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DT 29482

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29482

Hints and tips by 2Kiwis

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

Kia ora from Aotearoa.

New Zealand has had horrendous weather this last week. Very strong winds with squally showers of rain, hail and thunderstorms over most of the country and heavy snow to low levels over much of the South Island. The worst of it looks to have moved away now so we can look forward to more Spring-like conditions returning. We hope so anyway.
  A slightly trickier Wednesday puzzle we thought with some rather good anagrams amongst the clues and a few chuckles too.

Please leave a comment telling us how you got on.


1a     Cars that may go with 15? (7)
BANGERS : A semi all-in-one.  The old cars that will make sense when 15a is solved.

9a     Consider varying diet adopted by friend (8)
MEDITATE : A friend or partner encloses an anagram (varying) of DIET.

10a     Sales talk about a new canine (7)
SPANIEL : ‘A’ from the clue and N(ew) are inside sales talk or patter.

11a     Such eyes may find keys regularly in cupboard (5-3)
CLOSE-SET : A cupboard usually used for clothing contains the second and fourth letters of keys.

12a     Platform providing power and widespread dislike (6)
PODIUM : The abbreviation for power plus another word for widespread dislike.

13a     They may offer you protection inside boat after storm (10)
ANTIBODIES : An anagram (after storm) of INSIDE BOAT.

15a     Service ends prematurely with hotel food (4)
MASH : Remove the last letter from a church service and replace it with H(otel).

16a     Pilots suffering with gastroenteritis? (5,4)
TRIAL RUNS : Pilots is the definition but the whole clue gives the wordplay.     Suffering or hardship and what gastroenteritis is commonly called.

21a     Leave be, with no end of mess (4)
EXIT : Be or have a presence, once the last letter of mess has been removed.

22a     Image witch improved for spells? (5,5)
WHITE MAGIC : An anagram (improved) of IMAGE WITCH.

24a     Compassionate, putting crew in shade (6)
HUMANE : A shade or colour includes crew as a verb meaning staff.

25a     Definite about changing nice and easy position needing little effort (8)
SINECURE : Definite or certain surrounds an anagram (changing) of NICE.

27a     Try a daily worker in case of treatment (7)
ATTEMPT : ‘A’ from the clue, then the first and last letters of treatment surround a casual or relieving worker.

28a     Large church must entertain current senior politician (8)
MINISTER : A large church or cathedral contains the physics symbol for current.

29a     Sort of dog food put in front of 15? (7)
SAUSAGE : If you have already solved 15a and 1a you won’t need any further hint.


2d     Vessels answer with speed, oars flying (8)
AMPHORAS : The single letter abbreviation for answer, then the way that speed is measured in countries that have not yet changed to metric and an anagram (flying) of OARS.

3d     Exchange of lead in film? (8)
GUNFIGHT : A cryptic definition. Call to mind the OK Corral.

4d     Condition of one wearing new summer hat? (10)
RHEUMATISM : An anagram (new) of SUMMER HAT plus the Roman numeral one.

5d     Trade that’s expensive having changed sides (4)
DEAL : Start with a synonym for expensive and change the letter referring to one side or hand to the other.

6d     Debacle if backing a second business (6)
FIASCO : Reverse the word ‘if’ then ‘A’ from the clue, the abbreviation for second, and a business or company.

7d    Detailed reason nervous reaction is bitter in tone (7)
CAUSTIC : Remove the last letter from a reason and then a nervous twitch.

8d     Professional impression is ultimately important (7)
DENTIST : An impression that might be found on your mudguard after an incident with the gatepost, then ‘is’ from the clue and the last letter of important.

11d     Tiger perhaps has a record broadcast — and another record! (9)
CATALOGUE : What a tiger is an example of, then ‘A’ from the clue and a homophone (broadcast) of a record or diary.

14d     Appetiser butcher’s cooked, with thanks (10)
BRUSCHETTA : An anagram (cooked) of BUTCHERS plus an informal word of thanks.

17d     Black perhaps, medium and not as smooth (8)
SEAMLESS : What Black, or even Red or Tasman, is an example of, then M(edium) and a word meaning ‘not as’.

18d     City‘s dash, for example after victory (8)
WINNIPEG : Start with a three letter word for a victory, then a dash perhaps of whisky, and the two letters signifying for example

19d     Couple may see pig turning up in book (7)
TWOSOME : A female pig is reversed inside a large book.

