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ST 3083

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3083

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 22nd November 2020

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ***

The (relatively speaking) trickiest Dada has been for some time but I did enjoy the solve – I particularly liked 23a

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7a    Our silly cryptic, misleading (8)
ILLUSORY – An anagram (cryptic) of OUR SILLY

9a    Short part, but almost developed (6)
ABRUPT – An anagram (developed) of almost all of PART BUt

10a    Clean parasite (6)
SPONGE – Double definition

11a    Clever chap, saint welcomed by German couple? (8)
EINSTEIN – ST (saint) ‘welcomed’ by EIN and EIN (two Germans)

12a    Sign of commitment in battle arena (10,4)

15a    Get a hold on complaint, briefly (4)
GRIP – Briefly indicating that you don’t need all of GRIPe (complaint)

17a    Leader of regime in charge, one’s gathered (5)
FRILL – R (leader of Regime) in FILL (charge)

19a    Attempt photograph (4)
SHOT – Double definition

20a    A jam preserve, warmer at night? (3-5,6)

23a    Agree how Penny may possibly have died? (8)
COINCIDE – A penny might have committed COIN CIDE

25a    Are you sure about supporter? (6)
REALLY – RE (about) ALLY (supporter)

27a    Chap took a tumble I see! (6)
FELLAH – FELL (took a tumble) AH (I see)

28a    One so bookish, not the Queen! (8)
SOLITARY – SO (from the clue) LITerARY (omit the Queen’s regnal cipher)


1d    Panic — as might bird? (4)
FLAP – What a bird might do with its wings

2d    Twenty-one shillings for African country (6)
GUINEA – A double definition

3d    Computer unit to chew on, by the sound of it? (4)
BYTE – A homophone (by the sound of it) of BITE (chew on)

4d    Figure with cloth lifted up stone (6)
GARNET – A reversal (lifted up in a Down clue) of TEN (figure) and RAG (cloth)

5d    Muscle builders for young people, we hear? (8)
PROTEINS – PRO (for) and a homophone (we hear) of TEENS (young people)

6d    Chinese food bound to go on list (6,4)
SPRING ROLL – SPRING (bound) ROLL (list)

8d    Inward-looking person feels no different (7)
ONSELF – An anagram (different) of FEELS NO

13d    Certainly not OK, rather bizarre country (5,5)
NORTH KOREA – An anagram (bizarre) of NOT OK RATHER

14d    Cream in cornet I left upside down (5)
ELITE – Hidden in reverse (upside down) in cornET I LEft

16d    Institute protecting temporary accommodation in powerful manner (8)
POTENTLY – POLY (institute) ‘protecting’ TENT (temporary accommodation)

18d    Generous: not entirely reliable, unfortunately (7)
LIBERAL – An anagram (unfortunately) of almost all (not entirely) of RELIABLe

21d    A fair land (6)
ALIGHT – A (from the clue) LIGHT (fair)

22d    Warm oven in Tipperary, emptied (6)
TOASTY – OAST (oven) inserted into the outside letters (emptied) of TipperarY

24d    Fixed by needle, a static point (4)
EAST – Hidden in needlE A STatic

26d    Game bird (4)
LARK – So how many double definition clues in one crossword is too many??


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  1. I remember I quite liked this Dada. I think it was when I first realised that Dada was doable!

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