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DT 29527

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29527

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 21st November 2020

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

A pangram that reminded me of how Saturday Prize Puzzles used to be, and it turned out I was on the right lines, when long-time Saturday Prize Puzzle setter Cephas turned up to thank people for their comments

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1a    Soaked in fat (8)
DRIPPING – Double definition

9a    Series of balls with chum dancing an excessive amount (8)
OVERMUCH – OVER (series of cricket balls) with an anagram (dancing) of CHUM

10a    Athlete up at university? No, down! (4)
BLUE – An athlete representing Oxford or Cambridge Universities or a synonym for miserable (down)

11a    Type of finish in race that’s vivid? It’s to do with images (12)
PHOTOGRAPHIC – PHOTO (type of finish in race) GRAPHIC (vivid)

13a    Booming factory hides dope (8)
PLANGENT – PLANT (factory) ‘hides’ GEN (dope)

15a    Early summer, one could count on it (6)
ABACUS – An early piece of calculating apparatus

16a    Timothy denied concealing evil alter ego (4)
HYDE – Mr Jekyll’s evil alter ego is concealed in TimotHY DEnied

17a    Not likely to evaporate fast (5)
FIXED – Double definition

18a    Right direction? (4)
EAST – If you are facing north, this direction would be on your right

20a    It’s as broad as its long (6)
SQUARE – A cryptic definition of a particular shape

21a    Lawbreaker facing prison? A liberal one might allow such visits (8)
CONJUGAL – CON (lawbreaker) JUG (prison) A (from the clue) L (Liberal)

23a    Remarkably adept Patricia stopping short became involved (12)
PARTICIPATED – An anagram (remarkably) of ADEPT PATRICIa (stopping short telling you not to include the final letter)

26a    Not working whilst having some paid leave (4)
IDLE – Hidden in some paID LEave

27a    A bird in China coming from father’s side (8)
PATERNAL – A (from the clue) TERN (bird) inserted into PAL (China being cockney rhyming slang for friend)

28a    Hothouse‘s coloured lines (8)
ORANGERY – ORANGE (coloured) RY (railway lines)


2d    Act with old student in show again (4-4)
ROLE-PLAY – O (old) L (learner, student) inserted into REPLAY (show again)

3d    Think about supporting new rep, worker being dominant (12)
PREPONDERANT – PONDER (think about) ‘supporting’ (in a Down solution) an anagram (new) of REP, ANT (worker) being added at the end

4d    Appeal to Kevin scrambling egg inside (6)
INVOKE – An anagram (scrambling) of KEVIN with an O (egg) inserted)

5d    Travel round wizard place, an island (4)
GOZO – GO (travel) ’round’ OZ (where the Wizard lived)

6d    Bring up one under care located astern (8)
REARWARD – REAR (bring up) WARD (one under care)

7d    Sprint from press, about to leave (4)
RUSH – C (about) to leave cRUSH (press)

8d    Brawny but not-so-clever group (8)
THICKSET – The not-so-clever group would be THICK SET

12d    After vegetables, start to eat sweet porridge? (5,7)
PEASE PUDDING – PEAS (vegetables) the ‘start’ to Eat and PUDDING (sweet)

14d    Poisonous beef consumed in short moment (5)
TOXIC – OX (beef) consumed in a TICk (truncated (short) moment)

16d    Bed-wetter? (8)
HOSEPIPE – A cryptic definition of something used to water a flower bed

17d    Charging exorbitantly for doing some work on the farm (8)
FLEECING – Sounds like the sort of work you might do on a sheep farm

19d    Odds on famous racehorse first to run? It might be seen in November (8)
SPARKLER – SP (starting price, odds) ARKLE (famous racehorse) R (the first letter of run)

22d    Head over valley to find animal (6)
NUTRIA – NUT (head) RIA (valley)

24d    Boring routine hard for lady (4)
RUTH – RUT (boring routine) H (hard)

25d    Game explorer (4)
POLO – And another double definition to finish

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  1. I’m not sure why I found this puzzle so difficult. Thanks for providing the explanations.

  2. Thanks for the explanations Sue.

    The only one I still don’t understand is 17a. I get the “fast” part but why does fixed mean “not likely to evaporate”?

    1. Welcome to the blog

      Not likely to evaporate is one of the definitions of fixed in the dictionary.

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