20d     Handy form of communication? (7)
SIGNING : A cryptic definition of a form of communication for the hearing impaired.

23d     Cut in duty (6)
EXCISE : A double definition. The duty here can be imposed at the border.

26d     Salt-free diets must include grass (4)
REED : A lurker, hiding in the clue.

 Today’s picks are the three linked clues of 1a, 15a, and 29a but the 13a anagram was not far behind.

Quickie pun    blew    +    breeze    =    blueberries

125 comments on “DT 29482

  1. If I had marked my grid as (5,4) as I was supposed to at 16a, instead of (6,3), I could have finished this in ** time. I managed to parse all the clues, and marked none as iffy. So, all in all, a jolly good day.

    Many thanks to the setter (Jay?) and the 2Ks.

  2. This took a little bit of teasing out, especially the precise parsing but well worth the effort.
    I thought it was excellent, one of Jay’s very best.
    Impossible to pick a 12a, but I’ll go for the three related clues at 1,15 & 29a as they went a long way to unlocking this gem of a puzzle. Special mention to 25a and the apposite 6d too.
    2.5/ 5*
    Many thanks to the 3 birds for the top notch entertainment

  3. Unlike MalcolmR I had 16a correctly marked but it was still my last to fall however when penny dropped it became Fav. NW presented the biggest challenge. Thank you Mysteron (Jay) and MrK.

      1. Thanks RD – I had just realised that I had mixed up my Ks. Sincere apologies MrK and many thanks, as ever, 2Kiwis. 🤭. Re your no.8 comment have to also admit Quickie pun escaped me in spite of saying the two words out loud several times!

  4. Anyone had problems getting on to the puzzles website? Both my iPad and laptop coming up with 400 error but phone seemed work.

      1. I had the same problem contacted DT and they advised it is a known issue and as John Bee has said to clear the cache of cookies. I then had further password related problems but back in and cleared the backlog of yesterday and today. Thought today’s was great

    1. All a bit strange, laptop and iPad, no joy all day but iPhone is fine! It will no doubt sort itself out eventually?

    2. I usually print the puzzles from my main computer, but have had error messages for the last two days. I’ve been able to access the crossword from my iPhone but the print is so small it’s hard work.

    3. Just hit them all with a hammer – my answer to everything IT related but not popular with husband! Oh dear! :unsure:

  5. Brilliant entertainment for a dull Wednesday morning. Jay close to his best with some terrific wordplay and fun clues, foremost among which was 16a. An honourable mention, too, to the three linked clues.

    Many thanks to the aforementioned and the 2Ks for their review.

  6. Quite a challenging puzzle from Jay this week but immensely enjoyable (2.5*/5*). I liked the whole 1a, 16a, 29a combination, which made me laugh. However 17d, with its sly misdirection, was my favourite clue. There were lots of other well-phrased clues. Many thanks to Jay for consistently great clues and to the storm- ridden Kiwis (hope the weather improves).

  7. Definitely trickier than usual. I only had four answers after the first pass. A very enjoyable tease out of the rest of the puzzle. I see Amanda Palmer has some concerts booked in New Zealand where I think she is living at the moment. It would be a must see for me but I don’t think she would be today’s bloggers cup of tea. Thanks to Colin Carol and Jeremy. Well done Colin, you always seem to be mentioned in the clue writing competitions

  8. That’s seriously weird. I posted a comment and it’s disappeared. In case it doesn’t pop up again later, here goes again.

    2*/4.5*. The usual splendid puzzle from Jay. I’m not going to struggle to pick a favourite or even a 12a choice from such a good selection but I will just mention the Quickie pun.

    Many thanks to the three birds.

    1. I had that the other day too RD, a completely random event apparently. I am not “techie” enough to have tried to identify any problem.

  9. A slightly trickier Jay today which took some thought to figure out. As enjoyable as ever. 17d was my last one in and I wasn’t totally convinced of the answer so thanks for the hints. I’m not really a fan of clues that rely on solving others (or more precisely an other in this case) but the answer was simple enough. A well disguised anagram in 13a would have a podium place but my favourite is 16a. ***/*** Thanks to all.

  10. Certainly a tricky puzzle and concur with 2K’s ***/****, last in was 20d, only one solution was possible which did not seem quite right, anyway a cracking puzzle ,I liked the related clues 15a,1a,29a which raised a smile and also 16a.
    Favourite was 22a for a clever surface
    Thanks to setter and 2 K’s for the pics.

