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DT 29536

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29536

Hints and tips by 2Kiwis

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Kia ora from Aotearoa.

Our NZ flax plants (Phormium tenax) are having an ‘on’ year and are just loaded with flowering spikes that are often three or more metres tall. Nectar feeding birds love them and this year we have even seen a tui, which is generally quite rare where we live.
Lots of fun once again from Jay.

Please leave a comment telling us how you got on.


1a     Mood in front of naked dancer will be self-restraint (10)
TEMPERANCE : A word for mood or tone is followed by dancer with the first and last letters removed (naked).

6a     Tie up, seeing low resistance (4)
MOOR : Low as a bovine noise, then R(esistance).

10a     Sit and fish (5)
PERCH : A doubled definition. Sit as a bird might.

11a     Evening shifts should include a short time producing sheets (9)
LAMINATES : A slang word for evening shifts surrounds ‘A’ from the clue and a short time made up of 60 seconds.

12a     Sort of occasion that may see Belgium miss match? (5,3)
BLACK TIE : String together the IVR code for Belgium, miss or be without and a possibly sporting match.

13a     Perform better than United in 0-0? (5)
OUTDO : The three letter abbreviation for united is contained within the letter that looks like zero, repeated.

15a     Hotel group welcoming American partner (7)
HUSBAND : The letter represented by hotel and a possibly musical group contains the two letters for American.

17a     Thrilled to be summoned by old flame (7)
EXCITED : The prefix for an old flame, plus summoned or named.

19a     Experimental medicine Italy once dismissed is confined to a particular area (7)
ENDEMIC : An anagram (experimental) of MEDIC(i)NE with one of the instances of the IVR code for Italy removed.

21a     Broad catches good one — almost a duck! (7)
WIDGEON : A synonym for broad contains (catches) G(ood). This is followed by the first two letters (almost) of ‘one’.

22a     Doctor needing tea and coffee (5)
MOCHA : A medical officer and a word, borrowed from Chinese, for tea.

24a     Energy invested in basic or dancing exercise (8)
AEROBICS : An anagram (dancing) of BASIC OR contains E(nergy).

27a     Prepare the ground, to incorporate bizarre dream routine (9)
TREADMILL : Prepare the ground in preparation for planting contains an anagram (bizarre) of DREAM.

28a     Get in touch with every individual by letter, finally (5)
REACH : The last letter of ‘letter’ and then a word meaning every individual.

29a     Reduce energy, it’s precious (4)
CUTE : Reduce or shorten and then the physics symbol for energy.

30a     An astronomer may be so optimistic (6-4)
STARRY-EYED : A description of an astronomer based on the most common objects in the night sky.


1d     Exploits petty argument being raised (4)
TAPS : The reversal of a petty argument or minor disagreement.

2d     Preached, as result of exam in deism, possibly (9)
MORALISED : An exam that is not written is inside an anagram (possibly) of DEISM.

3d     European with the majority of stupid set of principles (5)
ETHIC : The abbreviation for European and then a word for stupid or dense without its last letter.

4d     Removed material from rickety table in a day (7)
ABLATED : ‘A’ from the clue and D(ay) surround an anagram (rickety) of TABLE.

5d     No end of potential seen in whole contest (7)
COMPETE : Start with a word meaning whole or entire and remove the final letter of potential from within it.

7d     Group stealing silver from abandoned cottage (5)
OCTET : An anagram (abandoned) of COTT(ag)E with the chemical symbol for silver removed.

8d     Feel bitter about crossing Atlantic for a defendant (10)
RESPONDENT : A word meaning feel bitter contains a slang word for the Atlantic Ocean. (We have a similar expression for the Tasman Sea which we call ‘The Ditch’.)

9d     Required objective, packing on behalf of church (8)
ENFORCED : An objective or goal contains (packing) a word meaning on behalf of, plus the Anglican Church.

14d     Unconcerned as parking light came loose (10)
PHLEGMATIC : P(arking) and an anagram (loose) of LIGHT CAME.

16d     Host must welcome Conservative with attractive plus-one, maybe (3,5)
ARM CANDY : A host or large group, possibly of soldiers, contains C(onservative) and a synonym for ‘with’.

