and ordering a golden crown for me to wear as the King Of Wednesdays, when I discovered that I had answered 8d incorrectly (‘boxes’ as the latter half of the answer, due to ‘punch’) but now I see the error of my ways and as a consequence I shall be wearing the very finest sackcloth and ashes for the remainder of the day.

    ‘He that is proud eats up himself: pride is his own glass, his own trumpet, his own chronicle.’

    I have binned the trumpet. Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

    1. “…and whatever praises itself but in the deed, devours the deed in the praise.” Agamemnon may have had his faults, dear Terence, but he knew–as Ajax responds to him–that pride can cause “the engendering of toads”. [Took me a while to place the scene in Troilus and Cressida; thanks for the chance.]

      1. This sort of conversation is what gives this blog its moments of pure joy …. thank you! 🙂🙂

      1. Lola was, initially, very wary of the gazebo (she doesn’t like change) but overcame that and has come to enjoy its shelter if she is ever outside for any period. With the onset of winter, she has been spending almost all of her time indoors undertaking her very favourite hobby – snoozing.
        Right now, she is asleep on a cushion right next to a radiator in my study. A gentle mixture of purring and snoring can be heard, very faintly, from across the room.

  24. Pleased to see that I wasn’t alone in using horseboxes for my ‘removal’ although trying to parse it proved to be somewhat impossible! Coasted along quite nicely apart from that although I dithered over 24a until the last minute.
    13a made me laugh so takes top honours today followed by 14a & 16d.

    Thanks to Jay and to our 2Ks – how lucky are you to be able to welcome a ‘gang’ to your bach, it would probably be a hanging offence over here at the moment!

    1. Me too, Terence and Jane. Boxes made eminent sense to me. Not sure what I’m doing wrong, but my online puzzles version works perfectly! It was this that alerted me to having 8d wrong. Really enjoyed the puzzle, so thanks to J and the 2Ks.

      1. There are two online versions Cryptor. The puzzles subscription site (puzzles but no news) and The Daily Telegraph Newspaper App (The newspaper in its entirety online with Only The Toughie, The Cryptic, The Quickie, A Codeword and a Sodoffku

    2. Some seem to get away with it, Jane. Apparently 100 people turned up at a cemetery in Abingdon, in Oxfordshire to attend the funeral of a prominent member of the Traveller community and no-one was called to account. I know of people, who have attended a relative’s funeral but have sat outside in their cars because only 15 people are allowed.

      1. A few weeks ago I saw what must have been hundreds of people at a traveller’s funeral outside Greyfriars (Iffley Road in Oxford) – there were lots of police on horses and some in big vans but no-one seemed to be doing much about it. :roll:

  25. I too was in the horse box gang.
    Enjoyed it once Chris had sorted out the shambles.
    Thanks to Jay and kiwis

  26. Reloading the app worked and could do the puzzle which was great. Thanks to all who blogged and suggested workarounds

  27. Nice, steady solve, except 8d, spent too long on it until I accidentally saw the word.
    Some gorgeous anagrams.
    Many thanks to the setter and to the 2Kiwis.

  28. I too was left with 8d and resorted to the hints today. I was so cross that my Kindle version didn’t work properly really didn’t enjoy going back to the actual tree version and it made me a tad grumpy. That and the fact that my washing machine decided not to do the spin cycle so I flooded the kitchen to get the clothes out. As they obviously hadn’t rinsed either – 2 bathloads of water later and trying to find a home for sodden washing. Grrr. Do I repair it at huge cost, or get a new one when its only about 5 years old!

  29. Lovely Jay today. I knew I would spell 9a wrong so left it until checkers gave the nudge. I was a horseboxer too. I bunged in the bird at 3d without checking the anagram and only noticed after that my book of British Birds doesn’t split it into two words and they don’t eat or catch Oysters either!
    Thanks to the other three birds who I hope haven’t been eaten by Steve for his tea.
    I did like the Canadian policeman but wonder if Harlow is known as a 20d outside the home counties?

  30. I seem to be the lucky one today – I do the crossword in the paper so was unaffected by all the IT shenanigans, I can spell 9a and didn’t end up in a horse box – I also thought this was at the gentler end of Jay’s range.
    Yet again I was fooled by the ‘times’ in 4d – must remember that one, but haven’t so far.
    I liked 19a and agree there were some very good anagram. I think 1d might be my favourite.
    Thanks to Jay for yet another brilliant crossword and to the K’s + brood.

  31. Morning all.
    Feeling grateful that we are old-fashioned enough to still prefer solving crosswords using a pen and paper. Also grateful that BOXES as the second part of 8d had never occurred to us so weren’t diverted down that detour.

  32. I found this trickier than most ***/**** 😳 mainly in the SW, probably because in 21a had the male sibling which also impacted on 13d 😬 Favourites 14a & 15d. Thanks to the 2 x Ks and to Jay . Nice picture of the OYC I think 🤔 that this time it is a Eurasian!

  33. Actually finished it without any hints….for me, that it is a landmark and I rewarded myself with some chocolate digestives. It did take me all day though. I treat it as a buffet which I can dip in and out of. I like 18d but it took me a while to get the first part of it.

