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EV 1462

Enigmatic Variations 1462

Incomprehensible by Kruger

Clashes form names of Greek letters; extra letters reveal CELLS TO BE IN UPPER CASE.

Kruger has chosen to not provide a setter’s blog.

A full review of this puzzle can be seen over on fifteensquared.

5 comments on “EV 1462

  1. I enjoyed solving this one and am pleased to see from the above that I got everything correct. Thanks to Kruger for a fun and challenging puzzle.

  2. This was fun. I appreciated the homophone clues 14A and 1D, the answers of which intersected early on in my solve and gave me a smooth entry into the theme.
    Also, I was ready for 29D thanks to Skylark’s EV from a few weeks back. See, I’m learning stuff.

  3. This was one to forget, unfortunately. There was nothing wrong with the puzzle, to the best of my knowledge, but, unusually for one by Kruger, I couldn’t fathom some of his clues. Nor could I work out how to resolve any clashes. There’s just one thing I still can’t comprehend, and that is what, in particular, is meant by INCOMPREHENSIBLE.

    1. ‘It’s all Greek to me’ – an idiom people often use to indicate that they do not understand something .

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