  11. I’m with those who think that Jay is showing his teeth today in a trickier than usual puzzle. It’s as enjoyable as ever – thanks to him and the 2Ks.
    I liked 8d, 17d and 18d but my favourite clue was 16a (which I think is a charade, i.e. suffering/tribulation and gastroenteritis).

  12. A bit tougher Jay than usual for me, but still terrific and often brilliant. And even though over here we don’t have such epicurean and gastronomic delights–rather, we don’t call them the same as–1 15 & 29a, those three clues activated the grid for me, and everything else just steadily fell into place, with 20d my LOI. Big winners today: 17 2 & 11d (though I could probably pick any threesome justifiably!). Thanks again to the Kiwis, whose hope Springeth eternal, and to Jay. 3* / 5*

    Our Bully-in-Chief brayed his way into history last night.

    1. I had to stop watching after half an hour. I cannot imagine such a shameful performance, he’s such a disgusting buffoon. I think Biden was so shocked he came off as weak at times. I’m so sick this morning. Get my email from the bosses and I’ll send you a video that’ll show you why the idiot will win in November.

    2. Like Merusa, I couldn’t watch for more than a few minutes. He was unbelievably rude, lied, and so unprofessional it was beyond belief. Bully is the right word.

  13. I’d agree with trickier than normal and wondered whether it was because it wasn’t a Start with the Downs but solve Corner by Corner – whatever it was, it was just as enjoyable as ever

    Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks

  14. I forgot to welcome back an old favourite at 25 across. The answer was a regular in puzzles a few years ago. I’ve not seen it in ages though.

    1. I think I first came across 25a, if my memory serves me correctlly, in a puzzle that you blogged MP. I gave it a special mention in my comment #2, lovely word, cleverly clued.

  15. Definitely, and unusually for Jay, a real head scratcher, completed at a canter, but still as enjoyable as ever – 3.5*/4.5*.
    Standout favourite – 18d!
    Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

  16. This was hard and I had to give up with about 4 to go. The Toughie on the other hand, despite being posed by Giovanni, I found much easier and more entertaining. This often seems to happen on a Wednesday. So, if you want to try a Toughie, go to it!

    1. After your comment, JB I had a go at the Giovanni. I needed a few hints but I made it and agree it was most entertaining. I urge others to have a stab at it.

  17. Really challenging today ***/**** time and **** for enjoyment, would not have finished without the 2Ks.. I enjoyed the link between 1a,15a and 29a with 1a my fav.

    Thanks to the 2Ks and Jay for a truly tough workout.

  18. Tricky but doable from Jay this week and hugely enjoyable. Many great clues and I will give places on the podium to 2d, 7d and, of course, 8d even though I have now retired. However, my COTD is 3d because of its neat misdirection. I spent ages going through many films until the penny dropped. 16a raised a smile.

    Many thanks, Jay for another great puzzle, Thanks also to the 2Kiwis for the excellent hints.

      1. I was Gaslight for a while, then Gandhi…
        Wednesday and Jay is always the highlight of my week and I’m usually smiling with satisfaction when solving but I definitely found this trickier. The north east corner really flummoxed me. Thank you all.

  19. Failed to access site using Safari on iMac or iPad. Downloaded the Chrome browser and full access was restored.

  20. I have a problem. If by mistake, on my iPad, I hit one of the drop down menu links at the top of the page, I can only remove it by coming out of the blog and starting again. The menu table obliterates everything underneath it and refuses to be cancelled. Am I alone in this?

    1. Almost every time someone’s post begins with ‘I have a problem…’ it is followed by the inclusion of the word ‘iPad’ – just an observation
      Try tapping the masthead at the top of the page and you should reload the home page?

      1. I’ve tried that. It gets rid of the drop down but reloads the page after first removing anything I’ve written, Usually with a drop down, one just taps in a blank space alongside it and it disappears. Perhaps it is, dare I suggest it, a programming fault? I’m heading for the naughty step!

        1. I have tried to replicate the problem without much success, but you could try this:
          If you reload the page, then hit the back button (within 5 mins) it should take you back to the version of the page where you were posting complete with entry
          Failing that, select a page from the troublesome menu, then hit the back button, your unposted comment should still be there
          I know from experience that programming to work across all platforms can be an absolute nightmare, and Apple devices are the least consistent of all
          Can you swap over to the Mozilla Firefox browser? It seems to work well on most operating systems

  21. Great puzzle today although 2d a new word for me. 17d very clever and last one in. Took ages to get the second half of 16a and amde me smile when I did. Many thanks to all.