18d     Greek chap on about risqué form of government (9)
THEOCRACY : The short form of a common Greek name, then the letter for about or approximately, and a synonym for risque.

20d     Talk about venue for carnival transport from Rome? (7)
CHARIOT : Talk informally surrounds the famous South American carnival venue.

21d     Flyer fighting the French in the outskirts of Barfleur (7)
WARBLER : A three letter word for fighting and then the first and last letters of Barfleur contain the French definite article.

23d     The man’s absorbed by court case (5)
CHEST : The abbreviation for caught contains a male personal pronoun with its ‘S.

25d     Strapping lad’s origin is in northern town (5)
BURLY : A Northern English town near Bolton contains the first letter of lad’s.

26d     Slough? The girl did at first (4)
SHED : A female personal pronoun and the first letter of ‘did’.

Our last one in and favourite is 16d.

Quickie pun    sticky    +    tout    =     stick it out

91 comments on “DT 29536

  1. Another day, another straightforward puzzle. I had this done and dusted in just about * time today. I will admit that I had the answer for 11a, but had no idea about the parsing.

    Many thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

  2. I was sailing through this and had the majority of the across clues solved on the first run through. All complete but I came to a halt with 16d. I needed the Kiwis help as have never heard of Arm Candy and thought that the Plus One might be some reference to golf and so was googling arm caddy! Fun as always on a Wednesday. Cheers Setter and Kiwis

  3. Another enjoyable puzzle from Jay (2*/4*). I found the NW a bit more challenging than the rest. There were some good anagrams and I particularly enjoyed 6a (short but cunning), 21a (a daft but attractive bird) and 14d. Thanks to the Kiwis and to Jay.

  4. Thanks to Jay for yet another enjoyable midweek crossword, and also to the 2Ks – I now know what a tui looks like should it ever appear in a crossword again (I think I’ve seen it before)

  5. Another Wednesday another winner from Jay. Anything obscure just needs patience and checking letters and it will fall into place. Thanks to to Jay for the puzzle Thanks to the 2Ks for the lovely blog as usual. After a lifetime thinking Kiwi fruit came exclusively from NZ I now discover that it was introduced to NZ by a lady called Isobel Fraser in 1904. Today’s Indian Express has a fine article on the fruit

    1. Yes MP, the Chinese gooseberry. A brilliant piece of marketing. When I was a kid we called Macadamia nuts Queensland nuts as they are native to the east coast of Australia. Now people think they are from Hawaii😡

  6. A real delight this morning with some clever clues. **/**** 16d made me smile but 14d makes the top of my podium. I didn’t think of Bury with L for lads in 25d but came up with Burnley with the NE for North East even though there was no indicator for the East. That makes more sense. Thanks to all.

  7. 2*/5*. Another gem from Jay with too many good clues to try to pick a favourite.

    Many thanks to all three birds.

    P.S. Whatever happened to our Toughie setter who uses 21d as her alias? We haven’t seen a puzzle from her for ages.

    P.P.S. I see the dreaded plus is back in my name causing my comment to go into moderation! :sad:

  8. The easy-going cruciverbal week continues with a light exercise today from Jay. East came home ahead of West. I am with kiwiman in drawing a blank on 16d which I gather is slang for an eye-catcher! Lots of good clues so I will refrain from singling any out. Thank you Jay and the 2Kiwis.

  9. Reviewing the comments so far it looks like I have Jay to thank for this very entertaining puzzle. I had thought it was the new compiler today. Does anybody know when he begins or have I missed his inaugural crossword?

    I thought **/**** and only had two head scratches: in 29a I wouldn’t link the answer with precious really, and in 3d the solution seems to be in the singular whereas the clue seems to hint at a plural. I’m probably missing some clever nuance in the answer though.

    Thanks again to Jay and of course the 2Kiwis.

          1. It’s not for me anyway – there is one in the Toughie that has eluded me & I am at my time limit

    1. 29a – cute baby for example
      3d. – work ethic for example
      Both are I suspect deliberately misleading as if I think I am looking for a plural I add an S in my head. Often helps with checking letters. Similar situation with with 29a as I would instantly think of something like a jewel.

