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DT 29515

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29515

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 7th November 2020

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

Morning All!This was quite a quick solve even with a pause to make another pot of tea!


1a           Scholar revised a manic idea about carbon (11)
ACADEMICIAN – revised anagram of A MANIC IDEA around/about C for Carbon.

9a           Trump has vehicle in Indiana abandoned (5)
IVANA – Place a VAN/vehicle inside the outside letters (it has been emptied/abandoned) of I(ndian)A.

10a        Boss to lead with three articles (3,6)
TOP BANANA – To from the clue then PB, the chemical symbol for Lead, followed by three indefinite articles – AN, AN and A,

11a        Sage Derby perhaps feeding mother (7)
MAHATMA – A Derby HAT inside MAMA for mother.

12a        Best players unable to finish meal (5,3)
CREAM TEA – The best are the CREAM. Add TEA(m) or an unfinished sporting side.

14a        Some local cut taxes in city once (8)
CALCUTTA – A hidden word is SOME of lo CAL CUT TA xes.

15a        One obsessed in new way renouncing whiskey (4)
NERD – NE(w) from the clue with whiskey left out/renounced and RD for the abb, of Road or way.

17a        Drink that could make Coppola drunk (7)
ALCOPOP – A drunk anagram od COPPOLA.

19a        Female on farm by river delivers pitcher (4)
EWER – A female sheep on a farm is a EWE. Add R for River.

20a        Negative piece with slogan Reaganites used? (8)
ELECTRON – A slogan by Reaganites night have read ELECT RON!>

21a        Trial by TV in the birthplace of science? (4,4)
TEST TUBE – A TEST or Trial followed by the TUBE – a synonym for a TV Set.

23a        Chap’s name is love (7)
ISADORE – IS form the clue and ADORE for love.

25a        Racing ace, forced out, not best pleased (9)
AUTOCROSS – A for Ace, then an anagram (forced) of OUT followed by CROSS for not best pleased.

26a        Can’t stand, as the drunk (5)
HATES – Another drunk anagram, this time of AS THE.

27a        Bloke in forces set landmine off (8,3)
ENLISTED MAN – The next anagram , indicated by off, is of SET LANDMINE. An apposite surface reading.


2d           Church with old Irish singing group (5)
CHOIR – A charade of CH for Church, O(ld) and IR for Irish,

3d           Expert fish worker (3,4)
DAB HAND – The fish that is the DAB and a HAND or worker.

4d           Musician Mike strangely silent around king (8)
MINSTREL – M(ike) in the NATO phonetic alphabet then an anagram (strangely) of SILENT around R – Rex or king.

5d           Small measure needed to rein in a cleric (4)
IMAM – IMM for 1mm (a small measure) to include/rein in A from the clue.

6d           Shot prior to retirement? (8)
NIGHTCAP – A cryptic definition of the snifter one imbibes before retiring to bed.

7d           No more suckers? That’s intolerable! (4,5)
LAST STRAW – If there are no further tubes to uck up liquid you light be holding the LAST STRAW.

8d           Fellowship of real ale fans entertaining a Democrat on lake (11)
CAMARADERIE – CAMRA – The Campaign for Real Ale including/entertaining A from the clue then add D(emocrat) and lake ERIE.

12d        Something wicked and frivolous that helps dispel gloom (11)
CANDLELIGHT – A candle has a wick (so is wicked). Add LIGHT for frivolous.

13d        Report that might be current? (7)
ACCOUNT – The secondary definition refers to a banking Current ACCOUNT.

16d        Unusually good ground yields element (4,5)
RARE EARTH – RARE for ‘unusually good’ then EARTH for ground.

17d        Cinema fire — temperature hot inside (8)
ARTHOUSE – Start with AROUSE for fire (up) then include (put inside) T(emperature) and H(ot).

18d        Branch in High Street will keep bonnet that’s reduced (8)
OFFSHOOT – OFF/high and ST for Street keeping all but the last letter (reduced) of HOO(d) or bonnet.

19d        Key often used by news boss went in (7)
ENTERED – The ‘ENTER’ key on a keyboard is often used. Add ED for Editor/news boss.

22d        Port Arabs rebuilt (5)
BASRA – A rebuilt anagram of ARABS.

24d        Nobleman almost skinned? (4)
EARL – Remove the outside of (or skin) (n)EARL(y) for almost.


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    1. Thanks you are quite right!
      I clone from the last Prizle Puzzle and quite often fat finger this sort of thing!
      Hopefully corrected to 7th November now!

  1. Thanks, Gnomethang.

    Hopefully some of the folks who had things to say about 23a on Saturday will come back and say them now. Kath and Merusa, who’s the famous female version?

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