  22. This was a real struggle, as weather horrible settled down with crossword, just completed with plenty of help from hinta. Although I only had to reveal a couple. The old brain not working to well. However it was I think a bit of classic Jay, not exactly benevolent but not in the stinker pile.
    Favourite 13a and 6d.
    Thanks to the 2Ks and Jay

  23. Glad others found this toughish Jay,. Very enjoyable gave much needed lift in spirits if only for the *** time it took.
    COTD 3d as it reminded me of a visit to the Boothill (because so many died with their boots on) graveyard in Tombstone, & the not very real “show” put on for tourists like me. Also being stopped out in the desert by armed police & told to open the boot to check for “illegals”, real & scary.
    Thank to Jay & the 2Ks.
    Try the Toughie now.

    1. I hope your spirits are lifted today LrOK – I felt for you yesterday. Today I am very low, tearful too. I think I spent 6 years of my childhood in fear and trembling and here I am in old age in the same spot. I don’t know if your pain is physical or mental or both, as mine is. In agony with my knee and desperately worried about my daughter with early onset dementia brought on by violence from her (Huntingdon suffering) husband. What’s it all about, Alfie? Lifelong churchgoers we’ve even lost that comfort. But, hey ho, we have our daily dose of Puzzleland and you are lucky enough to to still have a dog!!!

      1. Sorry you are having a bad time at the moment, Daisygirl. I do hope things improve soon. Same sentiments to you as well, LROK.

        1. Daisy, before I had both knees and both hips replaced, high doses of ibruprofen were prescribed. I didn’t always find that this dealt with the pain but a TENS machine did help a bit, particularly when I was still teaching and on my feet for much of the day. You may already have tried this but, if not, its worth a try.

          1. Thanks Chris – unfortunately I cannot take Ibuprofen. I have liquid morphine which I take orally but I try desperately hard not to rely on this, I dread the thought of becoming addicted!! It is good to take it at night and get some sleep. I used a Tens machine many years ago when I had sciatica, I could see if any of my friends have a machine I could try to see if it works but I am very much afraid that the damage is now so severe it wont work. BUT, worth a try – I ‘ll see what I can do.

            1. So sorry about the pain you are suffering Daisy, on top of worrying about your daughter. Someone has to get the NHS to open up over there and treat all patients, not just those with Covid. Shame on all those politicians not doing anything to help.

              1. With me I can’t praise NHS Highland too much. Problem found Thursday, doctor Friday. Revisit Monday. In hospital Tuesday lunchtime, part diagnosis today.
                Private healthcare doesn’t get any better than that.
                I am 78 but nothing about not treating us.
                The staff are fantastic too.

                1. Glad to hear it. It seems to vary across the country. We have family in the south who find it very difficult to get a visit with their GP, and surgery is not even an option.

            2. Daisy, look on amazon for a TENS, that’s where I got mine and it was quite reasonable. I also swear by ganga (marijuana), not the kind you smoke, the cream sort that you can rub into the hurting joints. Believe this or not, as you wish, born and bred in Jamaica and I’ve never tried to smoke the weed!

      2. Sorry to hear of your problems, when all is dark it is terribly hard, as I well know when Mrs Spook passed after a long illness. There is light at the end of the tunnel.We are all living in very difficult times and it is harder for those of us who are getting on.
        Family worries are the worst, but somehow we carry on. As you say Puzzleland is an escape for a few hours. Keep blogging don’t stop.

        1. Oh Merusa there is nothing I would like more, I adored my two black poodles which I had for 20 years then I had two black labradors – from the sublime to the daft but loveable (sorry, LrOK but my two were daft). I just don’t think it would be fair to the dog, I could not take it for walks – younger daughter lives 7 miles away and has two schnauzers which we enjoy but she wouldn’t want to take on another dog when we go. Neighbours have lovely dogs and I make a fuss of them when I can!

          1. Daisy girl, our wonderful yellow lab, Toby, was also quite daft. Lovable definitely, but definitely not very bright. In fact we think he had a Peter Pan complex and never quite grew up. Do you like cats?

