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ST 3080

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3080

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 1st November 2020

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Morning All! A Very enjoyable puzzle this week with some fairly tricky clues (particularly those with short definitions!)

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8a           Good Lord, what’s seen on election of new Pope? (4,5)
HOLY SMOKE – The Crptic definition refers to the white smoke dispayed on the election of his new Holiness.

10a        Competition number, neither the first nor the last (5)
EVENT – Start with the number SEVENTY and remove the first and last letters.

11a        Do use fingernails when on surface? (4,2,2,7)
COME UP TO SCRATCH – To SCRATCH or use fingernails after having COME UP to the surface.

12a        Just purchaser is aware of broadcast (2,1,4)
BY A NOSE – My favourite clue of the day. A homophone (broadcast) of BUYER KNOWS or ‘ the purchaser is aware’.

13a        Rule more flexible: article written on it (7)
THEOREM – Make a flexible anagram of MORE after THE (an article) is placed/written before it.

15a        Spread isn’t shifted behind features in US flier (5,3,7)
STARS AND STRIPES – Place an anagram of SPREAD ISNT after STARS or features in (in a movie for example).

19a        Reach mountain path after brief search (7)
COMPASS – Place a mountain PASS after COM(b) or search briefly (i.e. the last letter is curtailed).

22a        Scientist accommodating wife in Basildon, say? (3,4)
NEW TOWN – W for Wife inside Sir Isaac NEWTON.

24a        Picture gag on ref, say? (9,6)
WHISTLERS MOTHER – TO SMOTHER or gag after a WHISTLER (a referee, cryptically).

26a        Deep inside China, economy in recession (5)
OCEAN – A reversed hidden word – it is inside (hidden) chi NA ECO nomy and reversed (in recession).

27a        Object to going into work in a minute (9)
PRESENTLY – To RESENT or object going into PLY for work (as in ply one’s trade).


1d           Cold, white wine unfinished — a little sweet (4)
CHOC – C for Cold and then an unfinished HOC(k) white wine.

2d           US co-ed forged old currency (6)
ESCUDO – A forged anagram of US CO-ED.

3d           Throne decorated with navy line (8)
NORTHERN – An anagram (decorated) of THRONE and then RN for the Royal Navy.

4d           A-listers living the high life? (3,3)
JET SET – A cryptic definition of those celebs and notables that can afford to charter a private jet.

5d           Catch after catch — yes! (4,4)
HEAR HEAR – A repetition of HEAR (catch after catch).

6d           Jelly, perhaps, for dog (6)
SETTER – A jelly is a SETTER (something that sets) and also a make of dog.

7d           Score in cricket changed (4)
ETCH – A hidden word IN crick ET CH anged.

9d           Tibetan priest embracing wicked dance (7)
LAMBADA – A LAMA or Tibetan priest containing/embracing BAD/wicked.

12d        Key is in vehicle, turning 180 degrees (5)
BASIC – A reversal (turning 180 degrees) of IS inside a CAB (vehicle).

14d        Child sat on by parent, one laying down brick (5)
MASON – A SON or child underneath (sat on in a Down clue) LA for mother (parent).

16d        Damage seen in wound, feeling pain (8)
SMARTING – To MAR or damage placed/seen in STING or wound.

17d        Relative hiding in dark (8)
SINISTER – IN from the clue is hiding inside SISTER/relative.

18d        By the sound of it, financial gain inspired teacher (7)
PROPHET – A homophone (by the sound of it) of PROFIT/financial gain.

20d        Runner lapping a US writer (6)
MAILER – A MILER or runner going around/lapping A from the clue for Norman.

21d        Tired mole gobbling fish up (6)
SLEEPY – A SPY or mole containing a reversal (gobbling and UP) of an EEL/fish.

23d        Court office stiff as a board (6)
WOODEN – A charade of WOO/court and DEN/study.

24d        Bark falling off oak, willow initially upright (4)
WOOF – A reversal (upright of the initial letters in F(alling) O(ff) O(ak) W(illow),

25d        In audition, increase light (4)
RAYS – A homophone (in audition) of RAISE/increase.



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  1. I’m relieved about 24d. I doubted myself due to a comment on the day (later removed). When I checked with Danword it had Woof the correct answer but Crossword solver and Answerbank had Wood. I actually think this was a very good clue but I wonder how many people bunged in Wood! Thanks Gnomie.

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