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ST 3078

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3078

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 18th October 2020

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

Dada being exceptionally kind to solvers with this Sunday Prize Puzzle – my favourite clue was 11a

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7a    First of grids in metal moulded binder (8)
LIGAMENT – The first letter of Grids inserted into an anagram (moulded) of IN METAL

9a    Journalist once working in computer science walked out (6)
EXITED – EX ED (journalist once) ‘working in’ or having inserted IT (computer science)

10a    Celeb is damn contrary (4)
STAR – A reversal (contrary) of RATS (damn)

11a    Showing lack of sympathy, not good for soldiers? (4-6)
HARD-BOILED – Not the sort of egg you could dip your soldiers in!

12a    Principal on board, sure clever (6)
BRIGHT – The first letter (principal) of Board and RIGHT (sure)

14a    Key altering after transposition (8)
INTEGRAL – An anagram (after transposition) of ALTERING

15a    Loads joining Church without delay (2,4)
AT ONCE – A TON (loads) joining CE (Church of England)

17a    Many still awaiting relation? (6)
UNTOLD – Double definition

20a    Bringing up the rear, despite expectations (5,3)
AFTER ALL – Double definition

22a    Song with less feeling? (6)
NUMBER – Double definition

23a    Liberal behind government department and king, say (3,7)
FOR EXAMPLE – AMPLE (liberal) goes behind FO (Foreign Office, government department) and REX (king)

24a    Lovely woman stood up (4)
ROSE A verb meaning stood up could also perhaps be a way of describing a lovely woman

25a    Gosh, I come at a price! (4,2)
DEAR ME – ME (I) goes after DEAR (at a price)

26a    Birds in places all at sea (8)
PELICANS – An anagram (all at sea) of IN PLACES


1d    Infectious bugs in river coming up under log (8)
LISTERIA – A reversal (coming up) of the river AIRE goes under LIST (log)

2d    Equitable market (4)
FAIR – Double definition

3d    Ruby stolen, incandescent (3-3)
RED-HOT – RED (ruby) HOT (stolen)

4d    Doctor not ever injecting bishop — not allowed (8)
VERBOTEN – An anagram (doctor) of NOT EVER into which is inserted (injecting) B (Bishop in chess notation) – Senf suggested we might need to know German to solve this clue but the word is well-known here for meaning forbidden

5d    Pandemonium in tidy chamber (6,4)
DINING ROOM – DIN (pandemonium) IN (from the clue) GROOM (tidy)

6d    Classes are set up after fellow ultimately lost (6)
GENERA – A reversal (set up) of ARE (from the clue) goes after the first three letters (ultimately lost) of GENt (fellow)

8d    Found in pile of refuse, receptacle for vegetable (6)
TURNIP – URN (receptacle) found in TIP (pile of refuse)

13d    So beer casually drunk by murderous, unwanted companion of lovers (10)
GOOSEBERRY – An anagram (casually drunk) of SO BEER inserted into GORY (murderous)

16d    Car heads off for game (8)
CHARADES – An anagram (off) of CAR HEADS

18d    Looking at dropping ad initially — it’s saucy (8)
DRESSING – Drop AD from adDRESSING (looking at)

19d    Mistake class members flipped over (4-2)
SLIP-UP – A reversal (flipped over) of PUPILS (class members)

21d    Chilled, back intuitive approach (6)
FROZEN – FRO (back, from) ZEN (intuitive approach)

22d    Require lead shortened by half for pointer (6)
NEEDLE – NEED (require) LEad – shortened by half indicating that you only need the first two letters

24d    Grand Prix perhaps coming up in Monte Carlo (4)
RACE – Hidden in reverse (coming up) in MontE CARlo


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