          2. Sadie is as sharp as a tack! If I outlive her, I’m going to get another dog. Find an animal rescue who will let you adopt an older, small dog, if you find the right place, they’ll take the dog back if it outlives you. This is the arrangement I have with a rescue here, in fact, a member of the group is Sadie’s dog walker. I’ll be able to have a best friend to the end.

            1. Nice to know that Merusa. Worrying about what will happen to them if we go first is always a concern.

      3. Thanks DG
        Things not good at the minute but have to apply the old adage about bad news it usually it could have been worse.
        Now anxious wait to see how bad it is.
        As you say we still have a dog. And there’s Mrs LROK. How I made such a good decision when I was 20 I can never fathom.
        And last but not least this site. I think of the word I like most that I can’t remember appearing & “synergy” comes to mind. It describes the posts and posters on tperfectly to me.
        Thanks BD and everyone.

        1. Thinking of you, LROK. whatever is hurting, I sincerely hope it eases soon. Hug Biggles because dogs, especially Labs know us.

      4. Daisygirl, we feel for you soo much. We’re sending you e-hugs from way across the other side of the planet. :rose: :rose:

          1. How special this site has become over the last few months for so many reasons. I feel as much concern, interest and sympathy for everyone here as of you were old friends. DG you are such a joy to read, your courage and humour shines through, and LROk I send you best wishes. I do sincerely wish you both well. At this dark time technology is a real saviour.

    2. My ancient, breaking heart goes out to both of you, Daisygirl and LabradorsruleOK. I hope that tomorrow–and those that follow–are better days for you both. Best wishes from South Carolina.

      1. Thanks Robert, raise a mint julep on the terrace.
        I wish I could have watched the “debate” last night.
        Apparently Trump again proved he wants decisions made by a committee of 2 with one absent.

    3. LROK and DG,
      I have been thinking about both of you a lot and wondering how you are. I know that you both have problems and can only hope that ‘stuff’ improves for you.
      Beyond that I really can’t think of anything to say that can help. I do think that crosswords at least stop us thinking about other things that we don’t want to think about – my sister would argue with me and say that they are the very things that we need to think about but sometimes a bit of a break is helpful and gives you a rest.
      This is a great blog and gives lots of us a safe place to let off steam – please keep commenting and let us all know how you’re doing.
      I sometimes wonder if BD minds us all ranting and taking over his “Crossword Blog” but I suspect that he probably doesn’t.
      Three cheers to BD :rose: and :good: and apologies to the 2K’s for hijacking their blog.

      1. I totally agree with you, Kath. I also send my very best wishes to LROK and Daisygirl. Keep doing the crossword, my friends and LROK, I know Biggles will be giving you love. Please, both of you, keep posting. Neither of you are alone.

  24. Another gem from Jay with a brilliant blog from 2Ks.Enough to cheer an otherwise dank and dreary day.16a a real trial but such a good clue when the penny finally dropped.Thanks to all.

  25. I’d certainly agree with Gazza’s comment that Jay was showing his teeth a bit today. Took me far too long to answer 16a plus 3d and to twig the parsing of 17d.
    17d takes the gold medal for leading me a merry dance and I have to mention 18d because it made me smile when I thought of our Sunday blogger’s reaction to it.

    Thanks to Jay and to our 2Ks – hopefully that beautiful spring weather will soon be with you to stay even though it will make some of us rather envious.

  26. Tricky, a struggle, and challenging are words used above and thank goodness I am not alone in my difficulties with the puzzle today. I certainly needed assistance from the 2Ks!

    My aim to trim the ivy with the new hedge trimmer today is abandoned due to heavy showers and strong winds here in Surrey. The plan is to retreat indoors and have minestrone soup – the elixir of life.

    It is, I know, not the done thing to comment on the politics of another country, so I will restrain myself and only say that when one thinks of the great American orators – Martin Luther King, Barack Obama, Ralph Waldo Emerson – and compare them to last night’s fiasco… well… (sigh)…

    Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

    1. The choice for the US seems to be between a serial liar of dubious ethics and someone on the cusp of senility. Almost as bad as our choice last time.

      1. I think I’d be tempted to spoil my ballot paper if I were voting in the US presidential election. The Suffragettes struggled so hard to win votes for women that I cannot contemplate just not voting.

    2. I love Ralph Waldo Emerson.

      His quotes are beautiful.

      “What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you”.

    3. Ha George had similar plans having just collected his very long handled loppers repaired by the wonderful McKays in Cambridge. He was told you just couldn’t buy such a tool these days , 20 quid done. But as you say, rain stopped play. Last night was just too embarrassing to watch. No wonder we are all depressed. Even Thompson looks more grumpy than usual.