  10. I started this later than normal, and either I was more awake or it was very gentle, as I flew through it. I’d never heard of 21a but the wordplay and checkers led me safely there.
    I liked 14d as it’s a lovely word but podium places go to 19a plus 8&21d
    Many thanks to Jay and the 2Ks for a super puzzle and review.

    1. You should try and remember 21a as we’ve had it before – but you do have to watch out as there is an alternative spelling of the same bird

    2. 21a very clever. Some of our contributors may not know that Stuart Broad as his father before him is a well-known cricketer. Could have led some of those who know the game into searching for a crickety answer. I am assuming this was intentional on Jay’s part although I admit I have only just spotted the connection.

  11. Excellence comes as standard on a Wednesday and today is no exception. A terrifically enjoyable puzzle and a delight from the first clue to the last. 16d was my favourite.

    Many thanks to the three birds.

  12. Foolishly held myself up by bunging in ‘templates’ for 11a, without a second thought; which led to substantial head-scratching for 4d and 9d before I saw the light, as dear old Todd Rundgren once related.

    I understand we are (once again) marching around the Surrey Hills this afternoon, the early onset of darkness ensuring we will be back in time for Chelsea’s viaje to Sevilla this evening.

    Thanks to Jay, the 2Ks, and the tui.

  13. A good start by going up the Downs which ground to a halt after five clues to turn into a somewhat trickier than usual Jay puzzle for me, completed at a gallop – 2.5*/4.5*.
    Candidates for favourite – 13a, 15a, 30a, 5d, and 21d – and the winner is 30a.
    Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

  14. I really liked 13a.
    I’m a simple soul.

    Needed help parsing 18d, but otherwise managed this alone.
    Not easy but not too tricky for me today….perfect, really.

    Thanks to Jay and the 2Kiwis

  15. Another very straightforward and enjoyable puzzle from Jay **/**** last in was 18d, 14d was my COTD with 18d and 16d on the podium.
    Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

  16. I thought this was a superb puzzle full of clever clues that made me smile. I especially liked 11a and 8d but my favourite was 12a, brilliant.
    Thx to all

    1. Well said Brian. I knew you would come down very firmly on one side or the other but I could not make my mind up as to which it would be.

  17. Slightly tougher than usual I thought but still enjoyable. I struggled for a while with 8d until I remembered the nickname for the Atlantic. I couldn’t see where “risqué” came into the form of government at 18d until I looked at it again and it leapt out at me. That’s what I like about Jay. He keeps you guessing even after you have the answer. My COTD is 12a.

    Grateful thanks to Jay for the workout. Thank you, 2Kiwis for the hints.

    1. A plus sign has appeared in my name and I cannot post. I have deleted the plus sign for this message. If all else fails, I will repeat the posts.

  18. A plus sign has appeared in my name and my comment has gone into moderation. I seem to recall others have had this problem.

  19. Typical Jay for me always *** difficulty but ***/**** enjoyment.
    COTD was 12a good clue & reminds me of the dinners we have missed this year.
    Thanks to Jay & the 2Ks.
    Back to painting the house on a chilly but sunny day up here. Hopefully the yellow snow warning for tonight is wrong.

  20. This blew me away! Quite outstanding. Odd really as on first glance I could not see any of them. However I got some random clue. I can’t remember which one and it all flowed from there. Equally as quick as yesterday and completed in orderly fashion once I had got started rather than my usual scattergun approach. I cannot even remember which were the last few in but that is because they were the last I came to rather than ones I had been cogitating over. Difficult to say what my favourites were as this would involve typing out most of the numbers but perhaps I shall restrict myself to 11 12 and 13a and 8 14 and 20d.

  21. Slightly tougher than usual I thought but still enjoyable. I struggled for a while with 8d until I remembered the nickname for the Atlantic. I couldn’t see where “risqué” came into the form of government at 18d until I looked at it again and it leapt out at me. That’s what I like about Jay. He keeps you guessing even after you have the answer. My COTD is 12a.

    Grateful thanks to Jay for the workout. Thank you, 2Kiwis for the hints.

    The appearance of the plus sign in my name is a complete mystery.

