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DT 29485

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29485

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating: Difficulty ***/**** Enjoyment ***

This puzzle was published on 3rd October 2020

I had a feeling this pangram was set by Cephas (he does love an anagram or several) but I found it surprisingly tricky for one of his crosswords – fortunately it was far easier to explain than to solve in the first place


1a    He got a different purpose for lodge (9)
GATEHOUSE – An anagram (different) of HE GOT A plus USE (purpose)

8a    Shop uncovered concise memo transforming food technology (4,9)
HOME ECONOMICS The inside (uncovered) letters of sHOp followed by an anagram (transforming) of CONCISE MEMO

11a    Plant once more on television (5)
RESET – RE (on) SET (television)

12a    Loser might receive this as consolation (5)
PRIZE – A consolation PRIZE given to a loser

13a    First woman to enter the French bank (5)
LEVEE – EVE (first woman) to ‘enter’ LE (French definite article)

16a    Got in trouble around rocky height back in cave (6)
GROTTO – An anagram (in trouble) of GOT ‘around’ TOR (rocky height)

17a    The smallest amount give a high-pitched cry (6)
SQUEAK – The tiniest amount or a verb meaning to give a high pitched cry

18a    Start to watch playing this game (5)
WHIST – The ‘start’ to Watch and an anagram (playing) of THIS

19a    Corrupt female I left in river (6)
DEFILE – F (female) I (from the clue) L (left) inserted into the River DEE

20a    Susan turned back with heavyweight to find station (6)
EUSTON – A reversal (turned back) of SUE with TON (heavy weight)

21a    Fellow in agreement (5)
ROGER – The gentleman and his name used in agreement in radio communications

24a    Beat peculiar brother without hesitation (5)
THROB – An anagram (peculiar) of BROTHer without the ER (no hesitation)

26a    Father with name for seductive woman (5)
SIREN – SIRE (father) N (name)

27a    Conceited, I bring in a set of books (4-9)
SELF-IMPORTANT – SELF (I) IMPORT (bring in) A (from the clue) NT (New Testament, sent of books in the Bible)

28a    Rock having even weight (9)
IRONSTONE – IRON (even) STONE (weight)


2d    Stop and state temperature (5)
AVERT – AVER (state) T (temperature)

3d    Move out of sight on the radio! (6)
EXCITE – EX (out of) and CITE, a homophone (on the radio) of SIGHT

4d    Speak about number being flowery (6)
ORNATE – ORATE (speak) ‘about’ N (number)

5d    Review problem at university (3,2)
SUM UP – SUM (problem) UP (at university)

6d    From objectors remarkably, his sympathy is actually discouraging (4,9)
JOB’S COMFORTER – An anagram (remarkably) of FROM OBJECTORS

7d    Prostrate after mishap and likely to get hurt (8-5)
ACCIDENT-PRONE – PRONE (prostrate) goes after ACCIDENT (mishap)

9d    Coldness following stiffness (9)
FRIGIDITY – F (following) RIGIDITY (stiffness)

10d    Counting as an appraisal that could be dead first (9)
RECKONING Put DEAD before the solution and you get an

13d    In this case there are no capitals (5)
LOWER – because all the letters are LOWER case

14d    Jealously losing cockney female striving for superiority (5)
VYING – Remove the ‘EN (cockney female hen) from enVYING

15d    Chemical discovered in Leicestershire (5)
ESTER Discovered in LeicESTERshire

22d    Troublesome Naomi embraces learner, one in the fuel industry (6)
OILMAN – An anagram (troublesome) of NAOMI ’embraces’ L (learner)

23d    Part of Mercedes, Cortina or another car (6)
ESCORT – Found in part of MercedES CORTina

25d    Reportedly purchase most of the food easily (2,3)
BY FAR – A homophone (reportedly) of BUY (purchase) and most of FARe (food)

26d    Something wrong about Italian protest (3-2)
SIT-IN – SIN (something wrong) ‘about’ IT (Italian)

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  1. So annoyed couldn’t get 17a which meant couldn’t get 10d. Good clues though and a testing puzzle overall

        1. I did check in the BRB but as I was in the middle of cleaning out the fridge, I didn’t ask Mr Google who does seem to know the squark – the DT puzzles site accepted SQUEAK as the correct solution when I checked last week

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