    4. I know I’ve said this before, but it is right to be aware of another country’s politics, especially regarding America. We are all intertwined, and it is best to be beware what is happening here as it affects UK, Europe, China, Australia, and so on. This wouldn’t be so dangerous if our elections didn’t affect your lives, but they do.

    5. Just listened to last night’s debate, Terence. That is not debate. That is not a reasonable exchange of ideas. That was a slanging match!

      These idiots have power!

  27. 16a even with all the checkers there proved impossible without the 2K’s help. Otherwise a challenging but fair puzzle. Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

  28. Wow – that was difficult – I’m very relieved to see that others thought so too – I don’t think I ever remember having as much trouble with a Jay.
    Oh well – it was a brilliant crossword and gave a much needed lift to the spirits on a cold wet Oxford day.
    If there was a trap to fall into I fell in head first and that includes not checking a couple of spellings.
    I spent far too much time with 11a having convinced myself that the first word had to be ‘glass’.
    I liked the three linked clues and 14d (even if I can’t spell it) because it reminded me of a market in Florence. My favourite was 16a.
    Thanks to Jay for such a good crossword and to the 2K’s.
    Now, dare I risk a go at the Toughie? I always used to find his Friday back page cryptics Toughie enough.

  29. Something comes to mind from an old comedy show “he was hard but he was fair“ and further comments along the lines of “yes he did once nail my head to the floor, he was hard but he was fair”! Who was it? anyway that’s how I felt after this one from Jay. The penny dropped more than once – very good indeed- keep them coming!

  30. Tough but enjoyable I liked the nursery food and 1a 15a 29a and 25a too. Like Jane I struggled with 17d and needed all the checkers and a peep at the hint. Did we need the last two words in 3d?
    Thanks to Jay and 2K’s
    Started the toughie but hit a wall early doors – I will persevere

  31. I too wanted it to be glass eye Kath and once you get an idea in your head it is hard to dislodge it. The answer was, I thought, brilliant as was the whole puzzle. I needed a little help, Kiwis, in 3d not a film I know but many of the other answers just fell off the pen. So concise. Hope you get better weather in NZ – the only daughter of neighbours is living there and they despair of ever meeting again. Thanks to Jay as well. I have some pressing business now – 7 letters beginning with ‘i’.

    1. 3d is not a film, Daisygirl although the answer does feature in many films. It is the metal that is exchanged during a 3d.

  32. Morning all.
    Our weather has certainly improved since yesterday. It even feels like there is a frost out there but it is still dark so can’t see yet.
    Nice to know that we weren’t the only ones to have found this Jay a little trickier than usual.

  33. Kept me going for quite a while this did, but I failed with 3 down as I wanted to put Gaslight (I think that was a film once) but the 10a dog wouldn’t let me. Other than that, excellent antidote to a boring afternoon. Thank you, Jay and the Kiwis.

      1. Vivien Leigh’s mother was a beautician in Bond Street and she came out to Cheam Village to do my makeup when I got married, I always blamed her for my being late at the church because all the ladies in the house wanted to be done and I, of course was the last! Just a bit of useless trivia.

        1. There was an English belly dancer who worked her way round the Middle East belly dancing. She was very famous among airline crews, she was known as Pamela of Cheam. Tradition said her Dad was a Canon in the CofE.

          1. in the strange way we have in Britain, there is a huge difference between Cheam Village and North Cheam (or there was in my youth). My mother was always insistent on adding the ‘village’ lest anyone thought we came from the other side of the track! She would be sure to tell you that the belly dancer was probably not from the village but five miles down the road. But what fun if it turned out to have been one of our neighbours. Of course, Tony Hancock put the boot in for Cheam when in his radio programme he lived in the railway sidings in Cheam, I am sure it was a dig at the snobby village, Harry Secombe had a very big house nearby. There was no public transport in the village and when the council put in a bus to service the village, there was a petition to have it removed – which worked!

    1. Gaslight: Ingrid Bergman’s first Oscar, if I recall correctly (then, Anastasia), with that demonic Charles Boyer.

  34. I pondered each clue with equal measure,except 3d, and successfully finished unaided.
    3d put me into *** time. Brilliant clue.
    Many thanks Jay and many thanks 2Kiwis for the review.