  22. I too had the plus sign + in my name. Spotted it the third time so amended it myself and my third comment has gone in before the first two! I shall try and watch out for it in future as must be annoying for BD or whoever has to do the moderating. I forgot in my enthusiasm to thank Jay and the 2Ks. Not read the hints yet so will do so now.

  23. I thought that today was to be Django’s debut after an illustrious career in comedy? At least, that’s what an article in Saturday’s paper said.

    Anyhow, I enjoyed this. Some tricky bits but, overall, not hugely challenging.

    1. He’s the Toughie!

      Very well-clued crossword as always. Had to confirm 16dn but it was obvious from the wordplay.

      Thanks Jay and 2Ks … now for that Toughie.

      PS I see the + in my “Name” on the iPad before posting. Very mysterious!

      1. I’ve removed the + . It seems to happen to everyone with a space between their names (as opposed to my all-in-one alias) I think people it happens to a lot are checking and removing them before clicking ‘post comment’

  24. Fairly straightforward and enjoyable today. Put treachery in to 18d which didn’t help. I have an aversion to anything Greek and therefore could not think of any names at all, apart from Troy, which almost fitted. LOI 18d which I could not parse so I am in the 2Kiwis dept. Dull grey cheerless here after a lovely sunny day yesterday.

  25. Complete joy. Neat clues, crafty anagrams so much to like it is impossible to pick out any favourites.
    Many thanks J and the two K’s. Too flippin’ cold to go for a walk today, different if you can stride out but crutch pace is too slow! Have fun.

  26. Oh I forgot to say how much I enjoyed the toughie last night! Completed it too late to make a comment but very satisfying to finish it.

    1. However late you finish a crossword, it is always worth making a comment on the ‘right’ page as not only will the blogger see it (via an email notification) but if the setter looks at the page to see if anything has been added, they’ll be pleased that you enjoyed it too

  27. I was convinced 21d was Bleriot but was needing another r nevertheless I ploughed on down all sorts of blind alleys. 😕

  28. 15d was new to me but easily got from the wordplay. I have yet to look up the definition.
    Nice to see 21d. Used to be one of my favourite setter.
    Very much into little stories today so I shall vote for 19a.
    Thanks to Jay and to 2Kiwis for the review.

  29. Another good one for my ego! – finished in ** time. I liked the relevance of 21a as Stuart Broad was nominated for BBC’s sports personality of the year yesterday. Also a couple of nice sporting surface reads. New word at 4d, so all in all very enjoyable ****
    Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

  30. I am with Brian here, the best and most amusing crossword I have seen for a long time ***/***** 😃 almost too many to pick as favourites but 14d & 19a if I must 🤔 Big thanks to Jay and to the 2xKs Lovely Bird Photos

  31. Morning all.
    Wonder if there is a word for the process of ‘removing plus signs’. DESIGNATION would have fitted the bill – just a pity that it is already spoken for. Thanks to whoever has been doing it for all the two word commenter names while we were asleep.
    16d was something we had not heard before so had to work it out from the wordplay and then check in BRB. A good word to remember.

  32. Solved early this morning before getting on the glad rags to go for a pre-Christmas lunch with friends – before we get hit with the ‘no alcohol’ edict from 6pm on Friday. I guess that off-licences and supermarkets will have massively increased their orders from suppliers!
    Another in the long line of very enjoyable puzzles from Mr Wednesday and I’ll opt for 18d as my favourite if only because it references my young grandson.

    Thanks to Jay for the puzzle and to our 2Ks for the review – big tick for your bird list today, well done for spotting him.

  33. Just brilliant. I wish all crosswords were like this. I ended up recruiting my husband to get me over the finishing line but we managed it without electronic help. I thought this was Django’s having read the article in Saturday’s
    paper, and was amazed by how good his debut was, but now I see it was Jay it all makes sense. **/*****

  34. Lovely Jay Day again, but I thought a little trickier than usual, but that might just be me. I missed 12a, I had the wrong ending in 3d which gave me an “s” in the first word. I also had 16d wrong, put in caddy, the only thing I could think of.
    Fave was 21a, such a funny word, runner up was 14d.
    Thanks to Jay for the fun and the 2Kiwis for helping me to the finish line. Cold here, I have the heat on!

