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DT 29497

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29497

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating: Difficulty *** Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on 17th October 2020

Morning All! I found this a very enjoyable puzzles with some great surface readings and good Cryptic Definitions.


1a           Online writer — second-class feller (7)
BLOGGER – B for second class and then a LOGGER or (tree) feller.

5a           An outside line to ring? (7)
TANGENT – A great cryptic definition of a line that is outside a circle (ring) and just touches it once.

9a           Article about wine that covers grand French location (7)
AVIGNON – A (the indefinite article) and ON/about cover VIN (wine) which itself includes G for Good.

10a        Such gentlemen as have origins abroad? (7)
SIGNORI – An anagram (abroad) of ORIGINS and a good Semi-all-in-one.

11a        Deep breath? (3,6)
SEA BREEZE – A cryptic definition of a breath of wind on the ocean/deep.

12a        Nonsense some might swallow? (5)
TRIPE – The cryptic definition being offal – which I for one will not swallow.

13a        US prosecutor holding sheep in tense situation (5)
DRAMA – A DA or District Attorney holding a RAM/sheep.

15a        State capital has no love for religious ritual (9)
SACRAMENTO – Remove the O for Love from SACRAMENT(o), Florida.

17a        Long drink containing very soft fruit (9)
PINEAPPLE – To LINE or long (for) and ALE/drink contain PP for ‘very soft’ in musical notation.

19a        Odds in rugby tournament slashed at the outset (5)
EVENS – Remove the start letter/outset from a Rugby (s)EVENS tournament.

22a        Back-to-back, various graduates dance (5)
SAMBA – Place some MAS (Master of Arts Graduates back to back/reversed with a BA (Bachelor of Arts graduate).

23a        Fat soldier catching fish (9)
MARGARINE – A MARINE/soldier catches a GAR/fish.

25a        Wanting more? Time to tuck into whipped sundae! (7)
UNSATED – Place T for Time inside  whipped anagram of SUNDAE.

26a        Ne plus ultra strangely unremarkable (7)
NEUTRAL – A nice spot with plus here meaning and/with. An anagram (strangely) of NE and/with ULTRA.

27a        Follows to protect king and makes secure (7)
ENSURES – ENSUES or follows containing/protecting R(ex) for king.

28a        Gem dealer nuts to accept million (7)
EMERALD – A nuts anagram of DEALER accepting M for Millions.


1d           Cooked bass initially weighed (7)
BRAISED – The start/initial letter in B(ass) followed by RAISED for weighed (as in anchor).

2d           All family members at home in Scots island? (7)
OKINAWA – Big Dave’s hint on the day was” Split as (1,3,3), if true, could mean all the family members are at home to a Scot”. What this means is there are no (O) KIN AWA (away).

3d           Live wire round pole? One’s had it! (5)
GONER – A GOER or live wire around N for the North Pole.

4d           Bean soup — nothing less for seconds? (7-2)
RUNNERS-UP – Start with a RUNNER bean and then add S(o)UP which is minus/less O for nothing.

5d           Experience important as team shows (5)
TASTE – A hidden word is shown in ‘importan T AS TE am’.

6d           Mounted champion decapitated? It’s terrifying! (9)
NIGHTMARE – A mounted champion (in a down clue) is a KNIGHT on a MARE. Remove his first letter (decapitated)

7d           Controversial European driver (7)
EMOTIVE – E for European and MOTIVE for a driver/causation.

8d           Don’t start raucous jabber! (7)
TRIDENT. Lose the first letter (don’t start) in (s)TRIDENT or raucous. A sneaky definition.

14d        Stone in blast area shattered (9)
ALABASTER – A shattered anagram of BLAST AREA.

16d        Green light in spare room (9)
CLEARANCE – Two definitions – An indication to go (or CLEARANCE for take-off) and spare space/room.

17d        Over street in immaculate carriage (7)
POSTURE – O for Over (from cricket scoring shorthand) and ST(reet) in PURE or immaculate.

18d        Meissen smashed in retribution (7)
NEMESIS – An apposite anagram indicator( smashed) for the pottery MEISSEN

20d        A royal flag from the South African nation (7)
ERITREA – A reversal (from the South in a Down clue) of A, ER (Elizabeth Regina a royal) and TIRE or flag.

21d        Dropped bombs without casing (7)
SHELLED – Two definitions, the second one referring to e.g. peanuts that are ready to eat..

23d        Not happy, one male brought up to be king (5)
MIDAS – A reversal (brought up) of SAD/not happy, I for one and M(ale).

24d        British in Australia finally denounce exploitation (5)
ABUSE – Place B for Britain inside AUS (Australia’s 3 letter abbreviation and then add the final letter in (denounce)E.


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