  35. My fave setter, Jay, but he put me through the wringer today. A lot of gimmes helped, even so, I failed in the SE with five answers.
    Storms forecast for the afternoon so must get in the pool for my exercise so I’ve called pax.
    Fave was 3d but I also liked 10a, natch, it’s a dog!
    Thank you Jay, better luck next week, and much appreciation to the 2Kiwis for helping to reach the goal.

  36. Yes I too found this crossword on the tricky side ***/**** 😳 My last in was 11a which entailed an awful lot of pondering 🤔 My favourites 1a, 15a & 28a Thanks to the 2x Ks and to Jay 👍

  37. Very late to this one after a wonderful day at Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands golf club playing in a seniors event where the weather only caught us on our last hole. As for the crossword well it was back to trimming the hedge with the nail clippers. I fared worse than MP with only 3 on the first pass & progress was sedate from then. 2d (think a new word to me or at least I’d forgotten it & needed Mr G’s confirmation when the wordplay dawned on me) & finally 16a were the big stumbling blocks. Spent ages trying to see how guts worked for the second word. Was also very slow with 1,15&29a connection. For my money the toughest Jay for some time but as usual hugely enjoyable & oozing quality throughout.
    Thanks to Jay & the 2Ks
    Ps – really hoping things perk up for you both – DG & LBROK

  38. OMG, that was tough today, and so relieved I wasn’t the only one who struggled. There are several I would never have got without the hints. I think I’ve seen 2d before, but forgotten so that didn’t help. I missed the anagram indicator in 13a. Couldn’t make sense of 16a, having forgotten the English slang for gastroenteritis – it’s called stomach flu over here. I always thought that was strange, my tummy doesn’t sneeze 😊. All in all, not my best effort. Thanks to Jay and 2Kiwis for getting me to the end,

  39. Still fighting my way through this one but stopping in to say I am still alive and kicking!
    Thunderstorms here along with brilliant sunshine and blue skies in between. This is a very odd year.
    A has been rebuilding the small deck and steps going up to our front door and even though he is probably going to take enough back pills to make some drug company’s next quarter profits he is doing an amazing job.
    We seem to be heading into a second wave of the dreaded lurgy here though we escaped very lightly before so once A goes on a Costco run it will be lockdown again except for very local stuff like milk once a week. I do miss seeing our sons so much but have accepted it and as for my grandchildren, I have no idea when or even if I will see them again. .
    Back to the puzzle, both today’s and yesterdays, I really am stuck but trying very hard not to cheat and look at the clues, though I may have to give up on that.
    Best wishes to all, stay well.

  40. If want this type of puzzle then I need subscribe to toughies. I do not. I still cannot work out 16a even with all checkers.

    I am sorry this does not work for me. I still have se to finish, this is not supposed to be a toughie.

    Very disappointed. I do not think the same way as Jay or have that experience. He needs to remember that most of us are simple mortals

    1. 16a; Pilots can be television programmes that are one off shows made to test the reaction from viewers before making a series. The wordplay gives a synonym for suffering/tribulation/ordeal and then what many people would say they have when suffering from a stomach bug.
      Hope that helps.

  41. I’m firmly in the “perfectly straightforward until it wasn’t” camp this evening. Despite a particularly late start, even for me, I was progressing slowly but quite nicely right up until the moment I wasn’t. I came to a grinding halt and stared gormlessly at almost empty lights mainly in the NW and SE corners. Getting the relationship to 15a helped no end but the last half a dozen clues took longer than the rest put together. Hey ho! I got there eventually. Several candidates for favourite but obviously I’m going for 10a, I’m down to my last 2 now. I was working them down a river bank on Monday when I heard a lot of splashing and one of them crying in distress from the far bank, my view obscured by undergrowth, I ran 150 yards to the nearest bridge and back to find Surrie the 5 year old with his ear entwined in brambles. I jumped in and cut him free with my knife. All’s well that ends well. Many thanks to Jay and 2 K’s.

  42. Not a puzzle I particularly liked today, but then it seems that Wednesday and Jay puzzles and I just don’t gel on wavelength.
    A struggle for me and with a late start on it today, just was not that motivated. Some obscure clues I thought too.
    Far too many hints needed and even then did not fare well.
    However, not Jay’s fault. Just not my cuppa

    I did like 13a and I knew Senf’s favourite would be 18d as soon as I solved that one !!!!

    Thanks to Jay and 2K’s

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