    1. Thought of you today, Merusa. Went out for lunch with a couple of ‘old’ friends – think it was about 10C outside – and was fervently wishing that I’d put on a rather cooler top!

  35. As seems to be the usual pattern at the moment, a very late comment from me.
    I thought this was no more difficult than the last two days crosswords have been but much, much more enjoyable – or should I have said “Mutch” more enjoyable?
    No major problems to report so nothing more to say really.
    Lots of good clues as there always are on Wednesdays.
    I liked the topical 19a even though I’m fed-up with the whole subject. :sad:
    Thank you, Jay, and thank you K’s.

  36. That’s about 50F in our money – still, that’s not bad for English winter, but not for me, not at all!

    1. Sorry, this was in response to Jane above. I don’t know why it dropped down here, doubtless something silly I’ve done.

  37. I needed a few more hints than usual, just because of my lack of concentration today. But everything eventually fell in place, with 4d and 9d being last. Pole position goes to 8d. Thanks to Jay and 2Kiwis. Loved the ducks.

    Anyone know how Tilsit is doing? Hope he is well.

    Still no Robert I see. Hope he comes back. The site has many readers across the globe, and it is so interesting to read the comments from Canada, New Zealand, Spain, France to name a few, and for us expats, it’s a great way to stay in touch with what’s going on at home. Terence’s walk reports make me so nostalgic. Those of us across the pond, also enjoy hearing from those in other states. This site is such a blessing to us all.

    1. Love the Wednesday Jay puzzle as aIways. Last in 9D.
      I miss Robert’s posts too and hope he returns to the fold ere long. Also wonder how Tilsit is doing.
      Thank you to our setter and hinters.

      1. Tilsit has posted on the Toughie today.

        Hope Robert can do the same soon. Miss his erudite contributions.

  38. Straightforward apart from 16d so had Google possible answers as I’d never heard of either, although having found out what the answer means I realised I’ve been “guilty” of having had one of those. For a few years I was escorted to various functions by a young very attractive female friend. As we were both going anyway and had no-one else to take it made sense. Purely platonic obviously. Despite that it’s not going to be my favourite, it’s going to be 12a as that’s the sort of do’s we went to. 😁 Thanks to Jay and 2 K’s

  39. A late post after a day back on the golf course in better than forecast weather. A panini with chips & a side salad (there’d been a run on scotch eggs) got me a pint so a day well spent. Solved this super Jay early this morning with no parsing difficulties though I found the SE quite tricky & taking me just beyond *** time. Vaguely recalled the duck & can’t say I was familiar with 16d so Mr G was required to confirm both. A toss up between 18d & 27a for my pick of many fine clues. Looking forward to a crack at our new setter’s Toughie at bedtime.
    Thanks as ever to the Wednesday gang – will read the review later.
    Ps pleased to see Brian has made friends with Jay again – it’s a tempestuous relationship……

  40. Very enjoyable as we expect from Jay on a Weds. **/****; I’m sure that 26d is a repeat which I didn’t get when it first appeared but saw it straight away this time. Those of us who live in the Thames Valley will often enunciate this place in this way. Favourite 6a because I didn’t see how low was being used – so am now groaning. As with most found NW corner the trickiest which always seems to be the pattern with a Jay and I always seem to end up with the bottom half completed before the top. Thanks to the Kiwis for the hints- needed a handful of hints to tell me i was right after all.
    Nice to see that we can post comments late on in the day, ( CrypticSue 28) – I too have thought I’d missed the boat so not bothered, but reassured I will in future.

  41. Excellent offering by J and numerous COTD candidates. Thanks 2Ks and enjoy your morning tea🦇

  42. Found this a bit of a slog today ***/**
    Clues I liked include 6a, 10a, 25d & 26d with 25d winner
    Last in 18d and never di solve 16d or 21d

    Not a favourite today and “finished” over an 8 hour time frame

    Thanks to J and 2K’s

  43. Enjoyed todays puzzle but put ethos in for 3d (doh) so delayed finishing time. Many thanks to the 2 kiwis and the setter.

  44. Found this old one tricky and thrown by making mistake with 12a early on inserting knock out ie no B on bout but realised mistake after a while and got there in the end.

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