  34. Definitely a 3.5* puzzle for me. Quite tricky in parts. SW first in and SE last to complete. Lots of head scratching today.
    Candidates for COTD 9a, 26a, 16d & 23d with winner 16d

    Thanks to Jay and 2K’s for the great hints

  35. Quill and parchment today, so i was completely discombobulated. Didn’t get the reference to punch so didn’t even get a horse box let alone the correct answer. Spelt 19a wrong so didn’t have the checker for 23d, so that was unfilled. As a fully paid up member of the grumpy old men’s society – technical glitches are inexcusable and they should find a way of communicating the remedy. I don’t want to reinstall the app – i loose all the record of puzzles I have or haven’t done so i go back and fill in the gaps when I have downtime. They should have reissued todays download.
    What was a very good puzzle was spoilt by my general demeanour. Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks – i needed your help today.

    1. You can go in via settings & just delete/reinstall just today’s corrupted download thereby keeping your archived editions.

  36. Can’t spell 9a either. Always put the S before the CH. Should know by now.
    Lots of great clues as usual from our favourite Wednesday setter.
    Top ones 14a and 13d even though I always thought it was Arabian.
    Thanks to the 2Kiwis for putting me right and to Jay for the fun.

  37. I rarely review post prandial, but am saddened to see I am indeed the only contributor who had issues with 12a.

    Still – this is the fun of the blog – somehow positioning yourself in a rather bewildering intellectual blog landscape.

    1. I don’t think you were alone – it’s just that some of us only entered the first few letters and left the rest alone until the checkers made it a ‘done deal’!

  38. Another slow start for me but then a fun run ensued although SW slowed things a little. Liked 26a and 13d. Thank you Jay and the 2Kiwis.

  39. I always look forward to Jay’s offerings, and I thought today was nice and friendly. I had to use e-help for 18d, even so I didn’t get the “why”, I have to thank the 2Kiwis for that.
    It took a long time to remember 1a, a friend had one in Hounslow so sudden quattie drop.
    I never thought of boxes, but I think that’s pretty clever. I’ve been to 22d, nice to recognise somewhere I know.
    I’m trying to think of a fave but I can’t, too much to like; maybe 14a? Or 21a? Dunno, too much good stuff.
    Thanks Jay for the fun and 2Kiwis for unravelling a couple.

  40. I saw a parcel of 3d on my walk along the edge of Morecambe Bay this afternoon, although I think the collective noun should be a ‘peep’? Very smart birds and always a joy to see them. Oh and the crossword was pretty good too. Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

  41. I seem to be in the minority, but this was not my cup of tea today. Thought 24a was tenuous, and didn’t really get 16d. Is 27a a true synonym? I know it’s all personal – sorry for the moan.
    Thanks to Jay for some good anagrams, and to the 2 Kiwis for the review.

  42. Well due to a full days work despite being retired I zipped through this thoroughly enjoyable Jay puzzle late in the day. 8d has to be COTD. 3d I have only ever seen as 1 word. To the 2 kiwis so sorry the NZ Little Grebe didn’t make bird of the year – I voted for it!!
    Thanks all birds involved

  43. Just been doing a catch up of this weeks paper and I found the obit of a real hero of mine :( I was 13 when Doug Scott climbed Everest the Hard Way He came to school to give a talk and slide show of his exploits and a few of the school outdoor pursuit club got a chance to go climbing with him at Almscliffe Crag. Totally in awe of his climbs and his books about his adventures are a good read too. I have the same signed poster of Doug on the summit. I grew out of posters on my bedroom wall a while ago but have kept him rolled up ever since.

    1. It’s been a sad year for losing mountaineering heros….first Joe Brown, then Hamish MacInnes and now Doug Scott. All inspired me to a life of climbing and hillwalking. I guess it’s just Chris Bonnington left of that era now? And Jimmy Marshall, I think. I’m envious of you climbing at Almscliffe with the great man! I saw him lecture in Reading once, very engaging.

  44. A total joy once I got around to solving it after this morning’s shenanigans. What’s not to like about one of Jays puzzles coupled with a 2 Kiwis illustrated blog. I learned a new meaning of the word bach as well. Thanks to Jay for the puzzle and thanks to the 2 Kiwis. Such are the effects of Tier three lockdown that I’ve been watching the run of St Trinians films on BBC2 this week. Today’s daft offering included a book of Daily Telegraph Crossword Puzzles owned by the character played by Joyce Grenfell. RayT tomorrow. Bring it on

  45. Had to be at the car dealership today, so took the cryptic to do while waiting. Found I had taken the Monday bonus one by mistake. By the time we got home I only had time for a quick stab at Jay’s offering today, but never really got going. Reading all the problems with the app this morning I am so glad I am a print and solve fan, and don’t attempt to solve on the iPad. I would have gone bonkers. I did manage to spell fuchsia correctly. Used that plant in hanging baskets when we lived in England, but sadly it is too hot for it here. Thanks to Jay and the 2Kiwis.

  46. I was tempted some time ago to go electronic, with all the negative comments since I’m glad I didn’t. I have a number of question marks on my newspaper (hmms) but I won’t go into them now, life’s to short. Favourite was 21a thanks to Jay and 2 K’s.

  47. A bit late to the party as I managed to complete everything except 8d last night. I was hoping a night’s sleep would help me find the answer but I has to resort to the hints unfortunately. A great puzzle though.

  48. 2*/4*….
    liked 6A “confusion briefly before husband finds network (4)”…. amongst others.

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